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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 30, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 10 b the stars and stripes tuesday jul y30.l9m ii in to the editor is makes Best papier mache1 i have thoroughly enjoyed your newspaper during my soon to end tour of duty in Ankara Turkey. It not Only has provided me excellent news and sports coverage Ano other interesting items the stars and stripes also makes the Best papier mache of All the other newspapers i have Are some old snapshots of my current project. It has been under construction since the Spring of 1967, and to Date has consumed approximately four dozen Complete newspapers. These snapshots do not display several recent additions. Please pass this along to your staff As another of their remark Able achievements. A. Sgt l. E. Orr Usan managing editor s note i m not quite sure whether to take that letter As a i could think of when 1 read that stripes makes the Best papier mache was of an old Missouri newspaper which used to sell widely in Rural areas and boasted that it was Southeast Missouri s most absorbent for the pictures also. Regulated donations May a no appropriated fund organization women s club Roland gun club noncommissioned officers club Etc donate Money to a local Parent teacher association or a dependent school please cite pertinent regulations. Name withheld by request editor s note he Usa eur replies a the local Parent teachers association is a private association As defined by paragraph 2b 6a 230-5, which states that such associations Are self sustaining and receive no support assistance from no appropriated funds therefore donations by the Rod and gun club noncommissioned officers club and other non appropriated fund activities As listed in paragraph 5, a 230-5 Are specifically women s club is a private association As defined in the above references. As such subject to any limitation in their Constitution or other authorization document they May make donations to the funds Are not normally used for the support of dependent schools activities since the schools Are supported from appropriated funds. No appropriated funds which Are provided by the Usa eur Central welfare fund through us Desea May Only be used for certain specified school fund activities similar Naf sundry funds to dependent schools Are normally disapproved under the provisions of paragraph 10, Usa eur Reg. 230-5.therefore, requests for donations from the Rod and gun club and similar Naf sundry funds to dependent schools Are normally disapproved under the provisions of paragraph 10, Usa eur Reg. 230-5. I Hope you won t think this letter is too crazy to print. I am 14 years old and can t get Over the death of my cat. Tom was hit by a car. He barely made it Home and i could see he was in bad had to argue with mom to let me take Tom to the vet. The vet said Tom would Beall fight but i d have to leave him in the Hospital for a few Days. Well when i went to get him the doctor said to would never be Well and May be it would be Best to put him to sleep. I cried half the night and horizontal1, school dance4. A cheese 8. Store12. Pagoda ornament13. Deep affection14. Father 15. Seducer 17. Off18. Fixed line of devolution19. Small Rug 21. Feminine suffix 22. Passages26. Gleamed 29. Edge30. Compass direction31. Sacred 32. Small mass33. Spouse 34. Viper35. Hardened 36. Abode of the dead 37. Supposed39. Source of heat40. Conclude 41. Sad for 45. Neglect48. Repeated 50. Frog genus51. California valley52. A beverage 53. Iridescent Stone 54. Long slit55. Operated vertical1. Goddess of youth 2. Overt3. English statesman4. Lily maid of Astolas 5. Sir Arthu Conan 6. Salutation 7. Sea Nymph 8. Gaiters9. To the left answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Average time of solution 24 minutes. 10. Worl Warll agency11. Reimburse 16. Showery20. Goal 23. Guide24. Italian princely House 25. Observes26. Food fish 27. Stockings28. Leather flask29. Rodent 32. Marriage33. A craze 35. Orien Alcoin 36. A cheer38. Gold or silver39. Degrees 42. Asterisk43. A tissue 44. Paradise45. Tahitian god46. Chart 47. Girl name 49. Chinese Pagoda in 31 54 37 so 2.7 4-7 40 13 35 4b 51 54 23 19 39 41 20 14 17 30 4z so 55 10 24 43 44 7-30 to g o 1hb in plan reservations s6au types " f 0 Leeb tvo for my 9v 75% Wolf Wolf w e e p a l s Mey Randy there s track meet at the Church race is a contest of Speed us pct Oliver what s "race."? i he a human Friend. When was Blue he d do tricks for and make me laugh he we faithful and Loving. Asio this morning my Parent it me a Little Kitts that Kitten is just not my cat please Tell me How to get Over this heartache r missing my Friend dear Friend one of he tests of maturity As Well an essential ingredient of peace of mind is the ability to accept that which we cannot change Tom is gone and there nothing you can do about it so open up your heart to the Kitten and give him a Chance. A Mother in our neighbor Hood has made it Clear that her five year old boy May not play with girls and her six year old girl May not play wit boys. This woman insists that All the trouble in the world Start with sex and she is going to see to it that her kids have Noth ing to do with it. You Don t need to Tell me she is a nut because i already know am writing to find out How i can keep her nuttiness fro having a bad effect on the other children in the neighbor Hood namely mine. My four and five year Olds have asked me Why the woman tells them to go Home. I Don t know what to say. Any suggestions treed dear treed Tell your Chil Dren they Are not to go where they Are not Welcome and give no reason. In the meantime let s Hope those unfortunate kids get enough exposure to members of the opposite seat school to offset the emotionally disabling influence of their sick Mother. I am a girl of 16 who is respectable and knows right from wrong. I be been going steady with Teddy for eight months. We have never done anything we Are ashamed of us flunked French so we Are taking it Over in sum Mer school. This Means behave to study a lot. We study better together which is the have two Bratty Brothers who will not give us any Pri Vacy. The Only Way Teddy and i can get any studying done is to go upstairs in my bed room and lock the door. Las night my father blew his Cool because we were in the Bea room and the door was locked. He embarrassed me so bad i cried my Mother sided with me and that started an argument Between mom and Una now Teddy is afraid to come Over and my whole life might be ruined. Dear hum your Mother May be on your Side but i with your dad. A bedroom i not the proper setting for a 16-year-old girl and Hei Boyfriend for Sui dying or or anything else. ,., tit s up to your a 8 0 control your Bratty b others. You should be a " de have a guest in the living to and your mom and dad momus be to it that you have privacy. Confidential to Bible Reader t Neree the Bible contains � Mac go and Vic e which is Jurt sound and applicable As were written be s the Day. Though it is too la e to i Al go Forth and Multi Yout i could be a Fine thing w not St. Paul who said � Good for Man to be

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