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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 30, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes tuesday january 30 in Northern tet cease fire cancelled by allies Saigon up the allies cancelled their 36-hour tet cease fire in the North South Vietnam Battle zone monday and left american forces free to Battle massive communist invasion threat they said has spilled Over into Laos. Military spokesmen announced . Would talk despite infiltration Washington up Testate department said monday the United states would be willing to Stop bombing North Vietnam and talk peace while permitting Hanoi to continue infiltration and Supply of it forces at the present level. A department spokesman Rob Ert j. Mccloskey said the government endorses a state ment made thursday by Secre tary of defense designate Clar Clifford that president Johnson s terms for peace talks would no require any reciprocal reduction of the communist military Effort. Mccloskey said Clifford statement before the Senate armed services committee which subsequently approved his nomination As Pentagon chief was consistent with the san Antonio formula enunciated by Johnson As the basis for peace talks with san Antonio formula is the Way the government refers to Johnson s statement of sept. 29 that the United states would be willing to halt bombing the North if the communists agree to talk peace promptly. The president added that he assumed North Vietnam would not take advantage of bombing pause. Clifford said thursday when asked to explain what this meant that it would be assumed North Vietnam will continue to transport the Normal amount of goods munitions and men to there will be no cease fire i South Vietnam s Northern five provinces and for 149 Miles above the North vietnamese Border. In All other areas the bomb ing of the North will be stopped and there will be a cessation of ground activities one spokes Man said. The South Vietnam government ordered the change at the urging of Gen. William Westmoreland,. Commander in Vietnam whose men were battling an in Vasion by 40,000 North Vietnam Ese at the Border according . Intelligence. The announce ment came less than an hour be fore Allied troops elsewhere be Gan the cease fire to observe the Start of the Buddhist new year. A South Vietnam government statement monday said there has been extensive buildup of North vietnamese forces around the Marine Border fort of Khe Sanh including Large numbers of troops in neighbouring areas of Laos. In addition there is visible Supply activity on a Large scale in the Southern areas of North Vietnam obviously designed to support this offensive. These developments Are dra Matic evidence of open North vietnamese aggression against the Republic of Vietnam. Combined with the wholesale North vietnamese and Viet Cong Vio lations of the Christmas and newyear s truces these threatening preparations and actions under line How Little respect the aggressors have for the peaceful Pur poses behind our proposals for few truces during these traditional holidays the statement said. It marked the first official Allied announcement that North Vietnam s reported sweeps inlays were part of what military observers said was an attempt to smash american forces de fending the Border . Spokesman said a cease fire on the Border Only would have Given the North Viet namese a free hand to bolster their already threatening Posi Tion. Kosygin Indira Confer new Delhi up Russia Premier Alexei Kosygin and prime minister India Gandhi Dis cussed economic relations be tween the soviet Union and India monday. 2 bodies in collapse of Bridge found Point pleasant . A the known victims from the dec. 15 collapse of the Ohio River Bridge Here Rose to 41 Dur ing the weekend As two More bodies were recovered. Five oth ers Are known to be bodies were identified As mrs. Samantha Boggs 18, anther 18-month-old daughter Christy Ann. Three for the show these three girls Hollywood stars of tomorrow pose happily with their trophies at Hollywood Paladi Uin after being named the film Colony s most prom Ising Trio. Winners from left Are Nancy Sina tra Susan Howard and Barbara Feldon. A against any nation de Gaulle oks strategy Paris a preside Tcharles de Gaulle has Given his formal Blessing to a new French military strategy which Calls for defense against an attack Romany nation in the world. The strategy assumes the emplacement of nuclear tipped intercontinental missiles aimed atall Points of the Compass. France now has atomic bombs and i developing a Hydrogen bomb which it Hopes to test later this year. It is also developing mis Siles and constructing Polaris Type submarines. De Gaulle referred to these plans in a speech saturday while inspecting the Institute of Superior military studies. Portions of his speech were release monday. Wins support the All azimuth defense plan was first discussed in detail two months ago by Gen. Charles Villeret chairman of the French joint chiefs of staff in an article in the National defense review. De Gaulle gave his patronage tit in his saturday speech explaining that no one can say what nation will be Friend or foe in the future. Villeret meanwhile published the next Loeffl May be manned Houston Tex. A manned spacecraft Center Engi neers grading report release saturday on the Apollo lunar module s first flight gave a boost to prospects the next lunar excursion module May he manned. The engineers said studies to Date indicate the module showed More maturity in it first flight than Many previous spacecraft including some de signed to be manned. In their first comprehensive report to program officials engineers evaluating data said theban. 22-23 Mission was completed successfully. They Suid ascent and descent propulsion systems and the Abil Ity to abort a lunar Landing an return to orbit were demonstrated. In a news conference follow ing the flight test last tuesday Christopher c. Kraft manned spacecraft Center director of flight operations said the next lunar excursion module May be manned. I think we can press on with men in the next Lem Kraft said at title time. Program officials said Satur Day they were especially pleased with the maturity of the spacecraft s hardware As they had expected More problems inthe unmanned first flight of a vehicle designed to be manned. The engineers cited As exam Ples of excellent performance the Sublime Tor or water boiler in the environmental control system which extracts excess heat from the internal Environ ment the reaction control sys tem and instrumentation. The engineers report said Overly conservative programming of the lunar module guidance computer Lac caused the shutdown of the first de scent propulsion system Dps Burn. However they said there were no problems with the engine or with the computer detailed review of the mis Sion will continue for several weeks but no major problems Are apparent the report stated. A new article in the defense re View blasting the flexible response strategy of the unite states and the North Atlantic treaty organization nato Asan he said that under this system Europe May be crushed by conventional warfare even before a nuclear confrontation Between East and West takes officially adopted the flexible response theory at it december ministerial meeting. Discussing the difference inside Between the French nuclear Force and those of the unite states and Russia Villeret said that this does not pose serious problems for France. He said that a sole bomb is powerful enough to destroy a City such Ai Paris London Moscow or Newyork. De Gaulle s saturday speech also contained a reference to Japan the newspaper be Monde reported. It quoted him As say ing the japanese Are a people who Are United numerous and docile with a nationalist of orientating itself to Ward Conquest this elite i obliged to launch itself in eco nomic expansion and it is succeeding very Pentagon s role includes education economic aids Richmond a. Is Mill tary Security is the defense department Basic Mission but i carrying out this role the Pentagon s top manpower official said improvements Are also be ing made in the nation s social educational and economic life. In a speech Here saturday the assistant defense Secretary for manpower and Reserve affairs Alfred b. Fitt said things Are being improved through five Pentagon programs. They Are an open housing program to break the barriers of racial discrimination in off base housing for military Johnson s youth Opportunity program and the military cooperation that is be ing provided. Project 100,000 to Salvage the poverty scarred youth of so livestock disease subsides London a for the firs time since foot and Mouth disease hit Britain s livestock last fall no new cases were reported sat urday. Friday there was Only one. The total number of re ported outbreaks stands at 2,314. Piety at the rate of 100,000 Mena year first for two years of military service and then for gainful civilian employment. Neighbourhood youth con and its relationship to the de sense transition designed to help 750,000 servicemen year by training them for useful employment in civilian life. 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