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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 25, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseOne hour East germans is Darkin the biggest Berlin since was built was an 8 eldest a 71-Yearher husband. Included 13 men & children. Tjie escapees Laboured for two weeks scooping out the Tunnel from the cellar of a House in East Germany under a Border Road and a double line i barbed.,wire to clump of Bushes 90 feet away in Vrest Berlin. A. " Only six men digging and pass ing bade the Sand and setting sup ports for the Root could work in the two foot High Tunnel at a digging the escapees said. Had to be done in , in cose the patrolling East German Peoples police might hear the underground noises. There was always a guard at a window of the House to give a warning signal of the approach of a patrol. It worked out better than we expected one of the refugees was a former Border crosser who had Uve a in East. Germany but worked in West Berlin until the communists built their Wall. The last most dangerous stage of the escape plan began late Tua Day afternoon. In ones and twos the e S.C.a p ers drifted inconspicuously to the House Ori the order by 6 pin. They Fereall assembled then came Long hours of wait ing. At Midnight each carrying the one a for which there was room they crowded one after an other into the first length of ? the Tunnel .,-.,v a Of about. 1 an. The sign St came from the other end Tunnel that All was Clear. It took a full hour for the entire group to slide through the narrow passage and reach Thev. Clump of Bushe that symbolized Freedom. European edition me sports in Brief is James during a said he if the by a iritts Aid had not did t hear the 280 army Navy air Force unofficial pull cation of Hift . Arm a forces in Europe North Africa and the Middle a tit Boston a Bob Feller and Jackie Robinson were elected to baseball s Hall of Fame Robinson is the first negro to be so honoured details in sports Section 5 Tonti daily 10 cents sunday thursday january 25, 1962 a i % few to s �i-3 a to Yew a Abe engr v4 Era. Hut i c. Beouy was burned up when i Ansof trials old him that the valuation on a House he owns Horn Al Foo to �8,600. The hot tempered irishman i stand daughter mad smiles after setting fire to the 209-year than pay the higher taxes. Officials could find i to prevent Beouy s action. The House was reputed to Beof a the Century humorist Josh Billings. A photo . Offers Kashmir mediation Washington Cap president Kennedy has asked Eugene Black president of the world Bank to offer his Good services in negotiating a settlement of the Kashmir dispute Between India an Pakistan. Or. Kennedy told a news con Ference that Black had consented to undertake this Mission. He said that he has asked both India and Pakistan to consider the matter because it could help Bot nations and relieve International tension. In a conference devoted mainly to Domestic issues the president also said no useful purpose would be served at this time to speculate on what a newsman called frag mentation in the communist bloc or trouble in the red the president said that until the pattern becomes More Clear and the relationship of the communist nations to each other be comes More precise a Good Deal of information can Only be surmised. The president strongly affirmed his belief that nato can be improved in its effective strength. He said he is hopeful that nato can meet its military targets. This is a must he said if the West is to have an alternative to a cont. On Page 24, col. By Washington a army it Gen Arthurg tru Deaja testified wednesday that changes made by. Censors in some of his anti communist speeches have caused me to wonder but have not prevented me from getting across my Basic v " or " Trudeau head of army research and development and former chief of army intelligence made the statements in testimony at a Senate investigation of charges that Pentagon censorship has muzzled military men. He said the state department was responsible for some changes or suggested changes in his texts oks Bill boosting mail rates Abington a the passed a Bill to to the Cost of mail and raising postage magazines newspapers material passed by voice to the Senate. Added 579-2 million Bill worked out administration democratic leaders. That would million if accepted "1 w a 4jeht Nln. Out Lek i a a Wii no Tisz a Villi cd 41 32h 41 41 � a a the Bill moved to the verge of passage tuesday night but a re publican member angered by what he regarded As a Power play by the leadership blocked final passage by a technicality. The Bill raises first class and air mail rates by a Penny to 5 and 8 cents for a total increase in those categories of $455 million. It also Calls for $53 million More in the rates paid by newspapers and magazines $171 million More in third class rates those use mostly by direct mail advertisers and about $20 million More in miscellaneous increases. All in creases would effective july 1. The administration and the House leadership in a Compromise Bill had asked for third class in creases totalling $93 million. Rep. Ken Hechler do. A. Offered an amendment increasing the total to $171 million covering full Cost. A surge of resentment against bulk mall advertising some called it junk mail car ried his proposal by a voice vote. The House also gave the administration $1.2 million More than tasked for in rates covering Maga Zines advertising a particular firm or Trade. But that he did not always know the sources of the changes. I know the record will show that Many of my speeches have been amended Trudeau said. The amendments in my speeches How Ever even though substantial in number Jive not prevented me from getting across my Basic Mes Penc Iling of Trudeau s speeches by the defense depart ment was one of the main exam Ples cited by sen Strom Thurmond d-s.c., in forcing the investigation by a special Senate armed services subcommittee. Thurmond complained of 10 in stances in which he said anti communist statements had been stricken from speeches by the Mili tary to Public groups. But he did t say who made the speeches. Cut from Trudeau speeches Secretary of defense Robert said later that All 10 had been Cut from speech texts written by Trudeau. The Secretary added that Trudeau had made 54 speeches in the year. Trudeau was to be _ followed on the witness Stan d by Gen Lymari. Lemnitzer chairman a the joint chiefs bf3taff ? / r Trudeau quoted changes called for by censors in one of his speeches adding that there also were changes in others with the front on Page 24, cob of a Colombia to oust from press dispatches Punta Del Este Uruguay Colombia called wednesday on hemisphere nations for a collective break with. Fidel distr s. Cuba and new measures of vigilance to preserve other countries from the spread of the cuban Rev Lutish opening floor debate at the eighth inter american conference colombian foreign minister Cai Cedo cast Ilia said his country considered thes � measures indispensable to preserve inter american treaties and the Mutual Aid sys tem against cuban threats to the autonomy Independence and sovereignty of american states and Gont. On paste 84, col. St saturday still held As orbit target Date Cape up the National aeronautics and space administration was sticking to saturday As. Blast off Day for America s first manned space orbit attempt but other reports indicated next tuesday would be likelier. Meanwhile spent wednesday go ing through flight simulation undergoing physical examination and conferring with project Mer Cury technicians. _ _ Usa eur order disbands 7th army symphony. .,--.a by Bibb Scott but of writer Lberg is the7th symphony orchestra Sta Tlona at Stuttgart Montt Auell War Cut .31 to conserve manpower Rod fund5--thafr a Tel a diverted to increase Usa eur combat decision to discontinue the famed symphony is in with their Spe Gont of Page Tecot. U

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