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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page s Miracle rice9 sows Hope Freeman believes t no Bangs Phill Pomies saw Fields of. That the world can win War against hunger ,. E warned Hower that breakthrough Otylie last in in the improved Gwng or foods May bring problems storage dista Butym and mar of vastly increased pro talked with Farmers and agricultural scientists an walked through experimental growths of Rice Corn soybean and sorghum at the International Rice research Institute Altos Banos where Miracle Rice was developed. He told the Institute s staff it was involved in one of the great events of our time it May be one of the mos important developments in Cen Turies and May launch a totally new dimension in agriculture he pointed out that the in creases in Grain not Only mean More for human consumption but also More for livestock which Means More protein on the world s dinner new Rice varieties devel oped at the Institute mature faster than Ordinary Rice Ena bling More crops per year Andare More resistant to diseases and More responsive to fertilizers. Rice yields have increased As much As four time from the same land. The improved Rice seeds have been sent to More than 60 coun Institute was founded in 1960 at los Banos about 25miles South of Manila by the Ford foundation and the Rocke Feller foundation in cooperation with the Philippines nearby Bay Laguna free Man talked with a Farmer who planted Miracle Rice seeds two years ago and reported the in creased output jumped his in come from 3,000 pesos or about$750, to 6,000 pesos a year. The Secretary commented i be known about the advantages of the new Rice but this i the first time i have actually had a Chance to talk with Farmer who has experienced the dramatic results. It is islanders protest French explode nuclear device in so. Pacific Papeete Tahiti up he 1968 French nuclear the. S t erics was under Way monday polynesia As islanders were up cited to reeled an anti test Deputy to the French parliament. Persian Gull Ihei Kadoms of federate. Abu Dahabi up the Oil cd rulers of nine Remote desert leik Doms have buried their tical hatchets and agreed to be a reality of the dream of persian Gulf federation. I a communique issued sunday it uie close of a two Day meet he of the nine desert rulers Ere said they Are now agreed that plans for the federation hould go ahead. The aim is to fill the military political vacuum that will left when the British with in from the Region by the end 11971. The territory of the nine states some of the remotest and most isolate in the world but be eath its Sands and the seas off Hore Are Rich Oil in the next five years Oil venue from the Region is excited to exceed $1.2 billion. The federation was supposed have come into being in Larch. But disagreements be Ween the Rich rulers of Bahrein Atar Abu Dahabi and Dubai and the less Rich rulers of Shar a Ras Al Ghaimah umm Aland Fuja Irah sunday s communique said Theiler had agreed in a lewdly and brotherly spirit by majority vote to appoint a committee of Legal experts to set a a Federal charter within six tenths. A Liaison committee of each state will act As a go tween Between the rulers Andi Legal experts. France detonated an experimental device of medium Power on sunday night at its prov ing grounds 800 Miles Southeast of Here an official communique said. The device suspended from a4,500-Cublc-foot balloon a third of a mile Over the Waters of my Turoa Lagoon was believed to be in the 100-Kiloton explosion which kicked off a series of tests in French polynesia to culminate later this summer with the firing of one to three Hydrogen bombs was set off to test the readiness of Narmada of French ships and scientists who will record t h nuclear shots. The blast came As tahitians trooped to the polls where they were expected to reeled incumbent Francis Sanford who has campaigned on an anti test plat form Back to the National As around Papeete have been daubed with slogans for the past few Days saying no to the local radio official were not allowed to broadcast news of the explosion until the polls closed sunday night. Considerable support the anti test movement has considerable support since the islanders feared radioactive contamination of fish coconuts an fruit despite French claims it was doing everything possible to avoid this. The 15,000 French scientists seamen soldiers airmen an civilians engaged in the project were to test the atomic War Heads for ground to ground mis Siles for future French Polaris nuclear submarines and the h bombs. Deadly cruise Craft of the . Navy riverine Force in Vietnam carry troops of the 199th Light inf brigade Down a Saigon River tributary on an operation against Viet con units operating in the Saigon area. The City itself can be seen in the background. A pains damning vital Industry holy Mackerel a soviet caviar Gap japanese protest French a bomb tests Tokyo a Japan Mon Day protested France s nuclear tests in the muru Roa atoll an called for their immediate sus foreign ministry spokesman said the japanese government tests from All View Moscow a facing a caviar Gap. Due to water pollution another mismanagement of re sources the country suffers Fronza shortage of Sturgeon the Large fish that produces the Black orred eggs known As caviar. Before the caviar crisis Stur Geon was a seemingly endless resource coursing the Broa Volga River to spawn upstream then return to the Caspian men built Power dams across the Volga and other Stur Geon filled Rivers cutting off spawning make matters worse thou Sands of factories began to dump poisonous wastes into the Rivers. And fishermen caught too Man Yyoung Sturgeon depleting result a Sharp drop in Sturgeon which Means the threat of caviar disappearing from Many dinner tables. Valuable sex Russia is being sounded to stave off Dis Aster. The Sturgeon must regain it former glory in our country says . Malyutina an official of the government s fishing ministry. And we the workers of the fishing Industry Are duty bound to help it do attempt to replenish Sturgeon stocks through Hatcher ies is lagging. Hatcheries on the Volga and Kura Rivers produce about 50 million Young fish a year Malyutina says but another ports of caviar Are threatened problem is considered so inmate slides 13 floors As escape try fails los Angeles a Frank a. Phillips was in the prison Ward of los Angele county Hospital when he slipped Down a laundry Chute 13 floor straight Down to the basement. Phillips 29, suffered leg Ansback injuries in the fall. Authorities said he was trying to escape while being treated for narcotics addiction during robbery sentence. 70 million Are in the soviet journal Prihoda nature he proposes massive Transfer of non Migra tory Sturgeon from Rivers in Siberia to reservoirs made by dams on the Volga Dnieper another big Rivers of european Russia. Siberian Sturgeon he says Donot swim upstream to spawn but stay in one place so dams Donot bother them. Late in june an official announcement said one step in the fight to save the Sturgeon has been the construction of a hatchery on the Central asian River of Amu Darya which flows into the aral sea East of the Caspian sea. The hatchery is expected to produce 2.5 million Young Stur Geon this fall. A Villa jjwii4.j. " " 7, " it s a Roehry Road for Cinderella. I to Al re tilt of a Rome a after a profit be and enchanting career Broad Cinderella Rockefellr As come to Italy with plans to punch a Campaign for the gov nor of new York. Cinderella Rockefellr is Patchy pop tune about a Young w who meets a millionaire Anjou know what happens code. "11n" lightning Elkrab on the hit Parade after a sue in then Ted states brought Toto the Tention of the Rockefeller Tor resident committee. support now the committee has drafted the song to Campaign in ital Ian puerto rican and mexican speaking areas of the United states. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller himself was grateful for the by. Of my Friend overseas is always Gratifying Rockefeller said in a letter Las week to Shanda Lear 22, who sings the tune in Lear a daughter of the american Engineer who makes Lear jets agreed to have the song distributed during the Campaign. Miss Lear s Rise in italia show business also smacks vaguely of a Cinderella Complete unknown at the be ginning of the year she Cut Cin Derella Rockefellr As the tune made famous by israeli folksinger Esther and Abi Ofrim was making its Way up the Brit ish and american hit parades. In no time the italian National television had signed her up for six shows named after the famous Helz poppin of Broad Way Fame. The Broadway Musi Cal starred miss Lear s grand father Ole Olsen. Miss Lear who lives in Geneva will Star in the to musical comedy series my named after Olsen who died five years recalls that Olsen suggested her Christian name As a Pun so it would sound like Chande critics however have compared her career to the flip Side of Cinderella Rockefellr in which the King of Chica Moga wants his wife to stay at Home to tend pots and wants to Hunt for bears and indians. Circulation office phone numbers Germany Berlin. Civ 739388brenxorhaven, Cly 4s34i. Mil we Frankfurt ctr Osiw-2o47. Mil Offenbach s3 Tuer Autera. Civ s7s1t. Mil Vowel web too Munich. Civ 5146033, Mil 73mnurnt�nr. Civ Tomt. Mil 6m 8tuttk�rt, Civ 8mj25. Mil too Weib in Civ 120779, Mil 28394 ath a Civ 9851st Italy leghorn. Civ 93001spain Madrid. Ctr 3228390. Ext so United kingdom London Civ Hurup 3324, it it subscribe now govt Nunt Hotdog Only

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