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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 27, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe familiar honk Honky of goo Edom is. Not what it in undo to Jet u i probably a greeting ceremony hello you old Goose by Thomas r. Henry Nana staff writer Goose is gentleman or a lady. When it meets old friends it exchanges with them characteristic formal greetings much in the manner of humans. Or. Robert b. Klopman of the Cornel University ornithological Laboratory who reported the practice in a recent paper said it might also be found among other waterfowl but it has so far been observed Only among geese. These Birds he said characteristically establish Small groups or flocks within the population As a whole. Identity of such groups often is maintained for months or years perhaps the most striking display typical of such an integrated group is the greeting ceremony. A Bird taking part in this display keeps its body laterally oriented to that of its neighbor. As the neck is extended toward the ground a characteristic Call is Given. The participants in the ceremony normally have had some previous close personal the greeting display Klopman said. I particularly evident after a Goose has been in a fight with some member of another group. If it polishes off its enemy it apparently turns to its friends with a sort of that s the end of that bum attitude. When a flock is disturbed for some general reason Klopman said greeting often follows the disturbance. Should for instance a person approach a flock of geese quickly the Birds Retreat move to Ward one another and Greet. The geese Greet almost exclusively with fellow flock members o personal friends. This attests to the Strong personal motivation underly i ing the the greeting is almost always exchanged when a Goose comes Back to its own groups of cronies after an absence. Goren on Bridge v North South vulnerable. South deals. North 495v k 84 4 k 8 7 54� k 10 9 9 West east4 k 7 4 2 4 q j 8 3 vjb7 � a g 5 3 4 q 10 9 4 4 j 2 7 5 84 2 south4 a 10 3 q 10 2 4 a 6 3 a q j 0 the bidding South West North East 1 it pass 2 it pass3 it pass pass pass opening Lead Deuce of 4, a thoughtful play by East at a crucial Point in today s three no Trump contract rescued his part Ner from the plight of being squeezed into surrendering ninth trick to the Declarer Post 14 the bidding wus right from Len Book and West opened fire with the Deuce of Spades altho this Lead appear Only marked the de fenders with four Spades apiece Declarer permitted East s Jack to hold the first trick and he ducked a second time when the six of Spades was returned a third round of the suit drove out the Ace South could count eight tricks four clubs two diamonds one Spade find one heart with the possibility of taking an addition Al trick in the latter suit if East had the Jack. First he ran the entire club suit forcing West to discard a Diamond and his last Spade while East threw a hear now a heart wus led to Dummy s King and East took the trick with the act. He was about to Cash his High Spade when he paused for a timely bit of reflection. South was surely marked with the Ace of diamonds As port of his opening a or All i Attr Tai � Bao Pohot Thi � Rihm Narf Omni my my wow of pm a Mac one no Trump blk and the Queen of hearts As Well from the Man Ner in which he had played that suit if he Hud the Jack too then none tricks were there for the taking but if West held that card then the Burden of guard ing both red suits would fall Bock on him. To Cash the Spades Erht place West in the position of having to give up is Protection in either hearts or diamonds. Enat therefore returned theurl. Declarer finessed the ten but West took his Jack and exited with a heart South had to surrender the setting trick to West s Queen of diamonds at the end. Had East cashed the Good Spade when he was in West would have been obliged to Dis card either the nine of diamonds or the nine of hearts. If he chooses to throw the heart South is very Apt to play the Queen now an9 drop the Blank Jack. Cock kit vat Tow Chicago Trabun the stars and stripes ski a fury estimate your article of december 9, i960, Ltd to state that about one out of every 30 skier cast or some hobbled limb As a bad of 1to skiers especially potential elders and the the National ski patrol system in for alters who Are devoted to making. Chairman of the european division i must statement Here Are some hard facts a but i our Headquarters the National rats for the 1957-53 season skiers. The european division maintain i forces recreation centers at Garmisch and Garmisch for the 195940 season was 89 Thea covers injuries of All types to ind Ltd 1man affixed a band Aid As part of first Aid Jared 31 sustained simple fractures Gaden fracture rate was 13 for the same per4od. Our aim la to reduce the Over All accidents port through proper physical conditioning ski under control and the exercise of Courtesy speaking on behalf of the one million . Skit the Hlls. We would be most grateful for a appreciate Reading an article written by your staff Courtesy conditioning and control. My thanks to your Start for the Many Fineour endeavours. Medical care for Parent can you inform me if there is any air Force izes military personnel s parents to medical treat Hospital even though they Are riot with me at editor s note Usai e to. Replies As follows yes there is provided they Are dependent upon you. The directive fab 100 41, outlines medical care in Mil itary facilities parents in Law Ifor Over and who lire provided or military member cutting tour through Dep i am submitting this letter in regards to How airman is supposed to spend overseas if he has a i m supporting my Mother with a class q allot Wyher sole supporter. However people on this base Tell not a dependent and i Muat do a 39 month tour editor s note Safe he replies As follows Bachelor airmen on an unaccompanied totter which parallel those of Heads of without regard to degree of financial dependency authorized under pars 1sa chapter 8, part one proof that Nch responsibilities exist rests with theh airman should present All evidence to his peso Oneilin turn Forward it to commander having staff judge bitty for determination. Leave does t alter retire i i Hope you can give me som information concerning the re enlistment leave that was give me in 1945. I re enlisted for three years and was Given a 90-Dayleave which i understand was a Grant. But in 1946, or 1947, Aletter or we Clr. Came out that had an effect on the Leav

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