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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 9, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Sia1s and Stoks 195 Consul seizes passports of freed hikers Vienna con Tulane saturday took away the Paft ports of the two South Caro Lina University Sti dents who Vio lated regulations by making an illegal excursion into communist the youths Gilbert and Warren both 20 and respectively of Walterboro North were Redsei by hungarian police Friday night and returned to Austria after hav ing been jailed incommunicado sine May they Are now staying in a Vienna lodging arranged for them by the consulate until the state department decides whether should be allowed to continue their hitchhiking tour of Europe or to ordered to return Home hint of when they emerged from their hungarian the youths said that possibly they would repeat their illegal trip behind the Iron they acknowledged previously they under took the trip for adventure and consular officials Here were especially annoyed by the students we might do it again statement one official said these boys knew very Well that what they were doing was wrong they knew that their passports forbid travel to Hungary a they knew they had no hungarian visas they knew they also were violating austrian Border we want to talk to them fur ther and try to impress them with the seriousness of their conduct then it will be up to the state department to decide if they Are mature enough to be trusted to travel abroad and can show the proper respect for their passports conduct such As that shown by these boys makes More difficult our foreign it need Only be noticed that their Case gave the hungarian communists another Opportunity to gibe at the United states government for not being Able to control its own citizens and oblige them to obey passport mrp slows Down surge by Bourges continued from Page 1 France Call themselves popular re publicans had been smart ing Over the fact that outgoing Premier Guy mallets socialist party blackballed the mrp Pierre Pflimlin before giving the nod to but though this strained their on sided Alliance with the socialists they were expected to go along with who belongs to the Radical he is As Strong a supporter of european cooperation As they the mrp snub of though it put a bad crimp in his did not destroy the 100 Strong in the splintered 597deputy Are far More a key to any working majority than the 74strong and the socialists have promised to participate in a Bourges gov the socialists Are in a stronger tactical position because they Are the furthest left parly except the 150 and thus have More leverage than the Middle Road have Granger party discipline and usually vote unanimously on any can get along and have gotten along without the while the mrp cannot Cut Loose from the socialists without Drift ing to the right and endangering their chances among working class Are 100 socialist dept and Only 74 Christian democrats House urged to ask review of sp3 decision f rather than before a military court Frank Thompson said the ultimate responsibility for the derision with presi Dent challenging Ponien Frank Bow Soho said someone below Cabinet rank made the and that by the time it was reviewed at the top level the word of the United states had been in thrust on p Morton said he thinks Japan should be allowed to try Girard he must get Over their adolescence and be adult about the but Miller said it is important that we sex to american the of the Ursa the Constitution when serving in these foreign countries he every member of Congress is letters and protesting this intolerable at Camp Girard denied that he enticed the woman scrap Naka firing Ranjee be fore shooting Blank Rifle cart Ridge from a grenade Girard said the shooting last was the soldiers spoke to William by Telephone from Ottawa and told him you Are a National hero in the eyes of the american Louis also urged him to deny japanese Juris diction in the cite and to his Butiro Snanou nerd he had happened after lawyer had announced to see prime min ister Nob Isuke before leaves for Washington june 16 had he wanted Kish to Givoff is officials the real Story of the Rase to help up a statement Wax issued in a Neh in ton by one of lawyers Dayton of Washington saying he and four other attorneys agreed to join forces in presenting the Peti Tion for a writ of Hareas Corpus and also to independently pursue other also in Deputy u s port bulging with welcomes Plymouth rocks Over Mayflower Gray old seaport seethed with excitement streets and sidewalks awash with Bobbing honking shrill hot dog and ice Cream await ing the second coming of the May with the replica of the Pill rom ship not expected to heave to off Plymouth Rock until the town was already bulging with an Advance guard of person expected to Greet a room was harder to find than an original Mayflower descendant More sightseers were arriving by the jamming old streets with cars and kit in police were guarding historic Sites and trying hard to Cope with the crowd ready to receive the Square rigged Little a gift from the British front rented capt Alun commander of the Mayflower reported he expected to be off Nantucket Light ship sunday night and to arrive at Provincetown monday the coast guard was ready to Tow the duplicate of the vessel which car ried the pilgrims to America in 1620 if the winds turned against though they grumbled at All the residents were Quick to rent out their front Yards for Park ing a front porch View of the Harbor was Worth and the Price was the biggest tourist attraction be fore the arrival was the towns old Plymouth where legend has it that the Pilgrim fathers stepped the chipped Down to Boulder by now is protected by a High steel business establishments were taking advantage of the rates were doubled in guest houses and food and liquor went at big City nightclub prices for a drink of Bour Bon one and for Small lobster College students were being signed up As Dulles continued from 1 gency Landing he was dictating to his personal Secretary on Ameri Cas new disarmament since becoming Secretary of Dulles has flown More than Miles on official business 73 lands with engine aflame a four motored Kastern air lines plane with 73 persons aboard was forced Down with a blazing engine at the Norfolk base the plane landed safely and no injuries were the dc7b passenger Craft with 67 passengers and five Tew was in route from Miami to vol in the Pilot discovered the the passengers were provided with other forms of transportation and sent on to their an investigation to the cause of the fire is under France to end Suez Boycott toll talks on Paris Ronsi the government saturday said Frame to end its Boycott of the Egv Pymn Ope rated a foreign ministry in confirmed a Cairo report tint French and egyptian hankers Are negotiating on the he would like to Psi the fees in British pounds Sterling France is he Only nation whose ships have been advised not to use the canal since it was reopened in Swigut arrange but the caretaker government of Premier Guy Mollet was believed to feel that recent Egypt in pledges to the United were sufficient to permit French ships to use the the egyptian min try of i Nance said contacts Between French and egyptian officials were arranged by the Swiss in the French Requet for authorization to pay tolls in Ster the egyptian government now is being studied by president carnal Abduh Nasser Stass ii off to Stales for sons graduation London a Harold Stas sen flew Back to the saturday to report on the London disarmament to talks Ami to he son graduate from the umber sit of Stassens 20yearold son graduates leaving Stassen just a few hours on monday for his Washington consultations be fore he flies Back to in Pilgrim Gladys Graffan awaits her first the Mayflower ii Tram bleachers at the colonnade in rear shelters the fumed Plymouth serving calling far government including of John filter and secret Aff of i Meeuw to in Federal District court with their Rritt Mulji pertaining Toi the this does not mean the official will up m court the sides for the japans chief tentatively set Jef Ards trial for Early said the prosecution to Call at 13 japanese and although the v has agreed allow the trial by japanese am still has not handed Over to the j angry Japan vows fair trial Tokyo of an j lawyer he Vonni minister Kiili to to the people citral will a fair m to Dituro Frt Lio from his appoint Nunt As Cli Ranti Tai ii i am sure it Wuu a goal Phinij for both count Riet if prime minister in Hij with american Covern men the America in that Spicl tji Vard will get fail Kishi is Vij uting june the 64 Earold lawyer to accept his by the Soldier earlier Only twi Days after Inird appointed he Hayashi would to file the proper document will the Maebashi court to make dismissal soviet urging Neutral Baltic Helsinki communist party Secretary Nikita Khrushchev saturday Hill eco for the Ash numb of a Baltic of he told a rally of the pro com Monist finnish soviet society thai Finland should lie the nucleus Ril this Neutral and an sex amp for the rest of Northern and the the usually outspoken soviet party Leader restricted Hin self to it Mil discussion of relations and skirted Clear of in flammable International observers Hud looked to speech possible Hinh Pohnl of the Russi Uil leaders on week visit to they had expect some hint of Oro adet soviet finnish cooperation in the in that speech a Flat it fell even Flat Ter because it was not by Khrushchev but by a finnish interpreter who read it in a Dull Monotone while Khrushchev stood stolidly beside delay in Atlas test v blamed on san up the first test firing of the Atlas inter Continental ballistic missile Haj been delayed at Patrick air of a flaw in the tracking Range according to the Sun the said in a copyrighted Story that the launching was delayed probably until next the had re ported the firing of the huge device Moulti take place Friday at the Florida the Inion staid the firing was delayed of Njau feared the tracking flaw might cum the rocket to explode pre

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