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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 26, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFriday january 26, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 7 lawmaker has some questions is Aster loan recipient buys Arizona land Washington a a pro Talaska Democrat who a i the largest government Ster loan after the Fairbanks s purchased $203,100 Worth kid in Arizona shortly there of tar rep. H. B. Gross of Iowa Saros com the House that l. Donald Pruhs. A democratic Date Central committeeman bought 800 acres of land in Yuma county Ariz. After receiving an $894,000 disaster loan from the Small business administration. Where did the Money come from for the Arizona Deal Gross asked. Pruhs accused Gross of com ing out with politically motivated half truths and said the value of his land purchases was considerably below $203,000."he did not give the actual Fig . Gross needs Only to Check the escrow instruction recorded in Yuma county to learn the truth Pruhs said during a Brief visit in Seattle. My wife and i bought 160acres, ourselves As an invest ment and put $3,000 Down Pruhs said but i was Only on of several Fairbanks business men in the Deal for the other640-acre tract and the $10,500 Down payment was made by the group not just by accusing Gross of half truths Pruhs said this is just poli tics in a political year and a Effort by the republicans to blow something up out of he said a number of alaskans have owned considerable prop erty in the Phoenix and Yum areas of Arizona for some time. Pruhs loan was approved the first week in october record show. On oct. 19. Gross said Pruhs paid out $3,000 in Cash Asa Down payment on a 160-acre parcel of land in Yuma said Pruhs paid $10,500 Down on a 640-acre parcel of land nov. 28. Another $24,500 is owed on the second parcel by feb. 1, the Iowa Republican Wright recorder of deeds in Yuma county con firmed Gross s information in a Telephone interview with the associated press. Gross said Pruhs and his wife drug makers get stiff dose of Medicine Washington up the government has advised m a n fact users that virtually Ever drug made in America Between 1938 and 1962 is going to have to be re labelled to Tell exactly what ailments it is effective against. Some of the 3,600 drugs Soldin As Many As 18,000 combinations Are going to be ordered off the Market and the Advertis ing of nearly All the drugs will have to be changed William w. Goodrich assistant general coun Sel for the food and drug administration Fra told Indus try members in a briefing tues Fra s study of the effectiveness o fall prescription an nonprescription drugs marketed in the 24-year period was ordered under the Kefauver Harris act of 1962, which requires aft drug sold domestically to be proved effective As Well As ruled out the first step toward removal of a group of drugs from the Market was taken tuesday with pad publication in the Federal Register that there was no Evi Dence the drugs Rutin quercetin Hesperidin or Are effective for use in Man for any listed drugs have been promoted for years As agents for Contro of Haemorrhage and in dietary food of such drugs Censed by the Fra and of Sim har products called me too a cts were invited to an sea Jan 31 to discus the ruling. Robert Giles a member of the pharmaceutical manufacturers Rose at the meeting ake.g.0 Rich and officials to task for Public khat 10 or cent of the under study will be found be festive an ruled of Fine Market. Ninfi a officials said they had of be what the 8tudy the study is being conducted of Academy of science and the National research coun bought the parcel fro Milo Kline and Burt h. Carlson whose addresses were not a disclosed last week that Pruhs employer of ale Milter Alaska s democratic National committeeman receive Dan $894,000 loan from the sea after the August flood damaged his Golden Nugget Motel. At the same time the sea cubby half the $1.2-million loan application of Republican j. Hickel owner of the inn a Motel Street Gross has sinking search new York City police drop car into the East River in a search for a crashed helicopter and the body of a flier believed trapped inside. The car weighs about the same As the aircraft and police Hope its Drift will Lead them to the copter. A photo demanded congressional investigation of the transactions. Another Mem Ber of Congress has ordered a special audit by the general accounting office which As an Arm of Congress watches Over government spending. Gross said after Pruhs initial payments on the Arizona land Pruhs will owe $14,650 a year due annually on dec. 15 until the land is paid sea has said in confirmation of details provided by Gross that $140,000 of the $894,000 loan to Pruhs was to re pair his Motel $704,000 was to retire existing debts and $49,101was for working capital. Gross told a last wee that Pruhs paid off a $420,000 Bank loan which called for 8 percent interest Over 10 years with his Low rate disaster loan. Pruha has 30 years to repay the government the $894,000 at 3 percent interest. Gross said Pruhs Bank loan called for High payments Over the tourist season lower pay ments during the Winter. The sea loan called for year around payments comparable to Pruhs off season obligation this Bank Gross said. The sea in a fact Sheet is sued tuesday evening broke Down for the first time it�$623,400 disaster loan to got. Hickle s travellers inn. Previously the sea had insisted the Law prohibits it from disclosing such breakdowns. The sea said Hickel received$467,900 for physical damage and $155,500 for debt refinancing. Captain says Navy ignored principle Washington up the ousted skipper of the battleship new Jersey accused the Nav wednesday of departing from the principle of supporting commander against dissident disloyal or subversive elements within his capt. Richard Alexander said the Navy had violated the Prin Ciple in the Case of it. Arnheiter who was relieved of his command of destroyer following complaints from his Junior officers. Alexander resigned under fires commander of the new Jer sey after he publicly distribute statements supporting Arnheiter. The Navy objected to Alex Ander sending statements to the press members of Congress an others before taking up the mat Ter with his superiors. Alexander thus lost the pres Gigeous command of the world s Only battleship now being re fitted for duty off Vietnam when he came to the Aid of Arnheiter who was skipper of a destroyer picket ship off Viet Nam. My situation is relatively in important compared to the Case of it. Cmdr. Arnheiter Alex Ander told up. I continue to believe that it is in the bes interest of the Navy to bring that Case to a court of inquiry in order that the extent to which naval authorities May have taken action against a command ing officer on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations by Dis Loyal subordinates can be full determined and corrective action taken. What is involved Here he Sweet smell of Success Seattle up uncanny and willingness to sift a Mountain of odious her Loat three 5 00� when r up them la be Jan ".,her l088 minutes after ule garbage truck had stopped at her House and she Telephone the sanitation department. The department rerouted the truck away from the City dump and mrs. Huebner her son an two neighbors began pawing through the sea of garbage i search of the rings. Jan. 19 she found a Jade dinner ring. Sunday the search ers holding their noses and delving through 20 tons of garbage discovered her four Diamond wedding ring in Grapefruit Rind. Tuesday morning she went to Church and prayed to St. An Thony Patron Saint of lost after she and her son arrived at the dump they found the third ring a five Diamond engagement band said is the principle of a com manding officer receiving sup port from his superiors in the performance of Mission when his assigned allegations or complaints arise from dissident disloyal or subversive elements within his command. I can see no reason Why this principle should not have been applicable in or. Arnheiter s Alexander said that my con Cern Here is that by departing from Long established principle Sand ethics the authority of commanding officers is weak ened and their effectiveness denied charges the Navy previously had de Nied charges by rep. Joseph Resnick d-n.y., that Alexande was forced to resign As the new Jersey skipper because of his defense of Arnheiter. But Navy Secretary Paul wrote Resnick tuesday and said adm. Thomas , chief of naval operations objected not to his support of Arnheiter but to his action in taking the Case to the Public before appealing to his said wednesday thai Ignatius letter was a direct contradiction. That the two cases were not related. Today he obviously u admitting they Are miscegenation Law voided in Florida Tallahassee. Fla. Up the Florida supreme court citing a . Supreme court ruling involving a similar Virginia Law struck Down uie state s statutory prohibition against interracial marriages wednesday. In a one paragraph opinion the court wiped out the Law and paved the Way for a marriage License co be issued to James Van Hook a negro and his White Fiancee Lane Peters. The vote was 5-2 with chief Justice Millard Caldwell and Justice Elwyn Thomas dissent ing without a written opinion. Concurring in the opinion were justices b. K. Roberts e. Har Fra Drew Campbell Thornal Richard Ervin and Alto Adams. The majority opinion which was unsigned said the Law was overturned on grounds that state statutes prohibiting inter racial marriages and prescribing penalties for their violation. Have been held invalid by the supreme court of the United Florida Law carried a $5, 000 Fine and six months in jail for a judge who issued such a marriage License

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