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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 1, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePeg 24 the stars and stripes police shoot bomb suspect woman killed from poor schools were Inte son Public chief said Kun flux klan membership cards and a loaded pistol were found in her purse. Also wounded in a Runnin Battle through suburban streets were patrolman . Hatcher,31, shot four times in the Chest with a sub machine run an Navy machinists mate 2nd class Robert e. Burton Origi Nally of Fulton to. The shooting began about 1a.m. At the Home of Meyer Davidson 51, a Leader for the jew ish Community in putting up a $75,000 Reward after the bomb ing of a synagogue Here earlier this Gunn said officers had been staked out at Davidson shome since the businessman s car window was shot out several nights ago. Black Polo shirt the chief gave this account fifteen officers wearing Blackpool shirts were staked out around Davidson s ranch style yellow Brick Home. They observed a car stopped on a shaded Lane some 50 feet from the House and saw a Man get outland walk with a Box toward the Man was ordered to halt. But he dropped the Box late found to contain 29 Sticks of dynamite wired to a clock set for 2a.m. And pulled a pistol. The Man fled to his car and police men began shooting. Officers Hatcher and patrol Man t. E. Tucker led the Chase Over rolling Hills in the wooded neighbourhood. After 15 blocks the two officers rammed their patrol car into the rear of the fleeing Auto knocking it into the Yard of a negro residence. The Man turned in his scat and began firing a German made 9mm sub machine gunshot 4 times Hatcher fell his Chest Pierce four times. The fugitive darted from on Yard to another firing at offi cers who converged on the scene. The Navy Petty officer Burton stepped out of his door and caught a stray slug. Gunn said Tarrants was driving a car registered in the name of Joe Daniel Hawkins of Jack son. Charged in a 1967 bombing of a Jackson real estate said the car had been seen cruising past the Davidson Home on several occasions. The police chief said Tarrant shas been considered for some time As a prime suspect in connection with a series of acts of violence including the bombings of two synagogues a faculty cot Tage at predominantly negro Tougaloo College the residence of a rabbi the Home of a negro woman and the Home of a White civil rights advocate. 11 cases solved Gunn said that his officers had been staked out at the Homes of several potential bombing Vic Tims. He said his department now considers 11 recent acts of violence in Meridian As having Beijen solved " Gunn said additional arrest were contemplated. Tarrants has been sought As Aftin tic from Justice. He Wax arrested last dec 2 with sum , Imperial wizard of the White knights of the Kun Klu klan now under sentence in two other civil rights december police said Tarrants was arrested on a Reck less driving charge and police found an m3 sub machine gun inthe cur occupied by Tarrants and Bowers. Weapons Cache seized from a and up1 dispatches Saigon american and South vietnamese troops screen ing the cambodian Border seized one of the biggest weapons caches of the War apparently in tended for an attack on Saigon military spokesmen reported sunday. They said the Viet Cong considered the Cache so important they fought for two Days in a Effort to keep american Green berets and South vietnamese civilian irregulars away from it. The Cache was uncovered sat urday about 45 Miles West of Saigon and five Miles from the cambodian said it included 172 carbines 39 Browning automatic rifles 95 machine fins 20 Pis Tols 75 ak47 assault rifles three mortars Throe recoilless rifles 20 tons of int three tons of mines 300,000 rounds of ak47 ammunition More than 2,000 ?5 flown successfully . Tests largest plane continued from Paul la four separate bogies and each Bogie is supposed to re tract. But one of them would not so Sullivan left All of the Down. Spokesmen said the airplay could easily have landed on any three sets of wheels. There Are four other wheels in the nos gear. Two of the aluminium dust guards on the wheel mounts were blown off but a spokes Man said this was of no Conse Quence because it is about like losing Hub Caps off an Automo bile. Among the few invited observe majority assured Gan lists rolling Hooker 4wyatt if i Utt Ornon it Ami Palcu Comer 8. A Jolt 7-0. I san rom b 8. He Chi on to Job 3. California 4h Oil Qoo-8 13 1wuwhlnuton pm uni que 4 6 4 Clark Patton i re Remoler 0 and Roskom co i inn. La immune Chi Baldwin 7 and front i we Clark 1-8. 1,1olu nuts 4-Il. Oakland 010 000 100 2 it 0now York 000 003 20x -4 5 i Huntor Aker i. Maul Lionil 8 i Iron a Tell Luton i Hamilton i nil Ollile wih Lior 11 i m Alvr ult , n i i it 121 1 1 1. 7 Nix i l Rulmyr k in. Or Wutti i huh Oll tilth ers was Secretary of the air Force r. Hcharles who noted that it will be at least a Yea Rand a half before the military value of the plane can be Felt Tony extent. Charles was asked at a new conference what effect the c5 might have on the War in Viet Nam. Re replied i Hope the War invt Taam will be Over. It the c5 win carry practically All the army s Qew pent. We will take what we need when we need it any where in the world m j billion fifty eight c5s Are scheduled for delivery to the air Force by1w1 at a Cost of $6.8 billion. This we give the of United states air lift capability 10 times what it was in cml. The a can carry 390 troops and All of their various control systems aboard the big air plane received special attention during the test flight they Are operated by computers. Through the use of the wheel Sullivan passed his intentions along to the computer which actually manipulated the controls. The c5 s top Speed during in Maiden flight was 230 Miles an hour. It flew at an Altitude of10,000 feet. Besides Sullivan a native of Pomona calif., others in. The Crew were Copilot Walter , 47, a native of Centerville miss. It col Joe Schiele the air Force s chief test Pilot who took the control for about five minutes e. Mit tem Lorf a Lockheed flight test Engineer and Jerome h. Edwards flight Engineer. Of realigns unite in Korea Tokyo up the . 5thair Force saturday announced a realignment of american air Force tactical fighter and interceptor units in South Korea. The 354th tactical fighter win from Myrtle Beach fab s.c., will replace the 4th tactical fighter Wing at Kunsan Ajr base. The 4th Wing will return to its Home station at Seymour Johnson fab. the Exchange of f106 air defense command interceptor units the 48th fighter interceptor Squadron from Langley fab va., will replace the 818th fighter interceptor Squadron Atoyan air base. The 318th Squadron will return to its Home station at me chord fab Sta Emu announcement said the scheduled realignment will be completed before the end of july. Rounds of mortar Bazooka annrecollle8s.rtne shells and Moth an 8,000 hand and Rifle Nades earlier South Viet name troops patrolling 18 Miles North of Saigon reported Large weapons caches thai included More than 200 mortar rounds and nearly 100 rounds cd Bazooka rockets. The caches also contained 36 rounds of Rifle shells. Thousands of Allied troops Are sweeping around Sai on As part of a massive grou Rui and Ai Campaign to thwart an attack on the capital which the command has threatened in Public statements. Intelligence sources said High ranking Viet Cong prisoners have told them the attack is planned for Early july. . Paratroopers screening the Northwestern flanks of the capital intercepted to Viet con troops moving under cover of darkness and killed 38 of then in a three hour Battle 29 Miles Northwest of Saigon sundayb52s flew nine missions against troop concentrations base Camps and Supply and Stor age areas meanwhile. North vietnamese troops attacked a group of .marines in the process of with drawn trom the american out Post att he Sanh but were beaten off in a Brief but Sharp Battle . Spokesmen said three marines were wounded in the fire fight while the North Vietnam Ese suffered 14 killed. On the Southern Side of Sai gon meanwhile Viet Cong troops put a water mine on draft and floated u downstream. Where it blew up a major Bridge leading from the capital to the Mekong Delta six South vietnamese soldiers were reported missing after the blast. Pope i a Rio passion for National Leiu quo Witt it to 1 000 i x 11 0 1 61 it til 8-Ti and 04 pm tikk p m 82 rom o7� , e c Leur. P partly Cloudy. Find weather Lnu Vatican City up pop Opaul i sunday night strongly condemned those catholics who show a passion for change and Novelty in the Church and told them that traditional doctrines still stand. The Pope announced a Credo of the people of god reaffirm ing the doctrine of papal infallibility the virginity of Mary and other teachings that have Bee challenged by some catholics As he celebrated mass for 50.000 inst. Peter s Square. He also reaffirmed the Princi ple of priestly celibacy in a Sepa rate message to the world priests read at an open air serv ice attended by cardinals an prelates from All Over the world. John Cardinal Cody of Chu Apo was among 12 cardinals who celebrated mass with the Pope atthe service marking the begin Ning of his sixth year As pop and the end of the Catholic year of Robert Kennedyjr. Arrives in Nairobi Nairobi Kenya a h l Ort f. Kennedyjr. Arrived in Nairobi sunday at the Start of visit to East Africa that Hud been planned months ago by ins f 1iher. Kennedy was taken to the Boiu of . Ambassador Liu Ferguson for a Shower breakfast und some sleep after his few from Europe. Tentative Plim of this Stuy include two or Tine of weeks As the guest of Tan a j National Park director la Mowen. Both own und of Misson were close friends of the i Tosen Kon Nody

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