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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseSaturday Jon Oary 27, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 3 Call up reaction Hon our minds 20 years9 Home thursday and said been on our minds for 20 Kentucky Senate democratic eader Richard l. Frymire said his Call to Active military duty made him Al like the late Adlai Stevenson when the Defeated democratic presiden tial nominee said i m too bigot cry and it hurts too much to Lauch a nervous youth called a news Ted Kennedy attacks Saigon corruption Boston up sen. Edward Kennedy in a Blunt attack on corruption and indifference by Saigon rulers said the unite states should demand immediate changes or consider its responsibilities in South Vietnam Ful filled. Kennedy also said the unite states should seek to moderate significantly its military activities in Vietnam if it cannot achieve negotiations. In a speech to the world affairs Council of Boston on thurs Day Kennedy called for a confrontation Between our govern ment and the government of South Vietnam on the entire ques Tion of corruption inefficiency and waste of american resources. They must be disabused of the b e 1 i e f that american men and american Money Are a fix Ture in Vietnam he said. Desk in Chicago got the word the 941st military Airlift group of Mcchord air Force base,wash., was on the Pentagon list and Hung up with a clipped of yeah that s my a major at the Kentucky air National guard Headquarters harried by Telephone queries from men and their families who had heard their unit had been called up grumbled i wish they would quit calling usand a flood of Telephone Calls hit newspaper and radio offices across the nation. Many worried callers asked Are we at War or has War been declared the news that president Johnson had ordered the immediate c a 11 u p of 14,700 reservists to Back up for the return of the Pueblo and its 83 men Bynorth Korea apparently caught the 42 affected units by Surprise. Commanders of the air Force Reserve Navy Reserve and air National guard outfits frankly admitted their first news came from radio broadcasts and Callstrom newspaper offices. You re the first people to Tell me about this said new Mexico adj. Gen. John p. Jolly. Colorado air National guard reservists including Andy love 23, son of gov. John a. Love were ordered to report to Buckley Field near Denver at 8a.m. Saturday. Three Kentucky legislators including Frymire Are Mem Bers of the 123rd tactical reconnaissance Wing and group of the National guard. Theother two Are state reps. Walter Baker and e. Bruc Blythe. It s part of the obligation Baker said. We knew about the possibility of a callup when rejoined and i will go mrs. Raymond Ketcham Swarthmore pa., took calmly the news that her husband cmdr. Raymond Ketcham 42,had been called up with Navy fighter Squadron a 831 which he commands. The unit based at Floyd Bennett Field in Newyork won a trophy last year As the most efficient attack Squadron in the Navy Reserve. Mrs. Ketcham said she anther husband had discussed the possibility of a callup for 20years. Honestly we Don t like this callup she said. But the president has got to be ready and we have to be ready too. We re praying that s All. Controversy shaping up on Lack of help to Pueblo by Fred s. Hoffman Washington a Navy officers Are Seething at what they consider an attempt by civilian Pentagon officials to Point the Finger at military command ers for not dispatching help tothe Navy intelligence snip pub officers Are not disputing an assertion by defense officials that the decision against sending jets to the Aid of the Pueblo As it faced capture off North Korea was made by Fiel commanders without asking the Navy officers feel civilian authorities Are going out of their Way to shuck any blame and Load it on the Navy invent the Lack of help to the Small lightly armed ship blowup into a National controversy. Soccer Means Socle tier in . Birmingham England a wives of soccer fans beware. If your husband s favorite team loses you too Are in danger of taking a beating. This is the finding of seven physicians after a four month in Quiry into the habits of British soccer crowds. They recommended that Moats like Ham n eggs which weighs More the cup of Coffee naturally. We just rigged the Scales to prove a Point both complement each other beautifully at breakfast time circulation office phone numbers 0rmce Civ 778617. Myc x,854223 mi17j30i Civ Madrid Civ 2228290, ext 3011 United kingdom London Civ ruts up 3224, it 127 subscribe now govt Mont homing Only should be dug round soccer Fields to prevent spectators leaving the bleachers to join in the Melee son the ground. Saturday afternoons they said sees a major change in other Wise phlegmatic have Good evidence they added that Many Middle age quiet and industrious men who Are models of respectability at Home and at work undergo a temporary personality transformation and swear shout boo and argue with spectators Misbehaviour from such people would probably be unthinkable in other Public places it does not often seem to upset other spectators at a soccer match. Dread saturdays some wives dread saturdays and wait apprehensively to see what mood their husbands will return in after the soccer the local Side loses a wife May fear that her husband will return Home the worse for drink and give her a thrashing to get rid of the anger he feels about the lost More important Are the children who Are terrified while they await their father s return Home. The slammed front door is an Index of the probable mood after the physicians urged soccer stars to tour schools to speak out against delinquency among youngsters. They made their study As a voluntary project. Talking with newsmen de sense officials said commanders sent no request to Washington or authority to take any Steps that no instructions were sen from Washington to the ship and that Secretary of defense Rob Ert s. Mcnamara was t called about the situation until nearly2v� hours after the Pueblo had been challenged by a North korean patrol boat. Skipper told to Duck fight sources say Washington a the intelligence ship Pueblo s skip per was under orders to Duck a fight and to keep her machine guns sheathed Navy sources said thursday night. The Pentagon has refused to discuss the Pueblo s standing instructions on grounds they constitute rules of but it was Learned from Navy sources that cmdr. Lloyd m. Bucher had gone on patrol off North Korea with orders to move out of an area if he was harassed and to avoid using his guns. To prevent incident the idea was to sidestep an International incident of the kind which has blown into a full scale crisis with the North korean grab of the 935-ton vessel in what the . Government insists were International Waters. The Navy sources said the Pueblo s three .50 Caliper machine guns were to be kept unde Canvas. The Navy sources said the Pueblo s Crew did not have time to scuttle her. They said scuttling would have required the rigging of explosive charge below decks and that opening her valves would not have Bee enough. Days of prodding for detail shave resulted in partial explanations while leaving a number of key facets either vague or officials said wednes Day that they do not know when the capital was first notified that the Pueblo had been accosted. A Day earlier Pentagon spokesmen said word was received before Midnight monday but that the precise time is classified. Before Midnight could cover Atwo hour stretch during which the Pueblo was under is not Clear Why Mcnamara was not called earlier or Why president Johnson was not in formed until at least an hour and a half after Mcnamara. Delayed Calla White House spokesman has said that Johnson was not called earlier than 2 . Est tues Day because presidential aide Walt w. Rostow was pulling to Gether information with which to Brief the president. There is no explanation As Towhy commanders in the Pacific did not Send help nor Are re porters Able to pin Down at what command level decisions we remade. Also unanswered is the nature of the standing instructions the Pueblo s skipper cmdr. Lloyd m. Bucher had to Deal with such a situation. Reported periodically the Pentagon has said the Pueblo s skipper reported periodically to higher authority without specifying How often and at what times. Why did t the Pueblo resist Why did t the Crew scuttle he rather than surrender How were the four Wounde crewmen Hurt defense officials say the messages provided no details beyond saying that one Man s leg was blown has Given Rise to Specula Tion that the men suffered their wounds while destroying secret intelligence gathering and Ana lying equipment. The Pueblo did message that the Crew was trying to destroy this secret gear but defense officials say they do not know How much was kept out of enemy hands. Howard Hughes project vegas to get world s largest hotel Las vegas Nev. Up multimillionaire Howard Hughes has announced plans to turn his Sands hotel into a Disneyland of the desert a $150-million project featuring the world s largest hotel and appealing to sophisticated Jet setters and children alike. Hughes said that upon comple Tion of the program the Sand would have 4,777 rooms and Lux Ury suites. The world s largest hotel now is the Conrad Hilton in Chicago with 3,000 of Hughes strip hotel to a City within a City also would make it the largest single resort development in Nevada s history. It also would involve Radical departure from the Char Acter of Las vegas As a free Wheeling gambling Mecca. For the first time visitor would be encouraged to enjoy hotel recreational facilities instead of merely feeding coins into Slot industrialist said in a Type written statement to state officials in Carson City thursday that he would build 4,000 additional rooms and luxury suites to the existing 777-room Gam bling establishment. Certain floors will be devoted to a night time indoor Golf course a bowl ing Alley ice skating rink and a movie hotel will be something completely unique and novel like nothing anyone has Ever seen be fore a Complete City within it self said Hughes

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