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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 6, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse1968 the stars and stripes Robert healy"l968, Boston Globe terror profanity and the violence of a a ti0l Robert Kennedy of new Yolk had walked. Down the hark corridor in the Kitch s. Ambassador hotel jus before. He was in a he had won califor Shi Simkover to shake5 so i congratulated him 5 we talked about his big win. Now i was standing on a steel bring table directly Over the Fame place where we had Shak a hah s. He Lay there struck Down by bullets. His right hand5 a bleeding Side. His face was White. His eyes were lips moved ust slightly. But he did not cry. Where we had shaken hands there struck by bullets9 against the steel serving table Roosevelt Grier the huge lineman for the los an Geles rams had the assailant pinned. He held tight to theman s right wrist and he smashed it against the Side of the serving table. He tried to free the gun from his hand. There was this great Man towering Over the Small Man and with All his strength it took him More than a minute to take that gun. Another Man atop the table was trying to kick the gunman in the face. Bastard kill him he shouted. And he would have. Kennedy waited until his Vic tory was secure in the califor Nia primary before he comedown to talk to his workers. There was a huge crowd in the ballroom. They had waited for horizontal 47. Hebrew 1. Vehicle4, household pet7, incites 12, Candle nut tree13, cons Tel lation14, proportion 15, drinking cup16, form of government 18. Employ 19. Details20. Ego 22, 23. Cheese27. Those in power29. Devastate 31, cognizant34, Assembly 35, French Caps 37, forbid38, insects 39, common value41, melt 45, City in Massachusetts priest48. Joint 52. Card game 53. Foreign54, haul 55, supplement 56. Out57. Being 58. Guide vertical 1, French writer 2. Entertain 8. Type of Roll 4. Moslem judge5. Mountain crests6. Gentler 7. Parts of circles8. Hinder 0. Greek letter 10. Twitch ing answer to yesterday s Puzzle. 11. Oriental sauce 17. Hebrew measure21. Shoots 23. Occurrence24. Water barrier25. Past 26. Joined28. Tennis equipment30. Khan 31. Sleeveless garment 32. Skin tumor33. Skill 36. Mast37. Native of brittany40. Wing like 42. German philosopher43. Similar 44. Enter tained45. Heirs 46. Cages for Hawks 48. Bird s cry 49. Madrid cheer 50. Inlet average time of solution i �4 minutes. 51. Through 49 33 so 51 45 57 7 41 41 52 55 44 of pc several hours. About 12 15 . 8 15 .et the senator s press aides entered the working press room adjoining the ballroom. They said Kennedy would come in matter of minutes to thank his workers and make a stat Mentor television. A big crowd filled the lobby outside and it was decided it would be easier to bring the candidate through the Kitchen corridor into the the senator came. He had been in Malibu during the Day and picked up a fresh Sun an. His press aide Richard Drayne preceded him. There were few people in the corridor some Kitchen workers and some television cameramen Noti fied of his arrival. Kennedy began his speech with a remark about the shut out Victory that Don Drysdale had just pitched for the los an Eles dodgers. It went Over big. U l1 listened to him speak for a new minutes then walked into the press room because you Ould not hear the senator in the Roar of the crowd. The reception was better on the television in he press room. Kennedy had said that after his speech he would meet with a Small group of reporters in the working press room. A few seconds before he ended his speech i left the television and went to the door that led to a corridor behind the Ball room stage and off the would come off the stage and walk Down this Corri Dor. I was Only a few feet inside the corridor walking toward Kennedy when i saw his head Bobbing in the crowd. We were 25 or 30 feet apart. The assail ant was Between us. Then there were the Light corridor they said there were eight of them. Their Flash lit up the Cor Ridor. I remember thinking there were about five. They came quickly and i was counting. Someone said they were fire crackers. There had been some of that in the rally in san fran Cisco s Chinatown monday. But there was no mistake about this. Someone had been ran Down the corridor. Peo ple bunched in front of me and jumped on the steel serving table past the assailant beneath me on my left and saw Robert Kennedy on the floor in the Gray Light. People pc were screaming Geta get Back and give him air they swore and cursed each a few seconds i did not notice the struggle directly be Neath me. Then i looked Down and saw the gun. Grier held the assailant and was attempting to take the gun from his hand. Theman next to me was shouting kill him when Grier finally Shook the gun from the assailant s hand Aman next to me picked it up. Bill Barry and Rafer Johnson Kennedy s other two body guards scrambled to get the weapon they were afraid the Man would kill the there was a struggle to hold the assailant. They did not want to let him go and Rosie Grier did not want him killed and said so. They picked the assailant up by the legs an hauled him away from Kenne did not hear this but one of those walking beside Kenned said that the gunman shouted let me explain. Let me explain As he fired the shots at was turmoil in the Ball room Kennedy s brother in Law Stephen Smith went to the stage and asked the people to Clear the room. The assailant was still in the corridor behind the stage and so was Kennedy. A doctor came in and attended him. It seemed that the special offi cers assigned to the party were reluctant to act. They kept away from the Assassin and it seemed a Long time before the started to take any one of the six persons who were shot tothe Hospital. Then a squad of los Angele regular patrolmen moved in with rifles and shotguns. The picked up the assailant by the legs and the arms and carried him from the room. 8ul/t lodged in of acis Art where Bullet went the diagram locates where the gunman s Bullet entered sen. Robert Kennedy s head and the approximate area where it lodged. Surgeons removed All but on fragment of the Bullet. Associated press photo Bobby brought in practically Bead los Angeles a f. Kennedy was practically dead when brought to receiving Hospital after being shot wednesday says the doctor who treated him. Or. Victor Baz was on hand a Central receiving Hospital when Kennedy and his wife Ethel arrived from the hotel where a Young gunman fired Bullet into the senator s brain. Baz said he and assistants gave Kennedy a closed cardiac Massage administered oxygen slipped a tube into his Mouth to facilitate breathing and gave him adrenalin. I was ready to put adrenalin into the heart but As we were working we found we did need that Baz related. At first he was pulse less said Ino compassion moral for Hen his pulse came Back an began to hear a heartbeat and he began to breathe a lit be erratically the doctor said. The Lack of a pulse frightened mrs. Kennedy Baz said. She did t believe that lie Vas alive sort of because she Ould see that he was t responding he said. So when we began to get a heartbeat put the Stethoscope in her ears so she could listen and she a tremendously once the senator s heartbeat was restored he was put on a learn lung machine a device hat gives a closed heart Mas Page while administering oxygen and giving artificial respire said at that Point he slapped Kennedy s face several times i just wanted to see if i Ould get him to show any signs of consciousness but he failed to then was rigged to receive intravenous fluids an transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital where he underwent brain surgery. Mrs. Kennedy accompanied the senator in the ambulance. Baz described mrs. Kenn Dyas acting graciously at All times. She was very Dis traught but Superb he said. She was very edgy but Myown wife would t have done As Well i Don t

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