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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 12, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page 23 won t protect stores citizens accuse sheriff West Hollywood fla.,m a dozen businessman is who prowl their City Fly with shotguns and dogs nigh before the Broward grand jury wednesday Effort to indict a sheriff Fly claim won t protect by shops and stores the grand jury heard the Menand the sheriff wednesday after noon but adjourned a few hour Slater without taking any action. George Balmer a paint anybody shop owner said he organized the integrated citizen patrols two weeks ago after $5,000 was stolen from his shop. Frenchmen face big tax increases Paris up frenchmen found thursday that higher taxes Are in store for them. The news that this hard drink me nation faced a 10 per cent lax increase on wine and liquor marked bigger headlines than those announcing the nomination s Maurice Couve de Murvil Leas Premier replacing Georges Pompidou. Rusk assures senators on nuclear pact Washington up Secretary of state Dean Rusk assured the Senate wednesday that the nuclear nonproliferation treaty would not Force the United states to become the world s policeman against nuclear blackmail. Rusk testified before the Senate foreign relations com Smittee less than 24 hours after president Johnson sent the i treaty to the Senate for ratification. The pact is de signed to keep nuclear weapons from spreading to nations which Ido not now have them. I Rusk declared the treaty would not expand . Obligations to protect Small countries a response to any nuclear threat he said must be International in character and include the permanent members of the United Rusk isaid that on the other hand the treaty would go far in preventing disputes from taking on a Newland dangerous the Bank of France which has paid out $1.3 billion since May o prop up the staggering franc announced wednesday night it lad borrowed the same sum Tolep Stem the flow from its Gold Central Bank said it had received $1.3 billion in Short Erm credits from the Central Banks of West Germany hol and Italy and Belgium the Federal Reserve Bank of Newyork and the International settlements Bank. By using these credits franc can Stop Selling off More of its remaining 5 billion in Gold and reign currency acquired in the to years since de Gaulle returned Power. In another move to meet the economic Burden resulting from three weeks of crippling strikes the government proposed new taxes in a bid to increase reve Nues this year by $500 million. The most important As far a frenchmen were concerned was a 10 per cent tax increase on wines and liquor. Another was a surcharge of 10 to 25 per cent More for 650,000 frenchmen who paid More than $1,000 in taxes in increases were also ear marked for Stamps on official documents such As passports identification cards Hunting licenses and driving permits. The main purpose of the new taxes is to hold Down the deficit for the recent crisis to $2billion. He and other self proclaimed vigilantes claim sheriff Allen b. Michell refuses to crack Dowson lawbreakers in West Holly Wood. They say Only one cruisers assigned to the 25-Block area they patrol nightly in their Pri vate cars. Balmer and Jack Pitts a used car Salesman were among members of the group who Testi fied before the grand jury in fort Lauderdale 10 Miles to the North. They want the panel to indict the sheriff for Here have stopped calling the police because the won t respond Balmer said. We have to show neglect of duty. We have to prove we presented evidence to the sheriff underlings and he failed to Michell Broward sheriff since1960, says the vigilantes want him to use Gestapo tactics Ona group of West Hollywood Juve Niles who they feel Are responsible for a series of break ins. They demanded we kick income doors without warrants rough up some people and bringing All juveniles and fingerprint them whether they were accused of anything or not the sheriff said he told the Vigi Lantes he would be Happy to arrest anyone who committed a crime if they would sign affidavits As witnesses. Not one of them would sign a statement he said. Visits stripes it. Gen. Andrew j. Boyle commanding general of v corps Frankfort is shown a control panel of the newly installed printing press at toe stars and stripes Plant in Griesheim Germany. Explaining How the panel works is Rene Steiner stripes assistant production manager. Is Dixon police sin Battle in Berlin policemen suspended Louisville. By. Up three Louisville policemen were suspended for four Days focusing a Street sign for pistol target practice. Stock Market closes mixed new York a the Stock Market closed mixed thursday after late profit taking skimmed Strong Advance paced by Blue Strong showing was put on by such High Quality issues a general motors Ford uniroyal Standard Oil new Jersey an Johns Man Ville. In the list As a whole however a Good margin for gains Over losses was Cut Back. Losers Werea Little ahead in the final minutes. Some of the High multiple Gla mor stocks were Cut Back sharply As interest shifted to Blue sharply were such issues As ism control data Polaroid and Xerox. Closing . Stock Market prices Admiral Alcan Allrich am All am can am Cyan am m Fly am Mot Pex am photo amt Tamton Anaconda Armour Avo put lab Beth steel Boeni july 11 july 9 my 24 26v 51, 27/a 22% 13v. 17v, 61 35 61 a 27soft by Tutt 1332% it 48 Matt wac Burroughs Camp spec to trac pm be. Pence in a i o 8 80 17 8134 47h 30v. We wac 200t4 5268h a a cola Cote Pai tv/4 38h 62h &1h m i 87 tall up chem i Pont it Alp Mit Kod Cam Lar ton 40 w/4 1w4 40v4 31 4 80v 4 6967h mh43h Dyn 11 68 34 44 40v, on elec Gen Mot Gen Tel men tar Al Letu Goodrich Goodyear a tap qute Oil ism Rrth re int Nick int Pap a int Tat july 11 july 9 871, ��?84 am 3056". 55" 4 28. 79t4 1301 357 33 108h 34h 363 101 34 4 68"4 63h pm Tetcott uni Tom Litton ind Lack Larolo Ellurd Mac Donn Magna Vox Martin m Merck mom Minn Mam Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nat bite no am Northrop Nwahiri out mfr pan am Park of a in can 43h Pooh aim 67h a 64v. 87v, sen h 4 10bv4 541/4 w.4n 9., 484 10014 4 /4 13. I 42 4314 42i 42 00. 90 4 37 35ii 38 38 434 43s 90"2 28 45 451-a atm 71 36 28 65 4 28 35 35?. Lawyer ombudsman suggested during riots Lake Placid . A a member of the bar should be resent in every police station during times of civil disorder members of the new York state Jar association were told. George Bushnell jr., Pas president of the Detroit bar association and a Man concerned with the problem since last year s eruptions in Detroit suggested that lawyers could act As ombudsmen in time of riot an see that the police conducted themselves properly. 73 60h 26 481 421084 1846. 524 38to604, 87 80. 43 108 66 42". 53. 60 47474h 4j /4 544 39vi 4k 58 56 39 611484 74i 32tv 904an 551berlin a police an students fought each other in and around West Berlin s free University wednesday in an hours Long swirling Melee that began with student occupation of the Rector s building. The police broke Way into the Rector s residence style office building and evicted the students. The occupiers doused the police with buckets full of water. They had occupied the building in protest of University rejection of a plan to Reform the school political Institute. Afterwards other students an police fought on nearby streets. It was the worst police student confrontation since the violent five Days Over easter that Fol Lowed the wounding of student Leader Rudi Dutschke. Temporary custody it was perhaps the worst out burst of violence Ever seen on the University Campus located in a quiet residential area near . Army Headquarters. A police spokesman said be tween 60 and 80 students were taken into what he called temporary custody. He said there were no serious the police tried to move the evicted occupiers by truck to a nearby police precinct hundreds of other student blocked ill exits from the Cam pus. One major Melee came when i police managed to get two trucks out along a Street past the . Army officers club Harnack House after some wild swinging fist fighting Between police and Stu dents a massive sit in in front of the club blocked the Street violent clash ensued at a nearby intersection when police tried to bring out More truckloads of moved their own cars in As a blocking Force. On group wheeled a German made civilian car with . Military License plates into the intersection As part of an Impromptu barricade. As quickly As police picked up students sitting in front of the trucks others jumped to take their places. Lbs pleads for biafran Washington a presi Dent Johnson issued an urgent Appeal thursday to All those bearing responsibility to allow International Relief supplies Roget to the starving people Cut off by civil War in president emphasized that the United states has no in Tention of interfering in Nige Rian affairs but he declared mass starvation that can be prevented must be prevented."1 he said the United states believes that innocent people1 should not be made the victims j of political thousands and possibly More than a million people Are be i lived to be in need of help in Biafra the former Eastern re Gion of Nigeria which declared its Independence a year ago last May touching off a civil War. Genuine ice Cream is Back on Sale from pave t a stick will have to Settle for the ersatz variety. The commissaries Are expected to Stock real ice Cream i quart half gallon and gallon butterfat prices caused the defense department to bandits use for the making of ice Cream about two years then the popular dessert has been made from vegetable Oil. Permission was obtained to make real ice Cream after a Windfall Stock of butterfat was made available in Europe. The return is temporary As butter fat stocks on hand Are expected to last Only an estimated five months. The real ice Cream will cos More than the imitation. A us a eur spokesman acid in May that commissary prices would be 23 cents a quart and 88 cents gallon about 10 cents a quart higher than the imitation stuff. Earlier an yes spokesman revealed that because of the limited butterfat Supply snack bars will continue to sell ice Cream made with Coconut Oil considered the Best tasting of the substitutes. This will not Only extend the Avail Bliley of buyer fat ice Cream to military families but will also avoid raising snack bar prices for sodas and Sun Daes the yes spokesman said

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