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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes pal Al i Beauty spot this spot on our fair lady s nose is really miniature integrated circuit invented by a London organization. He circuit improves color television Quality so that the faintest Blush on a human Chet k can be seen on to. A photo China will train missiles on . By 72, study says by Richard m. Harnett Stanford Calif. Up China will be deploying nuclear armed missiles trained on .cities by 1972, a detailed study for the government indicates. Paradoxically this nuclear War capability might reduce the chances of a confrontation according to the report prepared by a group of leading China experts. A draft of the unpublished re port has been circulated among government officials and mad available to up sunday. It was prepared by a 13-member Tea of researchers at the Hoover institution of War revolution an peace at Stanford University for the . Arms control and Dis armament Agency. The group included top ranking experts on chinese military political and economic affairs. we author of a number of books on the chinese econ omy was the project director. A High feasibility scenario was drawn portraying the Likely 2 red actions since june 26 Korea violations charged horizontal1. Surround 4. Shine8. Scott 12. Hebrew priest 13. To anger14. Garden too15. Large handkerchiefs Var 17. So be it 18. Landed property 19. Attempt21. Married 22. Artist Stan a 26. Ranta29. Snoop 80. Volume abbr 31. Currier and 32. Merriment33. Great comb form34. Lettuce 85. Footed vase 36. Renovate37. Whole 89. A color 40. Cravat 41, expiate 45. Africa River 48. Frail50. Seed covering is. Hebrew measure 52. Swab53. Depend 54. Ponder59. Abstract being vertical1. Youth of oddest 9. Note i Guido s scale8. Aromatic herb4. Rasps 8. Covered. The inside 8. Palm Leaf Var 7. Cowboy movie 8. Strong Low carts 0. Male sheep 10. Piece out answer to yesterday s Puzzle. A arara Urann Mem m he hhhbboi1hqi huh hash hah ssh ills hhh3 cab d3dg3isi 2e5k1b0 3hg3iig3h @eh1ei average tin Latu 14 my the. 11. Lair16. American vice president20. Beam 23. Equal24. Theater Comfort 25. Cabbage salad 26. Cer Algrain 27. The Bard of 28. To clothe29. Play on words32. Liberty 33. A wine 35. Swi Scanton 36. Withdraw38. Country in europe39. Chest sound 42. Title 43. English school 44. Serpent Lizard 45. Sailor46. Exist 47. Nothing 49. Australian Bird 18 53 Hubi. 2 28 40 8 23 30 52 10 11 25 v Panmunjom Korea up the United nations command has accused North Korea of Vio lating the truce line with South Korea 22 times since june 26 and aseged a premeditated plan of violence and . Gen. Gilbert h. Wood Ward the . Army s . Command Delegate to the korean armistice commission made the charge monday at the 272nd meeting of the commission at the truce Village of pan Mun also accused North Korea of equipping its armed forces far out of proportion to that required for . Gen. Pak Chung Kuk the North korean chief Delegate rejected the charge and had some of his own. He said troops fired 6,500 rounds of ammunition into North korean territory on nine Occa Sions in the past 10 also said a . Command agent he had identified As Woonyong Shik a South korean sneaked into North Korea an was captured june 28. Intrusions thwarted Woodward told Pak All the North korean intrusions were thwarted. Woodward also said North Korea has an army of 345,000 men equipped with sophisticated weapons that Are far out of proportion to that required Woodward accused the North koreans of building up their military strength in violation of the armistice agreement. He said North Korea s Force were equipped with soviet Type ak47 sub machine guns along with divisions of motorized in Fantry and Armor and heavy tank regiments of t34 and t54 tanks and brigades of rockets which have been illegally introduced into North Korea s Navy has sub marines sub chasers it boat Sand gunboats Woodward said. The guided missile boats no possessed by North Korea have been illegally introduced int North Korea since 1953," Wood Ward said North Korea had More than 500 Jet planes including the soviet 1l28 bomber the Mic 15, Mic 17, Mic 19 and Mic.21. Course of events in China be tween now and 1976. Highlights of the picture include a new attempt at a great leap Forward beginning in 1969 and ending in 1972 in a the downfall of Mao tse Tung in 1972 and a switch to Milder bureaucratic on building in Mao tse Tung. Riding for a fall Ter Continental missiles armed with dirty nuclear warheads. Little Progress in air and ground forces. Development of a Fleet of submarines that could be posted with nuclear missiles off hawaiian the . Mainland. Willingness of China s Lead ers to enter into arms control agreements that do not limit it nuclear plans. Continuing support of world wide wars of National libera Tion and continued hostility to Ward the United states and the soviet experts said the capability of waging nuclear War . Cities will persuade the chinese that they Are Safe from attack. Thus they May be will ing to agree to some arms control Steps such As a no first use pact with neighbouring coun tries. Having to devise controls for their own widely dispersed nuclear missile system they will be aware of the risk of accidental War. This could Lead to establishment of a peking Washington hot line to avoid unintentional encounter the report said. Year of crisis the High feasibility scenario predicts that 1972 will be a year of crisis in Domestic and foreign relations for communist new great leap like its predecessor ends in a of frustration in domes tic affairs and an oppressive sense of insecurity in foreign affairs run authors said one of three kinds of leadership could emerge in China about 1972 1 another Mao style regime 2 a govern ment by bureaucratic commis sars or 3 More Liberal ruler who pay Only lip service to the inspirational thoughts of Motse Tung and the marxist Leninist heritage of the the report said the second alternative was most result perhaps the most encouraging result of this analysis of Leader ship changes is the fact that continuation of or reversion to a maoist leadership is the Leas Likely of the possibilities postulated the experts , the experts cautioned even after the fall of Mao certain grim realities re main. China possesses an obvious medium and Long Range nuclear strike capability which neither super Power despite the protective abm system would care to in addition to or. We the members of the Hoover institution study group included a. Buss mrs. Andrea Chadwick c. S. Chen or. Shenyu Dai Brig. Gen. Samuel b. Griffith usic Petit. a. Humphreys Retro Laurence Lau h. C. Ling Fredk. Means mrs. Grace we Roland we and Susan Young. India president visits Russia new Delhi a president Zakir Husain flew to Moscow monday for a ten Day state visit to the soviet Union. Prime minis Ter Indira Gandhi Cabinet minis ters and foreign diplomats gave him a ceremonial sendoff. Wee pals a8 manager of our base bal team How Vovou feel about Black Power Oliver p by in favor opt

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