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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseLeaving your car unlocked can be considerably More costly than the couple of penalty Points you might reassessed by your commanding officer. Leaving a car unlocked and unattended is against German Law. Anyone who does so is open to prosecution bythe German police. However they Sel Dom press such violations against for Eigners. Military police finding an american car open will usually secure the car. If the keys Are left in the ignition a swill frequently take them to the nearest my station and leave instructions on slip on the car where the keys May be picked up. But carelessness with car keys really begins to Pinch when you file a stolen car claim with your insurance the investigation turns up the fact your car was stolen while it was left unlocked the insurance company does not have to Honor your , there is a further unpleasant possibility. If you leave your car unlocked and it is stolen in the eyes of the Law you Are negligent. If the thief has a Accident especially one involving death or serious personal injury you May Well find yourself deep in a very Sticky Law suit As having contributed to the injury by your negligence about your car keys. In 1967, there were 426 cars military and privately owned stolen in the Usa eur area. About m per cent were recovered Bat Many were in much worse condition than when they we retaken. Military police Point out that Man motorists fearing they might lose their car keys or lock them up in the car Purchase Little magnetic containers in which a second key May be concealed somewhere on the outside of the car. Many Drivers stick the key Container son the lower surface of the Rocker panel below the door for , the convenience also serves car thieves who usually look i that location first. If you must use one Furlo facts is a to leaving your car unlocked invites thieves and can Gat you into serious trouble. Of those devices military police advise be a bit More resourceful in where you hide the key. It s better they say just to slip a duplicate key in your Wallet another word of advice the maps cutout is not to leave any object in the car visible from the outside which might tempt a car a Lief to break in. An experienced car thief can get into a locked car in a few seconds clean it oat and disappear. Bat he Mast break it if the windows Are closed and the doors locked. In breaking in then retakes a far greater risk of getting caught. It is equally important the maps re mind that a prompt report with a full description be Given to police when Acar is stolen. Police have from time to time broken up theft rings which operate very efficiently and swiftly. A stolen car i driven quickly into a paint shop where the car is Given a fast repainting of different color and plates Are switched. This can All be done in less than a hour and the car can be on its Way with forged papers out of the country for illegal Sale. An added insurance against car theft one required by German Law of Ger Man registered cars is the Type Oflock which immobilized the steering wheel the gear change lever or Point out that a thief can get into a locked car and he can even Start the engine without an ignition key. But if he can t steer it or get it in gear he won t get far with it. --J.R. Every time i read of a min disaster i wonder Why in this age of scientific and techno logical miracles no one has bothered to come up with up to Date techniques for mine Rescue work. Whenever i read of a mine Cave in i say to my self maybe now someone will develop some new lifesaving As of this moment there is nothing in sight. We know there Are heat Shields to keep out excessive heat and one Man subs that Gounder water. It seems to me that someone could put the two concepts together and make a capsule that could crawl through fire and water and Gas and bring the men outdone at a time or Hook capsules together and bring out several victims. Why Haven t the Large companies done anything about this what s the matter wit the government a govern ment owned mine Rescue Agency could Fly the capsules and operators anywhere in the country. If we have 95 billion dollars to spend on a War we should be Able to find the Money to develop some 20th Century equipment which would save untold numbers of lives. Oregon Reader dear Oregon i Don t know p00t 14 the answer Bat i will be Happy to publish a response from someone who does. How about it out there my Boyfriend is just to darned handsome for his own Good. I am 18 and Abner is 19.his Good looks have been Deal ing me a fit Ever since restarted to go steady. I can t figure out How much of it is his fault. Whenever we go to a party orto a dance the girls fall All Over Abner. To make matter worse he is a marvelous dancer and girls come up and cute so they can dance with s Nice to have a handsome Boyfriend but i m beginning to think i d be better off with who was t such traffic stopper. What do you suggest a Itlen dear Darien Why Don t you just put a Gunny sack Over Abner s Bead so the girls can t see Bow handsome be to an then you could break Bis leg so be can t dance. For a girl 18you re a real Ding a Ling. There nothing wrong wit having a handsome Boyfriend. What you need to thinking about Aimer s taws and be a in genesis 2 18 god says itis not Good that the Man should be alone i will make him help meet for St. Paul s attitude toward marriage i quite different. He says to the unmarried and widows it Osgood for them if they abide even As i. But if they cannot contain let them marry " 1 corinthians 7 8,9 recently in your column you apologized for confusing the two. For you to have confused the quotations is understandable. I cannot understand How Ever the flippant remark which followed your apology. You said ill take 10 lashes with an old prayer you would not have said ill take10 lashes with a wet american hag or ill take 10 lashes with a secondhand Rosary would you a Friendly pastor in Charlott Edear pastor my apologies if i offended you or your stationery indicates you Are a rabbi. Your people Hap pen to be my people also. And perhaps to to Why i Laid prayer shawl and not to am less sensitive about i Symbol of my own religion. Never thought i d have to apologize for a apology but Here it if copyright ims f�u6lltltr-Ham tend loan Thi stars and strips an american Tel Agency has designed the following for Independence Day and the summer months for teachers and . Forces holidaymakers. Departure Frankfurt. Benelux countries in four Days $52.95 up to visits Edam. Vole dam the Hague the miniature town of dam the Flower auction of Aal Smeer. Brussels and lexeme morning departure july 4, return july 7, Luxembourg in 4 to it in. Toll ,.iu �?1 _ sit Schaffhausen and the Rhine Falls. Zurich Lucerne Central Sis Erland and Interlaken Bern Ami Basel morning departure j.4, return july 7. U discover Berlin in four Days $42.95 up with sightseeing in both sectors and ample free time for shopping. Morning s Arturo july 4, return july 7. Florence by rail in four Days $53.99 up. With an Mexcur. Sion to Pisa. Evening departure july 3, return july 7.longer Tours include the following England Ireland. Scotland in 12 Days 1259.95 from Frankfurt in a combination of air land and sea travel. Monthly departures. N scandinavian holidays in 18 Days 1229.95 by visit Copenhagen Stockholm and Oslo. Sunny Italy in 12 or 14 Days Tours. $144.95 up to see the austrian Alps the William Tell country and Venice Florence Rome Pompeii Pisa Llano. Monthly departures. Iberian fiesta in 16 Days 1299.95 from Frankfurt to visit i Spain and Portugal with sightseeing in Barcelona Madrid Ubon Seville Gibraltar Tangier and Granada. Monthly pastures. Bullfight Tours in seven Days 1179.95 from Frankfurt departures twice a month. Classic Greece and the Cyclades islands in nine Days$259.95 from Frankfurt by air boat and motor coach to visit Athens Delphi Olympia Naup Lla Epidaurus and Corinth the is lands Hydra Delos my Konos and Santorini. Monthly departures Bible land pilgrimages in 10 and 12 Days. $329.95 and up for detailed information Contact the Tours office i. G. Farben building Apo 09757, or Call Frankfurt military 8830. One of Spain s top tourist attractions the running of the bulls in Pamplona takes place this year from july 7-14, responsible for popularizing this hazardous fling was Ernest Hemingway whose novel the Sun also. Rises was published in 1926. It describes the antics of the citizens who try to tangle with the bulls As they Are run through narrow streets on the Way to the Arena. Each Day things Start popping at 7 . And the plazas Are ablaze with gayly costumed dancers. Tourists soon learn that prices Are doubled in restaurants and hotels and that the Sam applies to tickets for the bullfights. Goren on Bridge both vulnerable. East deals. North4a54 a Jet oaq4g87 West bast4q103 4s7i ovoid oj16753 qj96432 4bkl05 southakj9 v a k 10 9 7 ok986 a the bidding East South West North 1 v pass 3

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