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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 26, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and strikes Gen attic Jurt the pm i by a i in former pent m War Atlantic kit usury group democracy ran wensuc31 per cent of chief of civil air a emt Muy he Wai in was eve Cut Ted to Central a Ivy atm Tram mod-1 was a Profet up in military r a food student but y from in poli at tin Hurt with of 1026stdwsar regime. To the to Force in franc. Like fi1dtrd it to Salazar � former mrla a they h if a who studied ,1?l two daughter ii. 19 to a womb the High of the Fortune was nonmilitary Mission. For hit trip americans rant if them lantern interrupted Germany Faroe net Here we off the Tor an hour turn thursday a failure of inc Power suppl failure of a standby flux Kitsman added. On was St a after . Sojourn bases la the air he but or Kenedy m director of civil def Hite. Emu in in ii Tiit rain Alan manager for Tho Kennedy Johnm ticket also stated f Row photo French Gen Challe nato Leader asks retirement fonta1nkblkau, franc Gen Maurice chello common apr in chief of Allied forces in Central Europe Wedner softy skid to be retired for personal reasons Challe. 53, tin air Force officer is held his Post for Only a Lasut six months. Formerly he a for Wiander in chief of fran Ali forces in was no Dinu ton on can Lac s Pernon til for is King Rel Irementa there have reports How Vir Tiit he hns been i Tii it Istad Wilh president can rec de Caulle s Relur Tanc to French Torres in the Allied command Ami ii so with de tour Bujor to Good Elf Tenini in to 1c to ill Tut ii it 4m 1m i m Amer Taft Fol Hafk network i7m 7m Itu Lent it Pali my 7im r�h1 1r� ?h1 Oil to my j70 Newt Rev edit Tail a Vart tort j7it in la it Marti a Wii it film 141 my it or a 2i�b Borti Imo Ami 7100 Hwi i pm Kumf i Tow a Millu aka Oft Tittl �0i Ash Thwreat Lynnn o�1im Iowa it 7400 n in ooh Tow met the 6m i7t� wet Lettl German to one Hafl re of Fri Lett kit Toff Tau a. Wal her lilt Flotum butt tic tvs a la Matt 1iu till Bat War try Waif or in Wim i or umm Calm x nmn Ink ims mlle the it 110 car tent 17m Anur Lumi work 1711 cd film i71� 1 cold to a lion spam Daylett to stud us ism i Del Var of of h 7000 if a Coli zb49 film tilt curl in Tim prom to 21 0 in melt Hirt a tit film command la one of four Pinili r Gen Lanuha Norstad Allied commander in Europe. North Ltd had named Clui Clate los your to not vat n fro Mobile striking Force. Private sentenced in assault Case Stirn Galt. Romany Sas an am dlr a sol disc can ruffed with Pink u German Burl in buy uth was found jul Ltd by it Vii corps no Rel court. Tho Soldier pvt John Rourke or. Of How Battery let recon ,2nd Arnul div. Was sentenced to two year in prison forfeiture foul pay unit ullo Puncoh Given a do conduct discharge and reduced to the lowest Grade. The assault occurred nov. 19, 19&i, no cording to the r o c o r d h. German police ind american Mill try to Lect her to Atins Famis we Taro she pointed out o flour scr us the Man who had an Sun Ltd her. Weather by in fid i a Cut into Runau Tisil hath Low 4 11 $7 39 Rattan Chimil and a Refl 73 60 11 3 Law Vau leu Atvill Man Tiu by to 71 huh Law 3 18 33 14 j7 u i Imti Sun 44my 17 a fault let a Verli of. Catt Cut Blok if 47 31 u backs As list firms new York up stocks backed Down a Little wednesday mom ing in continued heavy dealings. " brokers and the Overall of Taylor trend indicated the Market we con my do Tang its recent sunup but Many issues were responding to toc split dividend action and Tho first of a wave of quarterly earning reports. International by none i machine which Rose 34% Point Mot Flay on its Stock split of dropped More than 10 Points this morning on profit rotting Corn products added a big fraction on word it would enter the american upmarket. Tung sol electric tank for More than 4 following dividend Cut and consolidated Edison dropped Over 2. The Utility has called in All its 4 per cent convertible debenture and this would dilute the common Stock when converted. Indu atrial slip the big Industrial shares chemicals motors and steel Alt to lipped Back it lightly. Dupont dropped 1w, . Steel find Youngstown nearly n poll Kerr Mcgow Roso 2h Ntalie Olin where Honolulu added Over a Point and american Tele phone around 14 to n now High at la i. Wido swin Slnar Atlas powder roue nearly 3 Point on Stock split news and Zenith More than 2 while kilns of n Point or More showed up in am Rynn Home products bark Man Hill a Lowell Carter pro Thule. Of in & Fink Revlon Worth in ton and Southern Cali fornia artison. Ohio dipped a if the nails while merger partner 4. The to Nln Ped pledged to the Cao Norfolk & Western Chsn Poulte Small fact Lon its pres timed Bao a lipped 4 Stock lost dropped no Ted a Point. Dow noon slock30 industrials c38.14. Off Raits 133.97, off 15 20utiiittes 104.04, off 0.01 is stocks 214.88, off 0.31. German state opens drae on drug use Stuttgart by Many s4s a Campaign to combat the of alcohol drug and tobacco in Baden been started by the state Interior my Nuttry. The Campaign is directed especially at the youth of Baden Wuerttemberg with the Rol Jutry urging All state to cooperate to out the perils to Alt Tho attending Schoola. Parents Tench pcs and Pupil were a dined to commit health officials. Lecture for those in upper Grundei War Nugget Ted in order to amp Halze the Gravity of Tho health problem. The ministry expressed the hop thut a a Long with the destructive effect of alcohol an the misuse of a stirs and no Coslit be Given to bilt t. Oms Ali Core into St a Tofy Llfra Chi. Re Alf do Cal flip do Cunt Al in All i i ecu a Ford fun of Nam we Havn it 3v/, to -17 ii 17 my. Jami 47 6ft 47 14 37 a ,1 72 by United Prius wid Tim fix Al hurl Al mt0ntt no 37h 4b /. 18 Uno m twi 1414 b8 v4 wti10% Al � a 3tv, 72aoti/4 to Tiv us 70 fluff of Inland Ai 4 la a King Catt t7 a is a 34s 41 it my it let Flint a weft my no Mont win it olt Tullin nil Slot n y ctn a run atm a Olin Mph Gimi Pun incr air a in Rel. Of for of tit or Bra i a u a 47 ,. 4t nit 4� 84 a i Wei m a 42% 3l Jim 4 3t 33 47% 13 43s Wuh t 4sh Jim Ifa 481it at to orb Kawitt of tit to. Rhet pitch Rani Hart. A Luck ill a err Rind fat Oil cd 41 Oil ind Iliou 1n.j. A tin Nam a 4 4hi a 3ih wik 41 m i �v4 a 3ihm � a 39 u57 �7mi uh4sv4 43 m a 44 43k 41% the m time unt a . Flat by u a. Finl it Untim we Worth Vit fir r Zenith Imp m i10% 46 4lfc Iwuh Mutual funds prices Tut bid asked my 8,17 ill 4.m fl.30tii.n tt.02 14,30 1mb i m 10.02 17. And 18.1 fund a1rr i fund am Houston cd. Of Leflon fund let i a fund bid at kid 7.s� a. 2$ Esb la 0.77 11.71 3.03 id.4i m.6s 13.7 12,-17 13,94 17.12 17.23 0.17 4.3� 11.74 0.37 4.35 . Bid j.s8 7.0j 9.j5 19.11e, b.7i 13,13 Chen Leal fund Commonweal la inv. Del Wiro fund dial Blind Orty Fui ent uti & m award do e. � m. Fir fun fld Allty fund fun Nelm Indus True fount a Mut Utt Fenijn Thui instil Fri a Rath Liu Tatt. Shurn Hill Ltd cd. H-c7 a a till it cd. in Tam found. Fund in ii.b3 14,31 41.19 3,09 11.31 1 1. As 12.74 lt.7s 4,30 it. Id 17.99 t.4tt 1d.ii 1.72 13.91 17.07 4,80 ii. To of Reutti 8.jj la .37 1,03 to a 10,7 5.81 bid 1.b310,11 a to bit atkcdio.h9 ,47 11.74 12.61o.m 10.17 ii. 07 13.06 12.07 in the 11.74 i4.m 13,34 14.40 i9.m Ilo i5.m ij-78 i4.8b 3,80 4.03 r.03 Jbf 6-27 1.04 i.t4 a a h.b8 18, the 14.23 u44 8.44 3.10 14.34 170 14.11 1mb to it. Co. Of am Trio input trait of key Totth 64 fltoakf1� 10.0 key stun i 3 Guird fund Mem. Int. Orath Imti. Inv Trtat nil 1 �,-0l�. Or Ltd Muci n. If Rewth it lotto tic Nal t a Tentom Nuth Iii 0. Of Wullum in t in it Cir Mutual fat a. Tiu pm. H.70

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