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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 14, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseCompulsive gambling can not be cured. At Best it can Only be Al look in the Mirror and Tell myself pm not going to Gamble today. There is no yesterday. Ivon t be a tomorrow in. It s All today 99 continued from Page 13 Gamble it away the following week if1 lost i d find a Way to scrape it up. The interest 1 was paying would buy this building. All the while my wife never suspected i was gambling. She d say gee Honey after All these years you re still making Only $50 a week that s be cause 1 was doctoring my payroll slips. I was really stealing from both of usand did t know it. And my son who today is a High school teacher spends every cent he makes As soon As he gets it. Why because j deprived him of Romany things All the while he was grow ing up. Just this morning he asked me Why come to these meetings every week Why after six years Don t i Stop Andi told him i need this place and that even if i did t i d be Here anyway to repay the thing that saved my life. This is a Tough program that you have to take a Day at a time. I shave in the morning and i look in the Mirror and Tell myself i m not going to Gamble today. There is no yesterday and thereon t be a tomorrow. It s ail today when Ben took his seat his fellow compulsive gamblers broke into applause that came As close to a ovations 20 men can give. They were applauding not Only Ben but also a and something which one after another referred to As this wonderful magic room where each hopped to. Find the solution to his own betting problem. But nil a Are fighting Bliff Odds maybe even worse than the kind they Are used to because the stakes have us or been higher Jim vv., one of a s two founders once estimated that a victim who comes to a has one Chance in eight of get stage 14 Ting the Monkey off his the rest Back to the track to the bookies to the shylock. We succeed Only with people who have hit Rock Bottom in misery and degradation. Those we fail to reach May have Good intentions temporarily be cause they Are frightened or depressed but they really Don t want to Stop Gam pie figures that a Man has passed the crisis if he attends weekly sessions for six months but there have been plenty of disappointments even among Long time members. Sticking with Gaa mounts to a lifetime proposition since compulsive gambling can not be Best it can Only be controlled. Those who accept the program usually develop a fierce loyalty to a experiencing a sense of spiritual Unity an the kind of moral uplift generally associated with a religious movement. Yet a is not that although meetings Are closed with a Brief and the 12-step recovery program takes Liberal note of god As each Mem Ber understands him. Very few new members in fact arc regular churchgoers although later some do become affiliated with various congregations. When a compulsive Gambler comes to us he s not after religion explained Larry ii., who in addition to being compulsive Gambler an sex fixer of col lege basketball games and an sex cot evict is also on a s 17-member nation Al Board of trustees. Later when he begins to think clearly straighten himself out and make some personality changes then maybe he la join a Church but that s strictly his of sometimes after they manage to control their own gambling mud Regaina measure of self respect members find unique ways of changeling to constructive pursuits some of the Energy previously expended on gambling. Like Ken g., an sex i who has spent13 years trying to live Down a one year army career that included five court martial in As Many months and ended with an undesirable discharge after Brief assignment in Frankfurt Germany. Ken who arrested his gambling habit after joining a two years ago now runs a successful piece goods attending weekly a meetings in Manhattan he has formed a group called Gam teen to help youngsters who come from Homes where a father s Gam bling problems have gotten the kids in to serious trouble too. Ken knows what that can be. His own parents were heavy gamblers. "1 have 15 teenagers in it now an they be got All kinds of hangups such As drug addiction and gambling. Somewhere stealing Money at Home or wherever they could. I think u lot of them have Bee helped and Lor me it s a whole new certainly it s an improvement Over Ken s old world which he described As constant degeneration and a mass s Wrt when 1 got into the army i a Tot at it. Dix playing cards on Fri and the court Sam p Ruiu me courts we coining me two thirds of m other third i d blow gig Clyman use was More of the then finally Ken s wife 8polg, address ups new York. 1 24 month she has been a women s group called he is at the regular a composed not of gambling rather the wives of compulsive Biers. While the men hold their session women gather separately to Dii ways to repair damage done to of relationships by their gambling bands. After that both groups us get together to share Coffee and a new member is willing or officers who hold inc lilt trusted Sef pfc will take a Fate in � it ii a group a can something of & usually we take a Guy who has com several times and Votos himself or to a we want to make i and see what he Reasy he s Keady drowning a debt when we Tell him Money in t Bis a problem he thinks we re work out a program for a maybe even try to get his creditor his Back. But he s got to recall guts to stick with it. Lie May be Sola in the Hole that hell have to work full Lime jobs or work seven but there s one Consolation Lor he to have More Money because he Job gambling. And 1 have never Ujj Gambler who could t double his we by it uni his gambling Energy honest s just owe strict Rule i sure meeting discloses that a fugitive from a criminal must surrender to the uis Inci the a uses us 8 d offices to probation. A Long haul program is set Upoff debts creditors Are urged to civil suits and Salar favor of Long term payments Able interest rotes. Often Banks and Lar firms ago along with a s Repa in tons. A s own ii uces Are a Nice . No one pays w n Al Oguni ution meets us n1"1 " expenses from India Kauai Cwm of members a $2 a most that will be am Pico. At the moment the us Ihas a fast $38 in the till a j a Way they like it. Comp love u seems just can t stand the stars and stripes

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