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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseI to to whiskers his words Boomerang Sou were tossing your Boomerang and Acci dentally hit the window. Well Well just take the Cost of that out of your allowance Young Man said Jimmy s father. How Large did you say the window was it was Square four feet from top to Bottom replied Jimmy. At seventy five cents a Square foot that s exactly $6." hold on sighed the father. Four Elmea four is sixteen times $.75 is $12. At a Dollar a week it will take you exactly 12 weeks to pay off the damage i Don t like to contradict you but you re wrong dad replied Jimmy and to his credit he proved it. How v19st 19f j Lis g St Punj f is tmo9mp of Kottav Vitins to 9i Ujj Sam to put Bijj figure this out in you can from the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, for three numbers the first of which is 67 less than the second the second being 115 less than the third. The three total 2,511. What Are they Znoj pub 9uo a u9mj not so the saying goes. Five old sayings Are presented below but unfortunately something s happened to them. How quickly can you discover what they say 1. To deism on by. 2. Eat to live Noll Lve tent. 8. Ever Yass Loveston ear him self Bray. 4. Al Ull cup be Edsa Stead hand. R. I Tistadt Oleana against fall Ingwoll. Sigh Obj b sup in b3 0- put a n 5 punic to peas u ii Pix v a Toual i i 3ai old of hair today and gone to Morrow More or less sums up the history of the Beard. The on again off again process is accelerated to a fare thee Well in the exercise above. Facial adornments of Ambrose Birnside Karl Marx blackboard Shakespeare Hor Ace Greeley and Henry Viii May be observed instantly on the face provided or your own photo As follows tape subject and Beard Back to Back fasten to head of a Pencil. Sim ply twirl Pencil and watch. Fence with this problem Chip Down checker test you Don t have to be a Farmer to be Able to answer this question if one mile of Fence encloses a Field of forty acres what area in acres will two Miles of Fence enclose see if you can figure this out in your head. .8.ib be Ssuie ii i Vezio lit us p idiom a outta Jioio a a of Iii i Niroj aug Seq Panom it a Zero in on Fisherman s trophy then Rod n. Reel r e turned fro m a deep Sou fishing expedition he brought Back the trophy pictured sit did not catch this a p e c i m e a but rather purchased it from the owner of a water front cafe. To identify Rod s prize Sim ply draw a line from Dot 1 to Dot 2 to Dot 3, and so on to Dot 20. For your information lha subject is generally bluish in color with Black spots averages 6 feet Long and often weighs More than 60 pounds. How quickly _ by can you Complete the picture 1 if you take 8 away from me and then Divide afterwards you May wish to embellish Rod s Pri what is left by the sum of my second and third with appropriate colors. Digits you will get 25 and if you add 99 to me you will reverse my digits. What number am i t is what is the largest num Ber of consecutive jumps you be Ever made in a checker game two three four you May set a record Here. White Side moving up the Board to move first and win in five moves is the Challenge. Let s see if you can meet it. Long time checker King Millard Hopper provides the game winning moves below. No fair peeking. Sih a p1h of to Silim is top in ii Mia Fie � a fact is -1via it-12 mum i 1 amid this is sum number a number of three digits whose sum is 13. Show Mystic insight Here is an interesting and ingenious method by which you can readily announce the number thought of by another person. Everything being in readiness for the demonstration you say to your subject think of a number. He thinks and then nods his head in your direction As a sign that he has a number picked out and safely deposited in his head. Then you give him these instructions add the figure 1 to three times the number you have in mind multiply the sum by 3 add to this the number thought of subtract 3 and Tell a the re answer if Correct is always 10 times the num Ber thought of. Thus if 6 is the number thought of then 6 multiplied by 3 plus 1 makes 19. Thre times 1� is 57, and 57 plus minus 3 is 60, or 10 times 6. Phrases Nowin common 9peech testify How widely per sons have listened a and perhaps been influenced by. Certain men and women. Can you Supply what s omitted Here in a pair of quotations from the past "8 o m e though Small a tolerable Juvenal. By others Wise men Correct t he i r own Shakespeare. What six letter word plural is missing from both statements ill p .1 0 a Silis Nuuja to x a a a s ii Divide and conquer fill in thai missing Fig-1 ures in this do a vision pvoblem.1 noting that to times the divisor gives Only thewl figures in Tell product you will infer that the first figure in the divisor must be 1, and that these Ond figure to must be ver Small. Compleat lie problem trial and error. 8xx xxx xxx xxx xxx .1. " xxx xxx 7ji y Matt \ various Vangen enl of the Figuir 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 a1 8 p Siphie to make total of 100. B tha problem this ease is to Range them Tot to 1. Can you it it working t r Tio of Louise. To 10 .10j

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