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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 17, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes to clergymen to and a " Francisco up servicemen monday themselves to clergy a Docial Church service the youths Milf styled from the armed servicemen resign 0s, soldiers two sailors and a Marine sat in a Semi sole with the clergymen in the re presbyter it Church for what the pastor the Rev. Thom As Dietrich described As a 48 hour service of the Rev. Or. Dietrich opened the service with a prayer about 70 persons were in attend Ance. Only a few were hippie types from the nearby Haight Ashbury youths said they would consider themselves free men closing . Stock Market prices Sampex am Pho Oam t 4 am Tob Anaconda Armour Avo but lab Beto steel Bril my Irun Wilck jury ought lamp up Cater trac co Inch i 1 0 try Leir Ceca cola cold pal it All or Dow chm Dupont East air East Kod fair Cam Al Stone Ford fac up fru thaut Gen Dyn ctn elec 76v4 55% 53% 40v 80, 164 34 70 60 59 53h 43 40h 57 86 h 163h 331/. 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Group 11.08��. .9810.09 Varna Tel bid asked pay 9.79 10 rend by pair urn ey8tone 20.7222.04 27.81 28 ?18.4920.21 27.1027 10 23.1023 in poor Termate Mcdon fid amlo Odya Udy a Morton met Urt met m1p m1p my tuba Natnat Nat or Iroini pm of Huhra Mut a ind inv 8eo 21.lo?2. I 23.24 26.26 1031 u.2 9.82 10.72 7.74 8.45 24.21 26 42 12 83 14.01 11.18 12.21 7.22 7.8h 17.988.33 9.1?13.45 14-Tj xll.01 12 03 17.07 18.068.14 8-w 5.30 in 7.82 havles39.03 39.0 k13.83 13.k�lfl.27 10 2 11.36 i2.41. 13.3914 13.16 14.3217.57 10 i 10.78 10 i 13.29 14. 7.90 8.0318.682031 14.87 16,26 fd8 16.66 17.04 4.96 6.311 8.04 9.420.92 8cudder int inv poo bal com n.eo3iat 12.21 12 4 11.64 19 60 13.90 13 8.60 9.1u8eri 12.61 1307 6.28 8.965.63 004 8.28 9.0& 0.34 8.96 9.71 10.612.90 13 so 0.3311.67 12.5 30.4030.4 new Wui 15.23 16.04. 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One by one they explained what prompted them to declare their Independence from the armed forces. I came upon the realization what i was doing As a member of the Navy was wrong said Paul Howard 20, Roy Utah. Howard and a Navy Herrin 20, Garland. Tex., said they left the Navy base a treasure Island on san fran Cisco Bay together on july 4. The servicemen All said their decision logo awol was dictated by conscience and added they were willing to go to jail if necessary. It s a Small Price to pay said John Robinson 18, a Crew Cut Blond from Westport conn.,who had been stationed at Al. Ord Marine base . Dietrich said the libera lion service was approved Bihe Parish congregation Afler one or two of the awol servicemen came to a Church sponsored coffeehouse and let it be known they knew of others like them in the Bay area. Five faiths then the resistance an organization opposed to the draft and clergy and laymen concerned about the War were contacted. The clerics who too part were of the methodist roman Catholic and United Church of Christ in the Church was resistance Leader David Harris former Stanford University Stu Dent president and the husband of pacifist folksinger Joan Baez. Harris is free on bail while appealing a three year jail sen tence for refusing to report for the other servicemen identified themselves As James sey Mour 20, Deer Park . Steve Anderson 17, Las vegas Mather 21, san Bruno Calif. Chuck Jones 20, Fernan Dina Beach Fla. And George Dounis 23, Atlanta a. All were soldiers. St Einstein Herl in sting sup invt Here tech Perm plan Tex put inc q two Iun Lund unit Dacou Inco Mclen to p a value line Fos Vaval Lite no 8p1vangrd varied incl King or Walla in a Mut Well a dec to Lizul we fld we Lonworth 10.830.92 156 10.21 11 6.ho 6.34 &.�8.2 9.16 1304 14 26 14.13 1644 13.76 14.969.84 16.26 i7.5i20.8822 70 10.73 18.378.37 m4 6.36 a jul div Lucid arraigned Bobby Rogers leaves the Bronx criminal court after his arraignment in the slaying of three men in a shooting Ray last week. He gave himself up in North Carolina. A Jet makes history in . Lion for International airline will Fly one flight a week with Aeroflot stopping i Montreal and pan am stopping at Copenhagen. A round trip ticket costs $1,109 in first class and $730 in tourist. The Ilyushin 62 holds 188 passengers. Panama s Boeing 707 holds 199. Among the 93 to arrive Here were 54 government officials and 39 paying customers walked directly from the plane to the inter National arrivals building. The officials stayed at plane Side. The soviet Flag and the unv.v.1 .viw.,Flag waved Side by Side at the 1 a former . Ambassador entranceway to the greeting Moscow Foy d. Kohler an-1 area where a news conference continued from Page 1 Day being delayed partly by a late Takeoff in new York Theip Airliner touched Down at Moscow Airport at 2 43 local time in sunny mild weather. On hand to Greet the special flight were soviet officials b. P. Pugayev first Deputy minister of civil aviation and Georgy m. Kornienko head of the Ameri can Section of the soviet foreign the 58 passengers listed As being aboard the flight wer Echarles e. Bohlen who is . Deputy under Secretary of stat and other former ambassador Here and Donald g. Agger . Assistant Secretary of transport Market rally loses steam new York a the Stock Market closed with a loss tuesday As the summer rally seemed to have run out of steam or the time. Trading was fairly Active. American broadcasting remained ungraded until the final Lour then dropped 4 Points Par ing the loss before the end. Both Blue chips and Glamor stocks took losses. Gains were scored by Cit financial Swift and great Ameri can holding the Dow Jones Industrial average lost 2.52 at 921.20.volume was 13.39 million shares compared with 13,42 million monday. I. Gene Berlin a alarm two russian soldiers re ported seen hiding in thesier Garton. That was the word passed to West Berlin police monday by a Pas Serby in the wooded area near the soviet War memo rial in West Berlin. A spokesman said two squad cars were rushed to the scene and they found the russians two West Berlin sanitation worker shaving lunch. Their uni forms Are the same Brown color worn by the red machine guns re ported by the passerby turned out to be brooms propped up in the Bushes. T 3i was held. Met by dignitaries among those meeting the Ilyushin where under Secretary of state Eugene g. Rostow and Jacob Malik the soviet . Rostow said the new air service was part of larger Effort to improve relations Between the United stat Sand the soviet Union. He mentioned the recent treaty Banning the spread of nuclear weapons and an agree ment to open preliminary talks on missile limitations. The influence of these two agreements should radiate in areas still clouded by differences Between us Rostow said. Aleksander v. Besedina chief of International relations for the ministry of civil aviation waste leading russian dignitary who flew in. An interpreter relayed his words. He said the soviet govern ment supports the View that More personal Contact an private visits serve to improve Mutual be Havre strike nays . Liner Havre. France. A which called to take on passel Havre France a a Surprise strike by tugboat operators held up the liner United states with 1,112 passengers for Southampton and Bremerhaven. The ship arrived in be Havre Early tuesday morning from new York and was at the qua when the tugboat Crews went on strike. Among the 289 Pas sengers who debarked Here were the Duke and Duchess of wind aboard were 560 Passen Gers for Southampton and 552 for Bremerhaven. Since the liner is too big to make its Way through the port without assistance efforts were being made to get French Navy tugs to help. Some smaller ships and ferryboat moved in and out of the which called to take on Passen Gers for new York. The . Lines said that the United states would leave be Havre wednesday at 7 . Wit the Aid of French no reliant Marine tugs. The Call at be Havre will be eliminated on the return trip Friday and passengers fro France for new York will be Tak sort without difficulty. Among in to Southampton by Cross Chan these was the liner Rotterdam i Nel ferry for boarding the liner

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