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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 29, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 the stars and stripes monday july 29 key finding of new Survey negroes in . Seek Reform not revolution by Louis Cassels up senior editor Washington up the vast majority of America s negroes Are seeking Reform no revolution. The separate Black society demanded by some militants has Little Appeal for them. What they want is equal treatment in a genuinely integrated they still have enough Faith in America to believe this Goa can be achieved by non violent democratic Are key findings of a study made for the National riots commission by social scientists at the University of Michigan s Survey research Center. The study was one of three supplemental reports made Public by the commission saturday. The University of Michigan research team headed by professors Angus Campbell an Howard Schuman conducted interviews with More than 5,000negroes and Whites in 15 major . Cities. The Survey Sample represented a Cross Section of each City s population. In its own report last march1, the riots commission warned that our nation is moving to Ward two societies one Black one White separate and it blamed White racism for creating despair in Lack communities and driving some negroes to seek Chang through violence. The new study completed with a Ford foundation Grant after the commission ran out of Money does not directly contradict the commission rather gloomy appraisal. But it offers considerable support fora More optimistic Outlook. The most apparent fact that emerges from the data we have assembled say the University of Michigan researchers is that the negro mass is far Les revolutionary in its attitudes than its More militant spokes Man. While there is no doubt that negroes want change and some of them Are prepared to do desperate things to bring it about the changes they have i mind Are essentially conserva Tive in nature. The great majority do not propose to withdraw from America the want equal status in it. They do not talk of tearing Down the economic and political institutions of the nation the seek to share equally in the benefits. The no despondent and without Hope for the f u t u r e. They see real Progress Over the last decade and real Hope for the future. They Are pressing for Amend to the indignities and Dis advantages which the traditional american racial pattern has held for them but this is the Only sense in which the objectives this majority has can reconsidered the supplemental report also takes polite Issue with the Parent commission s Blanke indictment of White White people it says do no conform to any stereotyped pattern in their racial have indeed revealed much evidence of White dislike and resentment of negroes much White support of segregated social patterns much White resistance to equal rights i housing. But we have also demonstrated that there is no Universal pattern of racial conduct among White people in riot destruction smoke pours from gutted building which were destroyed in riots at Cleveland. A Survey released saturday says that 18 per cent of the negro residents of Rio areas were actively involved in disturbances last year. Up this country. On the contrary there is a fundamental and perhaps growing schism be tween those whose Basic Orien tation toward negroes i positive and those whose attitude and behaviour Here Are some of the Survey specific findings about negro attitudes extreme separatist attitudes such As favouring a Black nation or denying the possibility of negro White Friendship Are confined to a Small minority about 6 per cent of the negroes interviewed. For every negro who voice approval of Stokely Carmichael or rap Brown there Are five who approve the non violent methods of the a act and Chelate or. Martin Luther King or. Only one negro out of seven feels strongly enough about Black Power to think that predominantly negro school should have a negro majority say race should t matter one Way or the other. Negroes do have a growing Black More than 96 per cent feel that negroes should take greater Pride in their own cultural heritage and seek to maintain their identity in a pluralistic society. A surprising 42 per cent believe negro school children should reinforce their sense of Black identity by studying a african language. A e g r o perceptions of White racial attitudes differ widely. One third think mos White people Are basically sym pathetic to negro advancement another third believe most White people want to keep negroes Down and the remaining third see Whites As indifferent to negro problems. Nearly two thirds of the negroes interviewed feel that a lot of Progress has Bee achieved in the past 15 years. And 78 per cent believe that i America today a hard working Young negro can usually get ahead in spite of prejudice and this indicates the authors say that Faith in the system is very Strong being held even by Many who perceive a great Deal of Here Are some of the Survey findings about White racial attitudes there is a Strong tendency among White people to blame negroes themselves for their disadvantages in jobs housing and income. Only one fifth of the Whites interviewed believe that negro handicaps Are mainly due to another one fifth say negroes Are held Back by a mixture of discrimination and Lack of Effort on their own part. More than half56 per cent attribute negro difficulties to laziness Lack of ambition or other alleged failures of negroes themselves. Sixty two per cent of the Whites say negroes have a right i live anywhere they please but Only 40 per cent Are in favor of open housing Laws to enforce that right. Nineteen per cent would mind a lot 25 per Cen would mind a Little but nearly half49 per cent say the would not mind at All if a negro family moved next door. Two thirds of the White favor Laws to eliminate discrimination in employment. And Only 4 per cent would mind a lot having a qualified negro for a Boss. Nearly two thirds of the Whites Are in favor of the government spending More Money on programs to provide better jobs housing and educational opportunities for negroes and 53 per cent would be Willingto have their taxes increased by 10 per cent to pay for such programs. The commission also mad Public a study by or. Robert m. Fogelson of the Massachusetts Institute of technology and or. Robert b. Hill of the Bureau of applied social research which challenges the widely held no Tion that most participants in ghetto riots Are jobless Youn hoodlums. This study previously Dis closed in essence bases its findings on what the author frankly admit Are speculative estimates and projections. Contradicting the frequently heard assertion that Only 1 or 2 per cent of the negro Community has participated in riots it asserts that about 18 per cent of the negro residents of riot areas were actively involved in1967 disturbances. Through analysis of riot arrests it concludes that the majority of rioters were neither Riffraff nor outside agita tors but were representative of the Young adult negro males in the Urban about three fourths were employed and Only 5 per cent came fro outside the City in which the trouble occurred. The third study made publicly the commission deals with the attitudes held by police merchants social workers educators municipal politicians an others who Deal directly with ghetto residents. Its Mai conclusion is that these people generally Are inclined to deny the full seriousness of the position of Urban negroes i their the commission in making Public the three reports noted that they Are entirely the work of the authors and publication does not indicate specific endorsement of the findings by the commission itself. The 15 cities surveyed in the report Are Newark Detroit Milwaukee Cincinnati Boston new York Brooklyn Cleve land Chicago san Francisco Philadelphia Washington Balti More Gary Pittsburgh and . They did not give any City by City details. In the introduction to the report the commission noted that the reports did not have the specific endorsement of the commission members. David Ginsburg executive director of the commission said this was because in the Rush to get the reports printed before the commission expires monday the commission members had not had a Chance to read them. Stars and stripes i columns and comment appeasement dirty word for czechs new York a once again the word appeasement haunts Europe. Just 30 years ago Czechoslovakia lost her Freedom an event which made the name of the German City of Munich a Symbol of the futility of sacrificial appeasement to the appetites of dictators. Munich was the cur Tain Raiser to the greatest War in then was forced to Bow to enormous Superior Mil itary Power. The nation s mis Fortune was its geography it strategic location in the heart of Czechoslovakia faces a new ultimatum in Large Meas ure because geography makes her the exposed Western soviet dominated Warsaw military s new Reform minded leaders Are under the heaviest of military political and economic pressure from the rus sians to reverse their liberalization course or face dire consequences. Writers whose thirst for More Freedom under communist Rule sparked the Reform movement made an impassioned plea to the ruling presidium of the Czecho slovak party we Are writing you on the eve of your meeting with the soviet politburo at which you will negotiate the Fate of the nation. You Are writing for us a fateful Page in the history of Czechoslovakia. Write it with care but above All with they were in 1938, the czechoslovak today Are newspaper liter Arni Listy Organ of the writers carried the open letter plea. The army news paper Obranna Lidu told the Lead ers the time has come to speak Plain words. Czechoslovakia will not commit , As in 1938, the pressure is severe. And As was the Case a years ago there is no sign of help from the West. Col Jamesw. Campbell a. It. Cou. F. 8. Michael jr., Usan Deputy editor in chief Mert Proctor managing new Elmer d. Frank. Production manager henrys. Epstein by .y.y. .y.v.circulation Thi. i. An authorized publication of the department of a "1?,/-. . Armed Force Oversea. The Star and Stripe published by Mander in chief . European command in support of the command Inman information program of the department of . Contents of the Star Stripe do not necessarily reflect the official View of the . A Verner the department of . The App franc of . In this a Pap a. A Bernina commercial publication Doe not an endorsement w a. Apartment of defens or any of it component. Military address the War Stripe Apo 09176. International mall the Star and Stripe., a turf ,udt1-Darmtadt, Germany. Teu c prefix 06155 2071 i

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