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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 8, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Doisy Iii shows her versatility in the canines Cash in on Capers by Jack a staff writer some dogs Are making More Money than the four footed actors Nave found a Fertile Field for their talents in the to quickies and Are cashing in on it to the tune of considerably More than Doe a couple of the top canine Rin tin tin and Lassie have their own shows and drag Down princely salaries plus a Cut of the and a whole Kennel full of Iong eared uses plans Are working regularly As costars and in supporting bin tin a fourth generation it earning a the 75pound German Shepherd has appeared in 78 to films and has just put his Paw to a con tract for another according to owner Lee the Beautiful Collie who actually is has become Rich and famous in to As his father did before him in both had to be female Persona tors to carry out their owner and Trainer Rudd Weatherwax says earned in the movies before and that signed a million television Deal in another descendant of canine thespians is the bouncing Little dog of the Biondie to Trainer Rennie Renfro bred the grit Daisy especially for the Biondie movies in the was a mixture of Pok Ogese and toy Daisv i and Daisy ii Ronde 38 Dusy Iii is in the the pups Pix nning with her Mickey and tents Are rates ionians of the various among other dogs appearing regularly in to shows Are the powerful Arctic mute Yukon of the sergeant Preston of the Yukon series the Ion seared supposedly talking dog of the Peoples Choice show and Noal the Ami Able Bernard who has had a Long run As the ghost Martin drinking dog of the Topper series owners and trainers of these famous pooches stress that kindness is the Basic principle in teaching them their Rin tin tins Duncan gives these tips the first and most important thing to remember in the training of any do is to speak from the Henrt in All let the dog know that you Are it is needless and stupid to whip or mistreat a always keep your voice modulated when you give make the dog your Friend rather than your you dont have to be Overly demonstrative but you should Praise your dog for everything which he does at your by Jay Becker most Bridge once they have had sufficient experience and Learned to use most of the tools of the eventually come to a Point in their Progress where they want to Bractt out and learn to use the More advanced plays the tace and probably the easiest in this category to learn is the one known As the elimination this is a method of play adopted by Declarer whereby he can bring about a Tav Oranje position so that when a defender is put into the Lead at an appropriate time Declarer is bound to gain a the Way Day operates can be shown in East takes the Diamond Lead and returns a Declarer enters Dummy with a and leads a Low assume East takes the Ace and returns a Declarer cashes the King of and learns East has 14 Bridge another Trump trick Declarer is apparently he has lost a Diamond and a Spade and Fri South both sides North 974 West d8 f 108754 4qj1062 East South k87s2 k83 the South West North East pass 2a pass opening Lead Queen of he has another Diamond and Spade to enter the elimination Trump loser is so the trick is to get around the Dia mond this requires an end position to be arranged where can be thrust into the Lead and forced to give South a Ruff and a to establish this position the hearts and clubs must be eliminated from both the North and South the execution is not a Low heart is led to Dummy and the last club is the a of hearts Are East May Ruff the last one if he wishes but if he does he will have to return a club which will per Mit South to shake the Diamond loser As Dummy Trumps the this idea Doest Appeal to so he Doest Ruff the third round of but the wheels grind South plays a Trump and East is now forced to Lead a the Diamond Joser is Eli i Courtesy of King the stars and stripes Pap tent Apo to Fajnor and their submitted a net com Itam typed rash Feal we Down by us Cherry edited by the St rat of by the hungry Yorr tried by i frit Yter dreadful deeper than 4harp pins in Vav old it be of we sch dated to to Carrjr Tot a to not to watch for the in my ration gulp Muff and Rej Rrt that i had hash again with eat Paul Bruhl the 1957 kit Pfaff note in my heart x of the fruit o of refs that sprout a ctr More i a fill no Chi for of Riv Tir a fisc of frs an Jorr Anil coh twin thrill if that to finn of of coif Alt r thut Ani i r has Mannl t Mitre Stuffl Tor my of nigh t to to to seek a univ p d q sop for every a no or or to in j08 or toy when he or for to cml oath Antl or try to from rink the of and the have Wihr Bantu full Wilh pm and of o and the co and to arc kept Busy reprimanding the who int True a cd had an for a i is a spa on my o Mike and Iene information duration your eyes behold my by bold me Fain fare Lief in their summer Jolt ice behold the they never fully but still they Are that he Lores with each new his warmth there to five them and 1 must have of Cluny look through All my equation you Are to me As Flowers to the Man giving Joseph Robin lord sos Liq 7th Armor june night the Moon Blue Ichih the stardust m your and littered Light the Ionah bight with incandescence rut of yet Only you could match the Huit that filled the night whose Moon was five Tiff on i hmm Krtil up if try Kortt on it or whether i Kwh Vanl Thorn m this looked tip to for War to i my Only that it wan unusual in qty manner and top Fame Cut Muniar i a Woritny the Royal ily s they of Plicta with alarm noting the my letter an off prop to Bat the answer it h by no Means a of Thi Point of Marian i it sin air Koss in x Tawns Cople in an Allied Home inti Titi o will i to Miff or Tii w a Miot of each Imsu Aji wafers s their Axtt indans shall is grave and of lev in1 Cross fre Hijii i i Folk Tor Ali jut soft bit in they w ant thus this Fin to Uku x that won time wit fist m memories ant 11 sit f Tiki in pfc he Swirid Asa up general All general what a career from private to general in Lew than a in through the Ninlin came this Cousin of Mam he paid for his Triumph with leers and Fea Leaa in and he won every Media that Kaaa could and a Ftp no Paaape of the service was of his he wears five Silvor and drives his own today he outrank even and now heavy with Honor and countryman what happens to Hutu Cato denied let this be a to who for today of u of Lafield Giddinga Sto Delbort Jim 1957

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