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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 25, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 the stars and stripes thursday,.july 25. Is so and that re is May go Antl Tommie list -. Mthm a Ali Les soviet War 4�am $ by Henry Shapiro Moscow up the War games going on in Russia arc not Normal sum Mer Maneu vers. Summer exercises Are usual in on military area or another. But there Are distinguishing Points to the current vast exercises the prominence of the announce ment in the govern sent newspaper Vestia in juxtaposition with another noting the unprecedented journey of the entire soviet politburo to czechoslovak Varia. The calling up of civilian reservists and the requisition of Auto an truck transport in the Middle of the harvesting season. The premature return from Al Giers of soviet defense minister mar Shal Andrei Srechko. The Hue and cry in the soviet press about Black lion the planned West German and Allied Maneu vers along the czechoslovak and East Ger Man frontiers scheduled for septem Ber. The russian troops Man Euver area just behind the soviet Union Sentire Western Frontier from the Baltic presumably As far South As the Black fears objectively justified or not of possible withdrawal of Czechoslovakia from its defense perimeter Are genuine. It is believed Here that if Czechoslovakia were to become what the russians would consider anti communist the soviet army would March. The soviet press has made Clear that restoration of capitalism in Czechoslovakia will not be soviet source said last week any thing is from expressing what the Kremlin May think is preparedness for any eventuality the Maneu vers May also be part of a War of a War of nerves would be aimed at the West germans since the so Viet Maneu vers were organized before Bonn said they could postpone or move their exercises. And it could be aimed at the czechs who would deduce that the russians would mean business Frt hey try to get out of the soviet Alii Ance. " put another Way by some russian what would the american ii tit u k if a latin american country went communist and strangely enough the soviet a Nevers May also strengthen the hand of czech party first Secretary Alex Ander Dubcek in the critical negotiations ahead with the Kremlin Leader ship. A moderate centrist Dubcek could hold off More extremist col leagues who May wish to push him too far. Hippies Battle Boston curfew stars and stripes ask common right with old ladies Boston a beating the curfew on Boston common is the new bag for the City s hard Core hippies and students who Are Flower children for the sum Mer Only. The Midnight-to-7 . Curfew was imposed by the City after Large groups of so called hippies made the historic Park in the heart of downtown Boston a place for All night happenings. Hippie spokesmen say the curfew is an illegitimate and illegal act and should be challenged. The say the common is Public Park and hippies have As much right there24 hours Aday As the Little old ladies from nearby Beacon Hill who walk their dogs there. Boston health department officials say the hippie Colony has made an open sewer put of Frog Pond an ice skating rink in the Winter and a place for Chil Dren to sail their toy boats in the summer. They note that the incidence of communicable diseases especially hepatitis and venereal diseases has risen in Boston since the hippies arrived enlarge numbers. After the curfew was impose last month some Rock throwing and other incidents of minor violence were blamed by police on kids not hippies but Las week police moved in to Clear the Park of a Large group of Young people who congregated there. Each morning since police have swept across the Block Square Park arresting As Manyas 50 and scattering the remain Der of the Colony to Friendly pads to spend the night. Two servicemen were stabbed and shop and car windows broken during violence that erupted Early tuesday we Don t have any Confron tation planned tonight said sue Parker a worker in the of fice of new England resistance an Antiwar organization whose members have participated in curfew protests. I can t really speak for an of the persons who were on the common last night she said tuesday and they can t really speak for themselves right no since they Are in court but i Don t think anything column Sand comment to yielding to pressure to Stem blood new York a when sen. Robert Kennedy was assassinated in los Angeles news papers in new York were run Ning big advertisements for a movie titled the name of the game is Are still advertising Ami showing films of violence Here and elsewhere in the United states but there is a cleanup of at least a tone Down Campaign against blood and Thunder on the Kennedy funeral week new York television stations quickly and without no Tice dropped scheduled old movies with an i Ven Normal Content of violence and substituted films like Little shoot pm soon crepe Back but pressures to tone Down films prevailed even of that longtime standby the Western. Variety the show business weekly reported that at least two of the top Liri i ii i vision networks were Dilu Inu if no 1"lence in their popular Westein serials. ,. But the main attack has been on animated cartoons that Jam the Home screens on a when the kids Are not in Sthool. Protests from Parent commotion on common Boston police men straggle with youths during a raid on the common. A judge told the hippies they re Mak ing the common a disaster up Ming and substitute shows for the. A Tajn superheroes some of Wincn win become extinct. These things really Aren planned in Advance she said. They just arrested about w per sons tuesday. All appeared be fore judge Elijah Adlow in municipal court on a variety of minor charges. You be made a disaster area out of what used to be the most Beautiful part of Boston judge Adlow told some 80 persons when they came before him on charges of violating the curfew Norman s. Zalkind a lawyer representing the defendants told the court his clients were looking for whatever it is they won find it at Beacon and Charles streets the Northwest Corner of the common Adlow replied. Adlow Days the hippies Are All Good kids by themselves but As soon As they get in crowd they Are a menace to themselves and everyone hands out relatively Light punishments to most. Miss Parker said Many who join the common protest Aren t hard Core hippies but people who feel they should join in the actually very few really sleep on Boston common some have apartments around town and others sleep in the apartments of friends she Pian edition editor in Chi you Jammy Campbell Uta to. Cou. A i Michael. Jr., Utah Deputy might proctors Lumir d. Prank production Hinry t. Ip9tiin circulation Tho no Papor a an author Lump publication of Tho out met � " / " . Armit Perth overt of. Tho itar and to tripod u pubic he by , , Lur Poan. Comma in support of the. ". 8wri Aro Franto of Otto po0r1rnnt of of i a. Co Nunu of " l int rih Rlph it we Molly it Flat to Fui Vic i of . Oover a off ton the a Nso of Flo Pic a both a mar not of of mop any of it bomb not military mriam Apo my. International Malli Tho Man an4 l1�pirmitadt, to emmy. To i Arlo Molm 0 Proulx of in Alro trip Proulx z37 741. To a 4tt4st, now York own i now York 10014, Tol Art cd 212 wo-6771. Tond Tup y9rk, , the 10j4,

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