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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 29, 1962, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and Stohs 3.2 million become mul Ricar families in 7 years it takes 2 autos to acc of a 1� by Benh Gar Detroit an Auto exec ill remarked recently that the status involved in owning a automobile these Days seems to Irive shifted from what kind of Acar a Man drives to How Many cars be suburban builder reports a trend to must car garages for new Homes some of them rivalling the old mansion Carriage houses i statistical surveys which once divided car owning families into single car or two car households now have a classification for three cars or in the past seven a ars Ever time two families bought their first cars one family which already owned one or More added a car. The ranks of must car families were increased by some 3.2 million in this 1954-1961 period while the total number of families owning two cars or More has increased each year since 1954major increases in 19ffi k -195t and1959 were followed immediately by years in which the total Rose considerably less. T figures released by the Auto Library arrest result okie for the book9 v by Marvin h. Friedman East Orange. . Up drastic tactics apparently have failed to solve the East Orang Public Library s problem,.with delinquent Book one year after police hauled 14 persons out of bed inthe Middle of the night on charges of falling to return overdue Library books the Library is right Bac where it started. The same percentage of Bor rowers seems to be holding Back Library director Harold Roth was in the wee hours of feb. 7, 1361. That police served arrest warrants on several person who spent the remainder of the night in jail because they could Traise $100 Ball immediately. The american civil liberties Union c h a r g e d the police with Gestapo like tactics. State lib Raiv Ian Roger a Mcdonough called the arrests a Little drastic a Newark newspaper editorial called it stupid enforcement in All 39 complaints were signed by Roth. The arrests brought results. The Library was deluged with overdue books sonic borrowed As far Backas 1957. British history attacks still Elvis Burma actions London a a British government sponsored history entitled the War against Japan a harshly criticized american general vinegar Joe Sti i Well s actions in the Burma Campaign. The co authors military officer from the British fighting services led by maj Gen Stanley said Stilwell appeared to have lost All sense of what his troops could be expected to achieve. They wrote that Admiral lore Louis Mountbatten. Stilwell supreme commander warned him of the possible serious accusation of keeping men in Battle who Are unable to defend themselves.1 too Many hat the authors also write of difficulties caused by the multiplicity of appointments which Stilwell held. He was chief of staff to chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek and commanding general tithe american China Barma in Tala theater As Well As being mount Batten s Deputy Stilwell died in 1946. The agreement which gave Mountbatten s Deputy his multiple functions might have worked if some comm finder More cooperative than Stilwell had been appointed they wrote that Stilwell referred operational matters to the Ameri can chiefs of staff when he disa greed with mount Batten. They said american chiefs used the . Headquarters to pass instructions to Stilwell without reference to the British chiefs of staff Mountbatten s authority was thus undermined they wrote. They wrote that in the summer of 1944. Evacuation of weary troops had become urgent a medical sur vey showed the troops were physically and mentally worn out Theca authors wrote. The troops had lost on the average from 28 to 42pounds in weight few had less than three attacks of malaria an Many had us Many As seven. The authors also wrote of maj Gen Orde Wingate the Chin Dit Leader of British raiders in Burma just As Liming played s o great a part in his Rise to prominence soothe moment of his death May per haps have been equally propitious for Wingate died in an air crash i Burma in 1944. The authors said that they think the driving fanatical figure of ingate will remain As controversial As Arabia. That of Lawrence of the Pace held for a time Accord ing to Hoth but gradually the number of u n r e t w r Rivel crawled tip to the Pri a eat the Library s Normal procedure is to Send out two notices to hold ers of overdue Book. If these Are ignored a third notice is sent i lieu of a summons. ,." persons who ignored the third notice were the targets for the arrests._.,-. Roth said that after the raids the percentage of who ignored the third notice Wen Down suddenly arid now it s Bach up Hugnin. We Haven t made pour mind yet in whether a new crackdown is in Border he said before the crackdown Roth sold the Library was 1 o s ing between$4,000 to $5,000 Worth of books a year. The present rate of in returned books is running at about the same figure. Despite the bad publicity the Library circulated 60,000 More Book in 1961 than in 1960. Roth said Library membership increased and its services got wider usage. I Floc to �. A Tt.tntbblle, added a second oae the three of More Oli it of recent1957 when 1050,000 Milles added -"-.jr.,. In1, fact tse � Giat Leang growth was v to large1that1 the number of chief Robert k. Gardiner of Ghana has been appointed temporary chief officer of the United nations Congo operation. He has been serving As an official in the Vij. Department of social will arrive in Leopol Villei Early in february. A photo state by state value of exports computed Washington a the com Merce department in a new move to boost president Kennedy s Tariff cutting proposals has Issue the first state by state. Breakdown on exports of manufactured tally showed that the states with the biggest stake in manufacturing for foreign markets Are new York $1.417,400.000 Illi Nois. $1,407,800,000 California $1,302,600,000 Ohio $l229,4go,000,and Pennsylvania �1,189.500.000. All figures were for 1960 an were based largely on a census questionnaire distributed to manufacturers last year. For the country As a whole the1960 value at the producing Plant of goods destined for Export was$15,454,300,000. This was the first analysis of its ind and will be followed by de tailed Commerce report said about 6 million americans Are employed manufacturing plants which produce for Export. Secretary of Commerce Luther h. Hodges said n a statement 6 . Cities to broadcast news from radio Moscow by Roy Mcgee c up this is bringing you in six major Washington radio latest news radio stations american cities will begin All their news broadcasts with this announcement for one week begin Ning thursday. What will follow will be an unedited version Ganda news of soviet broadcasts prop which the voice of Russia beams to Al English speaking countries. The objective is to acquaint Large segment of americans with he lies and distortions which Harewo Adrast As truth and news from Moscow. It is the brainchild of ordon Mclendon a broadcast entrepreneur from Dallas Tex. Not one american in a thou Sand has even heard radio mos cow Mclendon told a news con Ference. Yet Over the world out Side the United states radio is a powerful and potent Force next to newspapers the most Powerfulthe broadcasts will be live picked up by shortwave facilities except where atmospheric conditions require taping for Rexroad said this would be an ultimate demonstration of Democracythe rest of the world can scarcely fail to note that the Kremlin do snot dare follow suit and broadcast to its people similar american transmissions in russian he added. The figures bolster our conviction that exports create jobs help keep our living standards High and strengthen our ability to maintain our Strong ties wit the free these were the principal types of manufactured goods exported in 1960 non electrical machinery $2.9billion transportation equipment $2.7 billion chemicals 9l8 billion processed food products $1,6 billion primary metals $1,1 billion and electrical machinery 1 billion. 1960 it others a new average second car is at Home the get mated wive Arjen i Moat recent40.7 million of households in town at least on i million own three of seven years age lion families of car 3.74 million by 411,000 owned rom significantly 12 lies in the unit Down a car seven 13 million today. The fact that ,1figure has held while the population 1emphasizes Aeve if to the growing in automobile As a neck about both by lie transportation Sei unchecked Rush to living. To another is the the car to Young the seven year Perl a new households 6a million households owners. The steady non also shows there a hard Core of Househ cars. Many of these dwellers in the largest it Iii a Tikoian f edition col Moe Way p. Smith us. It col John j. Caulfield Usan. Coul Dearnold Burnett Elmer a hunk. Sydney Tabei director of Germany Donni loll Cantril activity Rel Mph Sannari Nawi Jock Ellis sports homr a. Cab a feature Darnstadt pc 75366, Darm Harir air strip m 74t, two re Flygt flax 04189-773, 04189-284 Stolt Flom a 84213, m 729$. Folti 7-23407 Munich Bob Peytr c 493648, a 8336 flex 5-23884 Lamstein Kory b. Kraft c 43393 to 045-731 Ritter. Jamil Gunter. Fml 4425, news bureaus enc afr South re Litls John kr�9r,t Viking 2333, axe 47t " 0200-26481 France peril Morton p. 4400, 4ob at 266 Spain Madrid Wati att a tent 83-90. It 2753 or v 02067-7793 directory of circulation offices England Tendon Staihr Fork a. A t 3 or tvs Dinton lock 2863 France Cna Fouroux. M 39-98 in ffiell., m 776 , c 486419 Pori c 93q.75-7s. A 147 Italy leghorn Daiby m 1445 Spain Madrid cd 2248408 guest Altru cd 962328pc Germany cd 4i34lx , 1c 1s36a i front court cd 06 c 5 17 Monn Uirt c b64o? Munich c 4j923 Nam birr c 79004itehgort, co 6325 of , cd 43344 34593 to poll 3143 to civilian number a air Bat my military an unofficial of and for the . Am of of is in i by Dort Pladt Germany under la aug pet of the information Moil and drat the Sta and strip Apo us . Of

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