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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 9, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse R it i p f it t k r a e h k e d is it n in d h h s i 0 i t ii 2 1 till we if or no Siatis Stives warships Jam port for 18nation fete Washington the f world gathered Satur Day Hampton far Tfir internat Hal naval i View to Fet held in Waters of end 17 other ranging from a Spanish or Malta Brit Fantone Schooner to Britain aircraft the on Ark deployed Voder the Overall command of adm Jerauld w r f r h Comra Alderin chief of the Atlantic flee the review i a major of the Jamestown which commemorates the 350th anniversary the beginning of the Coloni St Ion of North top event of the naval Dot play is scheduled for when defense Secretary Charles representing president is to conduct the for Mal review from the guided missile eni Teer As Wilsons ship approaches the review formation of More than 100 Iho ships will fire a simultaneous 19tnin but the Boom of naval gunfire Al ready begun at Hampton scene of the civil War Bat the hot Ween the Tontor and the Merlmae As each visiting ship arrived in the it fired a 21gun Salute to the the salutes were re gun for by the Kajut Luik Battery at the review lasts until Jane Prince visit Forrestal 7 Onte Monaco Spe Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco went to sea for an Aerial demonstration aboard the world most powerful the uss in a Day aboard to Forrestal the Royal couple took a ride in a watched an Aerial demonstration by Carrier air up and made a tour of the the Royal party boarded the for Restal by boat from Monaco and was received with full including a 2lgun on arrival aboard the the Royal party was greeted by Viceal m Charles 6th Fleet who had transferred from his flagship Sajem for the and by rear adm Murr commander of Carrier div who flies his Flag on the Forrestal the Forrestal is commanded by capt William sheep counter fleeced up an Thony reported a minute Nap to he said he dozed off in the presence of a Call when he woke 90 minutes his Wallet with and the visor were coming events Germany opera drama Are frat red to Fate events shed inv Here wet 7 Kitten so to tatar m it a turn it cram Jet 7 12 Kate Tom t ism i ote our amm m to 4t i h Hurt tar Cunik 7 a trip to Oara t Kyoto to Mai pm k Grawi Ham Tim Kam i two us i Altama to mar Itel Tod ii it nitwit Lum Tjw i in it Grumt Matt Germany operas concerts highlight the following cultural events sch cd i Ltd for Stuttgart this week 8the Motif by Hon Hij in Vienna in by us by tin tin by Vienna in i by Jum ii gun car Formant by Den in Den Tsy Mthm my Bash com tin by s guest by Dan in owl Watt Thea Ein Bettera Harr in by worm Fitwi Surlie Kiino Len by plane Ceni Wrt by Hani a is Cut few Xvi ten then and to to 8 Gumtz Van Bolte Hintta in Frau wart year Geporta is Girt wafer manic by by Kaneft la flying by Cla 8 or Taeri rein t Beck denied right to leave country judge George Boldt Boa denied teamsters Union president Dave Beck permission to leave the coun try to attend an International la Bor meeting in who is under indictment in District court on two counts of income tax had petitioned for permission to at tend a meeting of the International transportation federation Jane Beck should receive the same treatment As anyone Woidt Becks petition was opposed by John my Cleilan chairman of Senate rackets and attorney general Herbert Brownell Fob Cut network 0706 i4m 7th army b7m one Tara the Seaway byte Kaany my Buzar Emu Fanny theater on a sunday ism Neva Ink Biff 1030 Catoc Archeur him vet Taitt Kayla Cham i2m iz2s w Lecal Lata Raat 1210 ism it Havarti Cam Zaat Imp Hera a Tor it Traat im0 Arna Lerf stary Nat Aat Salaty in Kawamae Laai at tarty i i pea am Ata Fanny pm Haw adj Aarnav Melty fart Landato Mma aet Parade 2iw mylar tymm till pm 2211 mra aaa 22m 224i met to mylar us Parratta la math 4m Bantaa a Jay a radar at Faoa Ritea Valmay Ramstein aft ism theater ism teak Ayaay my f m fatty Bah Casa Atinaja ice pm 2000 de i7m pm Aibet Bra be drear Pat theme i7m Taja Kaaa Ceas z7m Lantta Vaasa my Maat my Sim Faw mar ism Laule payt Tanta Carman to my com Puaa la my Tatarka Laeal ism Aba Tea ale Hay to 2jm weekly Mbriar Stamco Ahtam rhymed Wahtam imm bae Caw Alafi i7m Latta him la Wert i7m Bay Batan 2mo Kilat imy Faaea part Alae Tawatari a Taah aaa inc few Star us Buawa Gie Micals top Market Kew Tork an Active a fray ran Eforoi of tar us att week Frd operations and it Ewe Itsai Wijt West to the behind Strong crimp on gains ranging 3 Corr Erieau Ltd run Rishik to More 2 Points were with Rood City Sterl b 3 on suite rent by it Rontu Manaj eed tit Shell Active n the Day and Strong feature of the was a Culm when of Una red with a a War Auto in it ssh the fell nearly h jaunts Tho Slid crossed 3 Mil strength to new dependents a a Jcj t to it in and crafts lift twos Trtol stocks h wider Tjw Al need Cut in Stock of his company to a Inz we with test of another member of that More thaa Ark Bruj half a it Foj a worx not Advance in 7100hs Usan web Odin h Tow of f in St Kathy May Grayson it rat War a srem c May Baa Feni m that by May aaa Patricia Hay r a Jirry aaa a Larry my danilowjc7s a m a a j i 74nd 81 a Sidney mar Wrt fwd Mai ii a Jehu May 4 i Whitam 17th a Janow May set a a May i set 18th of aloft a Andy May s suite Aai a Kathlyn May Camm a May Barnard Totton Ais a Orbra May 1c retard sat m a Mark May William Reagan Tarrh a Janet May Lamot Talb Afa a by Erato May cd who St feb med a do Liwana May James Ltd Reseen a Laim May Mcfarland a set wll Liadal Hatm Beebe a Nancy May u David Radie a Cregory my Leba 7imth Field malt a ii May Sawyer s Sal Raymond 740511 a May Beaart 2mb Kaaiai a Stephen my Gelman no a Richurd mar Jeromica cart Henry 74mwi Bat a Rayart May Oxford soft Williaam sat a Bennie May Mcnett Wafic Nerbert 7imth Usan a Patina May verae Acx feed a May a Mark May la Avert tank a Deborah Way co Frank aaa a Llla May Carl 4tb cart a Gerden May sat Haart macs a Lane May a Lar a belly May 8ft Bamily 74mtk set a treat May train my aaa a Michaal eur May Mil aaa a May few 7imta Usan a Hay Lawra aaa took an a May Kerry Usan a May Ata a Caddoa May t4tk aaa a Barkada May 72moi a May Lovelt Tom a a Yatwa May m a a May to Amica a aaa May a Stawara May m Oak Sci 8my Caarter a Cemma May Laa mtg aaa a May it 7la7tt a i Wadi May to Aagaat Fraak a Dora May Madam a car Aliaa May in Bat ree Aak it to macs Bat a Teaa afe May f but mama the 7ibmh tit a maven May Braga cd Fitt Taam a May Cal Haram a Ataa May set Babartu 7110th a Linda May 4cna a Anna majr in 4m a Jeffi Mai 7 Tat a 7mmh air Pel a Tirry Jav t it Artmer m a cmdr May be Karl Mana rat mat in Fine a w9afe a i Rattli a May we wet wow a Skarada May a w m aaa a Ornt Tia ret Wii Mil in charter Mav 7 aaa a ten it live May 1hwx a n i mat n a May j in it soft aaa a Aux m May to Edward a mtr Hael May m so Stuart sat May Jean aaa pm a May a Cheryl Mary m set Wuu Aat san eel a May a Bahadka May 1c we Leaai air Pele William May a a Anne May Niort than 7 und held Mot of it on a 100 per cent Stock 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Tat 43 a int i Nickel Tat Joes a Keila Eearl a year air artful Meataxe Minry wart a carte pct Wal my Matla Aal a Tatala Nati Vaaj cat rat Artar a Natia Aal i Atbara Vert Central Mark Aai Artesa Adatia Matni Kaaa flyer Tom Paa Aat Ritaa air Way Pira Mavet re Tina m m my him mkt a Bomi 77 of 43 17 if 72 of Radia at Lla Ierma a armm steel Ronaldi rot Butk Skerlly Oil Memi Southern a Clell Sherry Rand Layard by Anta sunward Standard my la Talhami Standard Oil Llew Jeremy Karl Ivan Teut Gull Sullar Trant Wert a in Llanee n 7m4 7mfc 43 14 Benm Pae atle a ailed Alre Raf 71 71 u rubber k Stael career Ihetu Raa to Leearla m Wea Warta 4b 43 Mutual funds Friday Tki taraday bid Askco Alt taxed pm Famat a j7 axe Amantea b ii m am 11 78 i7m 1009 ii 7t 17 44 ii w 0s7 i him in 17 17 ii u i2m 1257 1147 ii m 7 23 z7k1 ii m i7m Usu As 41 m cake Ileal fued Cuamea wealth Slyk Delaware Fand of Suaad sawed Driy rot fall cat a a Heward at Fidelity fend Feo Edert Mutual Famada Geatal Ineeta Larto etries bbl Fanny Ariae pc Latt ital fund Sra want Lanata Jant a4 be Nicea Miia Aal faa4 inn Rte Trtat Matla Aal lae aet Ofira Vanl til nah Stock la Kaaea Pisa car Mutaal my Puta Aai i Feree fend state Street m ii 79 i Ihm a 10 a 4b r 41 u ism take Emma i1m ii m us Uaima my ism ii 12 m m 4t a 71 Beajo Nataa make Al a 77 u 1c 14 w

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