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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 4, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThursday july4,t the stars and St types Road up Clark u end of death penalty the attorney general i placing the Johnson administration squarely behind sen. Philipa. Hart s Bill was asked by the Michigan Democrat if he would extend the ban to the Law making it a Federal offence a president or vice said he favored abolition of capital punishment Fornall crimes including those of political conceded in answer to questioning by Hart that he had testified in favor of the death penalty for such offences when the Bill was submitted three years ago following the slaying of president John f. Kennedy in explained it was the View of the Justice department that the death penalty should apply in the interest of uniformity but that he now favors Complete abolition of capital punishment As proposed by Bill specifies the death sentence May not be impose for any offence punishable under Federal Law. It also provides that anyone under death sentence for a Federal crime at time of enactment of sick society Ivl Urf the surf ruled legally insane escapes trial for robbery murder National pol gets 42% yes Princeton . Go Fajr forty two per cent of aug Ameri cans hold the View that Theus cd states is a sick society toe Gallup poll reported tues Day. Ratio of 8 to 7 hold this View the National poll indicated White America holds the opposite Opin Ion by a ratio of More than 8 1 03, according to the spokesman for Gallup said those who think the nation is sick offered reasons of two types causes and symptoms such As the amount of rioting and killing Lack of sufficient la enforcement laxity of courts breakdown in morals shunning of religion poor upbringing Lack of individual initiative and Gen eral selfishness. The 52 per cent who rejected the idea that their society is sick said Only a Small number of individuals Are to blame for crime too much publicity is give crime society is no worse than it was in the past the unite states is no worse than other countries and society is not sic but merely confused. Miami up Jack Murf the surf Murphy was found legally insane by criminal court judge Carling Stedman tuesday night and will escape immediate trial for armed robbery and an almost continuous 13 hours hearing at which testified Stedman i Murphy mentally unable Toad his defense counsel or understand the charges against judge committed Murphy who gained notoriety As one of the three Beac boys who stole the fabulous Star of India Sapphire an jewels from museum in 1964, to a stat mental Hospital for an indefinite term and that he be held under maximum Security. Savior attitude after hearing testimony from other precious new York who said he was athe psychiatrists Murphy believe modern Day Robin Hood with a Savior attitude Stedman said the defendant is dangerous to himself and to judge said whenever state officials believe Murphy Isi capable of standing trial in the Jack Griffith Are charged in neighbouring Broward county in the whisky Creek sayings of two pretty secretaries Terry Rae Frank and Annalie Mohn last december. The commitment to the mental Hospital also cancels his trial in the murders at this time. Or. David Rothenberg Testi fied that when he examined Murphy last May his patient told him i am like a Robin Hood. I m Here to help those that need help and help those that have been wronged and to punish those who do extremely dangerous Rothenberg also Murphy suffered said that from an Murf the surf. Robin Hood Complex armed robbery of the Miami each Home of mrs. Louis Wofford last Jan. 28, he will be returned to Miami for another sanity and karate expert extreme mental disorder i extremely dangerous and be Longs in a mental psychiatrist or. Per Itz Schienberg described Mur Phy As a self styled Savior Here on Earth for the purpose of righting wrongs and he believes he has the Freedom to do secretaries allegedly stole $500,000 Worth of securities from a los Angeles brokerage firm where they worked before coming to Florida. The Bill would have his sentence reduced to life imprisonment. Clark testifying before the Senate subcommittee said in the midst of anxiety an fear complexity and doubt perhaps our greatest need irreverence for life Mere life our lives the lives of others Al life. A humane and generous concern for every individual for his safety his health and his fulfilment will do More to soothe the Savage heart than the fear of state inflicted death which chiefly serves to reminds How close we remain to the attorney general said extensive studies have showed that the death penalty does not deter slates still have capital punishment for some crimes Clark noted but said it has been rarely used in recent years. In 1953 there were 199 executions while there was Only one in 1966 and two last year. The attorney general asserted our history shows that the death penalty has been unjustly imposed innocents have been killed by the state effective rehabilitation has been impaired judicial administration has suffered crime has not been deterred. Society pays heavy Price for the penalty of death it added murder and capital punishment Are no opposites that cancel one another but similar that Breed their kind unintentional. Say draft officials no aug. Call for hard hit county. � of i a m. A pm a i nit re o7y1qii q � Chinh san Franeisco gets Tough gun controls san Francisco up mayor Joseph l. Alioto tuesday signed a Tough ordinance requiring registration of every pistol and Rifle in the ordinance will become effective in 45 Days but its legality May soon be tested in court on an argument that the state has preempted the Field of gun regu the stat itself kills the mandate thou shall not kill loses the Force of the absolute. Surely the abolition of the death penalty is a major Milestone in the Long Road up from moment of passion saying most capital crimes Are committed on impulse in moment of passion without thought of gain or loss Clar declared that fear of punish ment never deterred unpremeditated the attorney general also said it is the poor the weak the ignorant the hated who Are executed. Racial discrimination occurs in the administration of capital punishment. Since we began keeping records in 1930, there have been 2,060 negroes and 1,751 White persons put to death although negroes made up Only one eighth of our population. Of the 455 men executed for rape 405were urging abolition of the death penalty for Federal crimes he said More than 70 countries and13 american states already have done so. New York a Wolff . Left by plane tuesday night for Europe investigate charges that american servicemen Are being victimized by loan Sharks. Wolff said he and two other congressmen members of the subcommittee on Domestic Al Nance of the House banking and Nev committee would con air in Italy and England. Wolff alleged that both n Loans and instalment plan Pur of the servicemen Ena up paying 40 or 50 per cent More than the original loan or Pur Chase Wolff said. Judy Back in Hospital Boston up Garland a admitted to Peter Brihim Fop a what Salesman said was a rest and checkup. Melsi Garland col lapsed last saturday during a w Jersey performance Anant w Tours in it Monmouth peo., Hospital circulation office phone numbers he said that such would be considered illegal in this country but Are apparently tolerated overseas. We want to find out what Pecan do to protect our servicemen from these practices he congressman added that the widespread practice of usury contributes to the Dollar Drain and that some of the soldiers could become Security risks if 4hey Are forced into , who will join reps. Thomas s. Gettys ,?., Sandji Eph. Minish d-, to Rome said he will remain i Europe for about six Days. Germany Tom. Often Oceh 819 Civ Watt my of Euweb too Civ Feltsen my t3m a c4v tt8wt. Mum Csc kw�5, my Moi my Taw or a visors with its supporters resist ing Many attempts to Amend it. Amendments would have delayed the effective Date. If our action pushes the stat and Federal Legislatures into act ing on gun Laws Superior Robert Mendelsohn said then we be done a wonderful ordinance requires every gun owner to pay a once Only registration fee of $2 per weapon or $15 for an entire collection of antique or historical guns. Visi _ tors to the City will have seven amt i it

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