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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 2

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 2 the stars and stripes Pentagon Survey also shows airmen unhappy negroes feel color is no bar to promotion by Marc i jets a Washington Bureau chief Washington is a vast majority of negro servicemen surveyed by the defense depart ment report there is no color bar to promotion in the armed forces and some even say that being a negro actually helps according to a Pentagon Survey. Seventy seven per cent of the negroes queried said their race either has no effect on their pro motion chances or if it does they Don t know what effect it has the Pentagon said. Three per cent said they Felt their race gave them a boost for pattern of responses was least favourable for negro airmen in grades e4 through e6, but this should not be interpreted As any thing but an additional indication of the Low Over All opinion of Theair Force s promotion system by Middle Grade enlisted men regardless of race the defense department said. The Survey not restricted to negroes in general highlighted satisfaction in the Navy and the Marine corps in contrast to the overwhelming dissatisfaction found in the air Force. A significant number of soldiers also Felt that being in the right place at the right time helped their chances for More stripes the Pentagon Survey was taken in Janu Ary to learn the enlisted men attitudes on promotion following widespread complaints to con Gress particularly from airmen. Since then the air Force and the army have announced an Over haul of their policies with a trend towards the More centralized control found in the Navy. The sur vey does not reflect attitudes on the new 30,000 men of the army Navy air Force and Marine air congestion May affect fares Washington a airline fares May be revised in an Effort to ease congestion at Newyork City Chicago los Angeles and Washington. The civil aeronautics Board late Friday authorized the Domestic and foreign airlines toehold joint discussions on air traffic problems at these cities. The airlines will be permit Edlo consider possible fare differentials involving any of the of Urci ties As a Means of discouraging air travel during Peak periods and encouraging it during Slack hours. The House government operations subcommittee announced meanwhile it will begin hear Ings thursday on the air traffic Jack Brooks d tex., said our subcommittee s primary interest is to As sure air travel safety and to explore what action can be taken consistent with optimum the cab said any fare in creases surcharges or other fare changes decided upon Mustbe offset by equivalent fare reductions in the same permission is required to exempt the airlines from antitrust restrictions. Before any fare changes can be put into effect they must be approved by the cab said that under nor Mal circumstances it would no permit airlines to discuss sched adm. Zumwalt to get Viet Post Washington a presi Dent Johnson has announced that he plans to name rear adm. Elmo r. Zumwalt jr., a native of san Francisco to be commander of . Naval forces in Vietnam and to promote him to vice Admiral. Zumwalt will succeed the present naval Field commander in Vietnam rear adm. Kenneth eth who is being reassigned. Zumwalt is now director of the systems analysis division in the office of the chief of naval operations. The president also approve the recall to Active duty of it. Gen. Lawrence j. Lincoln who will be chairman of a special study for the department of the army on maintenance and opera Tion of physical plants. Uling and fares since these Are matters which reach to the heart of a competitive system. However the congestion prob lems Are so unusual that extraordinary measures Are required on the part of All Seg ments of air transportation the Board said. The controllers who guide planes through the nation s air ways have complained foursome time that they Are being overworked. Corps including 500 who had completed Vietnam Tours were results were presented to rep. Alton Lennon p-n.c., and his special subcommittee of the House armed services commit tee by Alfred b. Fitt assistant defense Secretary for subcommittee has been re viewing promotion policies foursome time As a result of the com plaints Congress had told Lennon both the army and the air Force Are inthe process of implementing major changes in their enlisted promotion procedures. Both anticipate that these changes will significantly affect the enlisted too Young to die this North vietnamese Soldier raises his hands in surrender to troops of the . 101st air cavalry div in a Village near Hue. When captured the youth told the americans i thought i was too Young to die and i wanted to after interrogating him the americans sent him Toa pow Center. A photo Viet Cong shells slam Danang again Saigon up Twenty five Viet Cong shells slammed into the . Air base at a Nan saturday in the third attack on the base in five Days. Spokesmen said the barrage caused Light damage and casualties and air raids from the base into North Vietnam were not disrupted. The shelling coincided with guerrilla raid on the . Air base at udon Thailand another launching site for air raids into 101st div renamed As air cavalry unit Saigon a because most of their assaults now Are from helicopters rather than by Parachute the former 101st air borne division now is the 101stair cavalry division. The name change was mad Early this month without fan . Command spokesman said Friday the reason for the change was that the 101st had largely adopted the Mobile concept that Calls for extensive use of helicopters in movement of troops and for assault landings. He said the question of the change had gone through Lon debate last year in Washington and the department of the army finally had decided on the re designation. The designation of the divisions the 101st air cavalry makes it the second such division i South Vietnam. The 1st air cavalry division the first of its Type in the . Army arrived in the fall of1965. It is operating in the northernmost 1st corps area. The 101sthas one brigade near Saigon and two in the Northern prov inces. North North vietnamese Hospital was discovered beneath a guerrilla base Camp nestled in High mountains 24 Miles West of Hue a communique said. Spokesmen said entrances tothe underground facility were hidden in 47 huts each 40 fee Square. The Hospital was unoccupied. In a search of five rooms the . Troopers found 5,000 bottles of penicillin 100 pounds of heroin 12 bags of novocaine 150 pints of whole blood 10,000aspirin tablets surgical instruments and surgeons masks and gowns. Three Waves of five b52bombers raided enemy Strong Points on the cambodian Borde North of Saigon for the fourth Day saturday spokesmen Cong soldiers battled american infantrymen 18 mile Southwest of the City Friday and shelled a key Bridge leading into the Mekong Delta. . Spokesmen said 18 guerrillas were killed with no Ameri can casualties reported. Damage to the Ben Luc Bridge was Light. Huh understands Ted s decision Sauna Kan. A vice president Hubert ii. Humphrey after a careful Reading of sen. Edward m. Kennedy s decision not to accept a vice presidential nomination declared Friday his decision is understand Kennedy s statement the vice president said several hours aft t the Massachusetts senator announced his decision Speaks or there had been ome Hope within the Humphrey Camp that Kennedy would join a Humphrey Kennedy ticket which they Felt would practically guarantee election in the Fallas Well As bring together the Kennedy and some other anti administration forces under the Humphrey Banner. But a Humphrey aide said Kennedy s announcement was being read by the vice president and his advisers As a firm an final decision. Humphrey taking his Campaign to the West with stops in Salina and Salt Lake City said i certainly Welcome his Deci Sion to speak out in the future on the major issues and to play an Active role in our the vice president said he was confident that Kennedy s participation will be helpful and and he added the nation and the democratic party will be the better for his counsel and attitudes expressed in january another Survey will hrs no 1 when defense office Bel considerable change shown in the Light of the prove ments now going on m l the Survey found that a Mamorl Ity of enlisted men feel the1know their own system birth sailors were better informed about Navy policy and Sig cantly More perceptive of the reason for non selection then in the other services men in the higher pay grades get most of their information on policy changes from official d .1 rect yes and service related publications while those in the lower pay grades depend on friends an supervisors for the latest information. The effect of extensive time in Grade on promotion opportunities received considerable attention in the study according to a Pentagon s u m m a r y of the Survey. A sizable group of Middle Grade e5/e6 personnel were identified in the Navy and wifi Force who had not received promotion in More than Sis years. The relatively Higl proportion of air Force person Nel who feel that their excessive time in Grade reduces their pro motion chances contrasts with the Navy response pattern. Additional analysis indicate that As Many As 40 per cent o the air Force personnel were Uncertain about the reason for no being promoted. Virtually All Navy respondents in this cat gory were aware of their reason for ithe Survey also found a 3is Tinct tendency for e5s to Remai in the Navy and air Force Duj spite repeated non selection. Air up or out system As a solution received a lot of support fro airmen but Little from sailors. Changing style begets divorce London a a British wife became suspicious of Nej husband after he made a trip to Italy because his style of Lov making had changed a divorce court judge reported Here. The wife mrs. Ethel Forster left Home. And judge Nomad Richards ruled she had a Perfec fright to do so because she Nai Good grounds for believing Fie husband had committed adultery with an italian judge rejected an a Lega Tion of desertion by the husband Victor Forster and i n sea granted mrs. Forster a Divic on ground of cruelty. _ 11 weather . 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