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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 30, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes july 30 Pope says no to All artificial birth control by �._. I _ vol or la t b ctn in a continued from Page if blow against better relations wit roman catholics. Contraception has been allowed for anglican since 1930. In Munich Julius Cardina Doepfner one of the Church s outstanding advocates of Chang ing the rules commented that priests faced Many not so easy tasks in carrying out the orders set Forth in the encyclical. Pope Paul commanded All priests and Bishops to avoid any misunderstanding and henceforth make it unmistakably Clear that contraception was wrong. The key sentence of the encyclical barring use of the Pill and other contraceptives was this similarly excluded is Ever action which either in anticipation of the conjugal act or in its accomplishment or in the development of its natural con sequences proposes whether Asan end or As a Means to Render procreation . Ferdinando Lambruschini a theologian who acted Ashe Pope s spokesman in present ing the document told a pres conference there was no question of the Pope authorizing use of the Pill for contraceptive Pur Pope said use of artificial birth control methods would open up a wide and easy Road to marital infidelity and to a Gen eral lowering of morality particularly among the his Appeal to governments the Pope said do not allow the morality of your Peoples to be degraded. Donot permit that by Legal Means practices contrary to the natural and divine Law be introduced in to that fundamental cell the fam statement appeared not Only to condemn Legal sales of contraceptives but also the pro Grams of birth control assistance Given by the United states and other governments to developing countries faced with serious population Pope said he was Well aware of the serious difficulties faced in developing coun he said divine Providence cannot be held responsible for what depends instead on a Lack of Wisdom in government on a insufficient sense of social jus Tice on selfish monopolization or again on blameworthy in Dolence in confronting the Effort Sand the sacrifices necessary to insure the raising of living stand Ards of a people and All its said the encyclical was not infallible but inauthentic teaching and binding on the he said the encyclical Rene Sand confirms without any possibility of ambiguity the traditional teaching of the he called it an act of great courage by the Pope and said the Pope knew it would not be easily accepted by in the encyclical the Pope said god has wisely disposed Nat ural Laws and rhythms of fecundity which of themselves cases separation in the succession of , the Church Call ing men Back to the Observance of the norms of the natural Law As interpreted by her constant rivalry invades gop platform talks doctrine teaches that each every marriage act must open to the transmission of ii like his predecessors116 Pope said the Church oppose use of " an impediment provided such to proc Rei Miami Beach Fla. A Republican platform writers went to work monday under advice to keep the Campaign Docu ment Neutral As Between go presidential hopefuls but a note of rivalry sounded at thievery first session. Harold Stassen Long Tim seeker of the presidential Nomi nation accused new York a. Rockefeller and Rich Ard m. Nixon of being enmeshed Nigeria oks Biafra Aid talk United nations a Nigeria agreed monday to receive a . Representative in Lagos to discuss Relief for the starving in rebel Biafra. Ambassador Edwin Ogebe Ogbu Nigeria s permanent representative announced the agree ment to reporters after a half hour Call on Secretary general Thant. He had returned Friday from Lagos where he saw maj. Gen. Yakubu gown head of Nige Ria s Federal military govern ment who will Welcome the Secretary general s personal representative if the Secretary Gen eral decides to Send one on purely humanitarian grounds Tosee and satisfy himself As to the arrangements being made for Relief towards the rebel held areas where it has been topical that children women and others Are dying of in what he called the errors of the democratic administration s Vietnam policy. Stassen challenged those he said Are regarded As the front runners to appear in person before the platform writing Nixon nor Rockefeller has asked for time at the plat form committee hearings which Are a prelude to next week s nomination convention but it was understood both in tend to present some ideas through Friendly Don t know who is going to be the nominee the plat form committee chairman sen. Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois said. I m keeping myself free from that controversy if it is he said he Hopes other members of the commit tee will refrain from pushing for their favourites through platform wording. Republican National chair Man Ray c. Counsel Debliss along similar lines although less specifically. He told the committee it could do no Bette than to build the platform on materials assembled for the past months by the broadly based Republican coordinating committee. Bliss said its reports reflect the unified voice of the Republican party put anything he added Don Tinto the platform unless you mean it unless you intend to do it unless it is Possi ble of proposed a Plank advocating de escalating what recalled the american War drive in Vietnam and simultaneously moving through the United nations for a Meany president of the Al Cio advised the republicans meanwhile to blame the Vietnam War on Hanoi not Washington. Meany also warned that Tough Law and order Campaign against negro rioters would nonstop violence in the slums unless it was paralleled with programs to wipe out the causes of riots. Czech Russ leaders meet under close guard continued from Page it sized Mckeithen As the Man in the picture they studied the paper closely and asked him to step out of line and into a 2by 3 Yard cubicle used for interrogations and customs searches closing the door on him. They neither questioned the governor nor explained Why they were holding him. Presumably the guards were following orders to Clear with their superiors when anyone out of the Ordinary appears at the closely controlled checkpoint Charlie crossover Between West and East Berlin. A lieutenant who seemed Mohave been telephoning finally showed up and said i could go the governor said. He looked at the newspaper but could t read English and re turned Conti Mied from Page it l by painted movie House on theother Side of the Village main Street from the defense perimeter of czech soldiers was drawn close around the trains. Presumably a similar guard was placed around the the Ater but it was out of sight of reporters who were kept a half mile Distant. Alongside the russian train soviet signals detachment manned a parabolic transmitter aimed at a similar receiver on the other Side of the russian order 200 Yards beyond the easternmost end of the transmitter presumably was to maintain Contact Between the politburo and its Central Mili tary command. Only two members of the so Viet politburo remained behind in Moscow. They were first Deputy prime minister . Poly Ansky and communist part Secretary a. P. Kirilenko. The full 11-member czech party presidium plus the chief of state president Ludvik Svoboda took part. Russia s delegation was headed by communist party general Secretary Leonid Brezhnev an included prime minister Alexei Kosygin and president Nikola Podgorny. Meanwhile in Moscow the so Viets disclosed they had staged a mass Call up of civilian reservists to buttress regular defense forces along their Frontier during the critical confrontation of the soviet rulers with the regime. In Warsaw informed source reported that mixed soviet army units including tanks and other heavy equipment have been seen heading southward into Cen trial Poland in what appeared to be another Saber rattling move to harass Czechoslovakia. Katzenbach sees Debre Paris a . Undersecretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach arriving Here from new Dehli paid a Courtesy Call monday afternoon on France Snew foreign minister Michael Debre. Brazil Jungle crash kills 10 . Crewmen Dobbins air Force base a. A a c124 Globe master carrying a Crew of 10 crashed Ina South american Jungle sunday night and the air Force said there were no survivors. The Globe master was attached to a unit from Dobbins and it is believed the entire Crew was from the Atlanta area. A spokesman said the four engine plane crashed in a mountainous Jungle 47 Miles Northwest of Recife the most Eastern Large City in Brazil. The plane was hauling freight from Zan Deriv Airport in Suriname to Recife. Although a c124 normally car Ries a Crew of either five or six an additional flight Crew some times is placed aboard for train ing purposes. The Dobbins spokesman said this apparently was the Globe master was from the 445th military Airlift Wing s700th military Airlift Squadron. Dobbins said the plane Wen Down about 8 . Sunday. He also reiterated a Xii s Call to medical science succeed in providing a a gently secure basis for a Rei Tion of birth founded on of natural Rhet la but he did not endorse Vitae present birth control pills achieving that inconsistent on a major Point of theolog dispute the Pope said the Eta was not being inconsistent inflowing couples to regulate i caption in some Circum Slaiby abstaining from sexual course during the wife period but telling them i ame time artificial Regula was immoral. In reality there Are i differences Between the cases he said. In the of he married couple make mate use of a natural dispose Riih the latter they impede development of at the news conference Bruschini a professor of theology in Rome who served the pontifical birth control staf commission asked reporters emphasize the i Felicity of i phrase the Catholic Pill reference to Hopes this was an apparent a Nee to the Hopes of Many a Olics that the Pope would Pei some form of pharmacy Vitic so called Catholic was seen As one that would late the menstrual Cycle a the rhythm system More said i m i to say i believe the phrase coined by a Catholic periodical j he did not name the periodic Lambruschini said All Call lies including those who cautiously but in Good a thought the Pope might re Toban on artificial birth Conw Are bound by the conclusions the theologian said the T Tiff s condemnation of artita"1means of birth control blood Trail gives clue to slayings i continued from Page Uher three times in the Shoul Der Abdomen and neighbor living across the Hall reported hearing a scream at 9 05 . She looked out a Peep Hole and saw a woman lying in the opposite doorway. Through smoke she could see into the other apartment where a Man was holding a gun. The Man dragged the woman Back into the apartment and shut the door. It was not Clear whether he had been stabbed at that official speculated that the two younger girls Angela 2,and Karoline 7, had escaped be cause Biden had spent All six rounds of his ammunition. The sergeant reportedly bought the .38-caliber revolver at the Sembach Rod and gun club on july 25 along with 25 rounds Olam munition. Nineteen s p e n 1 cartridges were found in Biden Shotel room. It was not determined where and when he had fire them. A half empty bottle of Gin was found in his car the police offi Cial said. Based on natural Lawthan scripture. I think the Pope a scriptural citations because j is controversy among Schwoon some texts he said. Linked to Cree Lambruschini linked we cyclical to the Creed he issued last month. He saw fundamental principle was avoiding the dangers Matic relativism and me Retsu was a Strong formation of doctrinal Consul autism Hinnd to Ilithe decision was bound � j a profound of catholics eve " and to members Haj around the changes in the birth co a As necessary for the of their flocks. Baseball Baltimore Boston Ning Bunker Watt Hendricks gulp a gulp 1-t Baltimore Buford s san Francisco ss"1

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