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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes by Robert s. Mcneill Washington Opi con Gress trying to adjourn or at least recess within a month finds itself in what military men Call a meat grinder All because of guns. From one Side come Vehe ment demands for More gun control legislation. From another come equally vociferous demands to legislate against the criminal and leave guns alone. The emotional Issue with extremists on both sides has imposed on Many members of Congress a dilemma. Many once Adamant opponents of new gun controls have switched sides since the assassination of sen. Robert f. Kennedy. Other lawmakers have labelled the subsequent Public outcry against guns mass still others have judged the reaction fro mall quarters extreme and called for cooler Heads. But democrats and republicans alike for the Issue crosses party lines Are being asked by president Johnson to d. Something before Congress quits and that could be before the gop National convention begins aug. 5. Chances appear slim for president Johnson s most Strin gent request but reasonably Good for some kind of controls. Congress is in a mood to the question is How far will it go the principal measures Are these Johnson s Bill to prohibit Allmain order sales of guns and ammunition. The president s Bill to Register All firearms and License All gun owners. A Bill by sen. Joseph to Register All guns and License All gun owners but give the states a Chance to do it first. Given the Best Chance of passage is the mail order ban since it would supplement the mail order prohibition of pistols and revolvers already contained a the ant crime Bill signed by the president last month. Next most Likely to pass i Tydings Bill which could wind up As a companion measure tothe extended mail order ban. Given the least Chance waste most stringent proposal of All the president s registration and licensing plan that would confiscate those guns owned by persons who could not qualify for a s what the three Bills would do president s licensing and registration measure require Al privately owned firearms be registered and All gun owner licensed. If a firearm owner could not meet licensing requirements his guns would be purchased by the . Treasury at a reasonable Price. No ammunition could be Purchase unless the buyer presented to the seller a registration certificate for the particular gun in which it would be used. If within two years a state imposes equally restrictive Laws Federal regulations would expire. If not the state would lose its share of Federal wildlife conservation Bill require Federal registration of firearms in two years if 9 state has not adopted equally restrictive Laws require under pressure front both sides july 9 grind t a Federal licensing to Purchase guns or ammunition unless states approved equally effective Laws. To qualify for a License an applicant would have to be Over 18, not under indictment not convicted of felony nor committed for alcoholism narcotics addiction or for being mentally income ten the president s mail order population of Calif. Near 20 million by Bill stall Sacramento Calif. A California will pass the 20-Mil lion Point in population during the coming year and head for a possible 40 million by the end of the Century state officials have predicted. The number of californians attracted by promises of Sun Shine casual living and eco nomic Opportunity has Dou bled in the past generation Testate finance department said. The growth in the past year was put at 447,000 More than 1,200 a Day. Within the 32 years the Golden state is expected to top the current populations of such major nations As Poland and Spain. The current population Estin ated from projections made last fall is 19,662,000 military the state might be near or Over the 20-Millionmark now said Walter p. Holl Mann population expert for the finance department. The current projection for year from now is 20,154,000. Hollmann says he is incline to take a conservative View thinking the 19,662,000 figure willbe revised downward when More Complete information is Avail Able in several months. Hollmann and his staff have projected the population through the year 2000 in various ways based on the present rate of migration lower Migra Tion a relatively High birth rate and a relatively Low birth rate. The projections for mid-1985 Range from 28.47 million to 30.22 million and for july 1,2966, from 35.93 million to 41.32 million. The report foresees califor Nia s share of the National total increasing from 8.7 per cent in1960 to 13.8 per cent by the year 2000, if there is constant Migra Tion and a relatively Low birth rate. The report contains no new estimates for individual cities and areas of the state. The lat est projection issued last fall showed the los Angeles metropolitan area with 8.3 million residents and the san Francisco Bay area with 4.5 million. The total of the two Urban centers was just about two thirds of the state s population. Ban forbid mail order Sale of firearms and interstate ship ment of ammunition except Between dealers or manufacturers set 31 As the minimum age for Purchase of pistols and revolvers and 18 for the Over the counter Sale of rifles and shotguns. Limit store Purchase to state residents and require dealers to keep strict records of guns and ammunition purchases. Additionally to be licensed under this last Bill an applicant for a gun License would have Tobe fingerprinted and photo graphed. He would be denied License if he were too Young suffered from a mental ailment alcoholism or narcotics Addic Tion was under criminal indictment or had been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term Paula Levine. Brandi survived attack exceeding one year Ora fugitive from Justice thew Bills generally gun As completed Wiroj for Etta for a though a barrel or stick attached. A barrel by i would not be classified firearm nor would the Stock for Ani i munition Theta ferry Fiat by diets Ccase primers and gun would each come under Newring w reloading t such As presses and Dies other hand loading equipment would not be affected. V T against their taws opponents of More arms legislation contend a there Are plenty of Law s Only books now to Deal with the pfc Lent if Feltey were enforced the National Rifle Assoc lion which has advocated erf control Laws but opposes Al administration pro Swals 18 extreme cites the National firearms acts of 1934 and 1jjj5 As examples of what can by done under present Law 1 prosecute those who use Sta Jeffor criminal purposes. These acts impose a j2flfl.w on anyone making or Transfer ring a fully automatic Mil Chine weapon or a Shotgun with a barrel less than i since Long or a Rifle barrel Shorter than 16 inches Ami set up Otto restrictions on interstate move ment of firearms and tons. Both were passed As to hts result of the an asterism of the 1930s. The Era in opposing what ii considers Overly restrictive a trots contends that the 1934 Aid if properly enforced singing ambush Saigon a the .army has launched an investigation into the ambush of a Losangeles entertainment group on a Vietnam Road. Two teen aged members of the group were killed. The other two including the 20-Yeavold female vocalist and an army ser Geant were wounded. A . Mission spokesman announcing the investigation sunday said he knew of no Spe Cial reason for it. But he mentioned that the group s booking agent had said an investigation should be made because of hearsay reports the ambush ers might have been South Viet namese. The group Brandi Perry an the Bubble machine was being driven by the sergeant in a pick up truck from Saigon to the coastal resort of Vung Tau 43miles to the Southeast Friday evening. As darkness fell armed vietnamese attacked the vehicle and ransacked the truck after wounding or killing its of survivors identified the attackers As Viet Cong guerrillas. But Jack Salvesen owner of american entertainment abroad which booked the group to entertain american troops i Vietnam intimated that it might have been South Viet namese forces who attacked the that everything he knew of the incident was hear group s probed say Salvesen said he heard that the scene of the incident was 100 Yards from a South vietnamese militia compound that the attackers wore White to shirts and Green fatigue Pant Sand that one of them carried a . M16 Rifle. He also said head been told that some of the bullets came from the direction of a South vietnamese watch Tower. Those in the group who were injured Are Paula Levine 20, who is Brandi and Jack Bone 18, both of is Angeles and sgt. David k. Hamilton 21,of Boston mass. Miss Levine and Bone were reported in Good condition while Hamilton s condition was satisfactory. Compel All dealers i firearms to keep Complete records of shipments and Salt of All permit prosecution of an person for buying Selling i pawning or transporting ii interstate Commerce any sole firearm or ammunition for i handgun. Permit prosecution of if i person under indictment Shiban been convicted of a Crint Peak fable for More than a yet Fla prison for sending or rec Etc ing guns or ammunition in later j state shipments. The Era believes Khejl provisions in Law part Are not enforced and that demands new gun controls arc Reff Lff nothing More the nations hysteria or politicians App a for it is confess w have to decide preferably d fore recess or adjournment will have to hurry. A of Ian coition a. Elmer o. Frank. Production Hirv intern. I. Circulation i the Sta Start Etc Dili o4

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