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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 24, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 the stars and stripes wednesday january 24, defense dept studies Hubbell pay package by Marc Hiuet is Washington Bureau Washington is the defense department is now assessing the mos comprehensive review of the military pay Structure Ever made. It is called the Ilu hell report after rear Adin. Lester k. Hubbell the Man who directed a joint staff study int compensation and career retention for almost two years. Luh ecu s recommendations some30 in Mimer Call for a sweeping change in the whole system of military pay and have the approval in principle of top Pentagon officials. They Are still u Long Way from becoming Law however since they must be converted into proposed legislation with the approval of the administration and then of an Economy minded Congress. All this takes time and some Penta gon officials believe that Between the complicated nature of pay legislation the fact that it will involve some 10million Active and retired servicemen and their dependents and equally a important the fact that it costs Money All Means in Brief the recommendations will be shelved at least for the present. The Hub hell recommendations will have a Price tag of Between $800 Mil lion and $2.5 billion a year depending upon How costs Are estimated and when the changes go into now the subject of military compensation is confusing to Many Inland out of uniform and u has been this Way for Many years officials Are Quick to say. A Case May be made for example to show that the compensation of servicemen is Low when com pared with that of civilians if Only base pay is considered. On the other hand it can also be called High when All the fringe benefits quarters medi Cal care dental care Early retirement Post Exchange and commissary Bene fits extra duty pay and and variable reenlistment bonuses arc added. Perhaps the most significant part of the whole report is a recommendation to put servicemen on a salary system similar to civilians so that they will know exactly How much they earn. What the Hubbell Board has done is put a Dollar value on All these benefits to come up with what it thinks each rank should receive. In the process most will receive a raise particularly careerists. Married men and single men would receive the same the concept of a military salary is accepted and it is tied in with the salary of civil service employees every thing Falls into line officials would automatically receive an increase when civilians ketone. Right now this system operates in fits and starts with the military historically one step behind the civil ians in pay increases. Adjustments of the military Federal civilian pay to changes in the civilian Economy would be made through the professional administrative and technical Kat surveys regularly conducted by the Bureau of labor links Between the military and the civil service pay tie in the payoff an o8 major general with a civil Ian in Grade gs18 at the top and of second lieutenant with a gs7 for officers. In the Case of enlisted men an e3 private first class is tied in witha gs3 and wage Board-5. These Are merely Bench Marks to link the military with the civil serv ice pay scale. Once this concept is approved All the other grades will fall into place officials explain. The present salary for gs3s runs from $4,466 to $5,807, while gs7s Start at $6,834 and go to $8,759. A gs18 earns $27,055.another significant change among the 30 or so Hubbell recommendations would eliminate the reenlistment Bonus since salaries would go up so much for these entering the career Force at Grade e4 the Bonus would no Longe be needed. Servicemen would More than make up in anywhere from 10 months to 18 months what they Lostin their reenlistment Bonus. No changes Are contemplated in the variable reenlistment Bonus or in an of the other special Hazard pays such As diving submarine or Parachute pay. Officials say these Are now serving their purpose. Other recommendations would eliminate the present quarters and subsistence pays for career servicemen they May be retained for first Terni personnel. Men living in government quarters that is not at sea or in the Field would be charged a fair rental for their quarters and with regard to subsistence servicemen would pay for the Basic Cost of their food plus a reasonable charge for preparation and serving this would come to about $1.32 a Day the same As for commuted rations. If the Hubbell pay package is a. Proved the present retirement system will become contributory and each careerist would pay about 6.5 per cent of his salary into a retirement fun should he leave the service before he becomes eligible for retirement he willbe Able to take with him a part of the Money he and the government in vested in the fund. Non careerists that is those in their first enlistment will not contribute but the time they spend in their first hitch will count towards figuring out their annuities if they remain in uni form until retirement. Little change is planned in Raisin the pay for non careerists since officials believe it is adequate with some modifications. Officials report that 52per cent in the services Are in this category single and have an average age of 20.r ass to guards against attack aerospace unit scans the shies Johnson by John Reese staff writer Wiesbaden is for someone who did t know what an orbit was a year and a half ago maj. Gen. Oris b. Johnson has come along Long Way. Commander of the Usan s 9th aerospace de sense div since August 1966,Johnson and his unit among other things Are responsible for knowing the precise location of every Earth orbiting object Day and night 366days a year. Here for staff and command conferences with Safe officers and to visit his fur Flung units within the Safe area Johnson said there Are some 1,285 object sin Earth orbit right now. The number varies however As new shots arc made and As objects Burn into the Earth s atmosphere. By Means of sophisticated Long Range cameras super Sensi Tive radar arrays and other de vices he does t talk about John son s watchers keep an Eye out Over vast reaches of space and atmosphere. As the title indicates Johnson s unit is a vastly Complex and enormously important Parton the tense defense of North America against a missile at tack. Johnson s comment about his unfamiliar by with an orbit came when asked what he had done before getting into aerospace de sense. He had been a fighter Pilot with much experience in night fighters and he said jokingly i did t even know what an orbit asked about unidentified flying objects ufos which have kept North americans jittery for Curtt Johnson discounts the possibility that ufos come from outer space. None of my units has eve picked up a ufos to my knowl Edge he said. I think that All ufos can be attributed to natural Phenomena. Lights seen at night Are very misleading. I was a night fighter Pilot for quite a time and Learned that it is extremely difficult to know what you Are see ing when you observe a Light in the sky at night. Our imaginations sometimes run away with us and we see just about any thing to want to but no teat Johnson still flies jets a fighters he said. I live sleep and breathe space and mis Siles now he added. It is an interesting growing business. Iam certain that Many things can be done better and cheaper in space than on the ground or inthe Earth s he did not elaborate. Apparently bearing out his re Marks starting Jan. 15, the air Force s air defense come under which Johnson s command Falls became known As the aerospace defense command. At present seven nations have objects in orbit Johnson said. They Are the u.s., the s.r., the u.k., Canada Australia France and Italy. The number of orbiting object fluctuates Johnson revealed. But it is possible with current surveillance devices to distinguish Between working Laboratory Type satellites the trash and parts of boosters. Some time ago a single objection orbit exploded replacing one with a Hundred or More pieces of the original. All must be tracked and watched. The 9th aerospace defense div 9add feeds data to the United nations for cataloguing and it renders support to Nasa on most of its shots. On a warning us these Saku fam Kutsi rare kill America and Western Europe of any missile at n Arak ? fans a a Mack lynched a the North pole. Othe rut Clear Alaska would warn North Sites Are in England Aad Greenland. Of photo but the main Mission is to pre vent a Surprise missile attack. Headquartered in Colorado Springs the 9th has units All Over the Earth and responsibility Well beyond the Earth. The primary detection an tracking network is the Usan space track system operated by 9add s 73rd aerospace surveillance Wing headquartered at Tyndall fab space track system operates telescopic Baker nun cameras which can photograph an object the size of a Basket Ball at 25,000 Miles. The Wing also uses conventional detection and tracking radars. Its sensor network extends from the mid Pacific across the North Atlantic to the Middle new vastly More capable Type of radar the an/fps85, mile phased into the system this year. Nearly All Earth orbiting objects will pass through it viewing Field at least twice daily. The 9add s 71st missile warn ing Wing operates the primary missile detection and warning systems. Guarding the Northern approaches to North America u the ballistic missile Early Wain ing system mews with radar Sites at Clear Alaska Thule Greenland and by Linsdau a Moor England. A new radar network will supplement the mews cover age. By surveying the Eastern Southern and Western approaches and will be capable of detecting any mass relaunched or approaching within 1,000 Miles of our coastline. Even More recent and soon Tobe placed fully into the system is Over the horizon radar Ali Aby bouncing its signals off the ionosphere the oth will Rea out farther and detect Missius shortly after going into detail Ion. Son revealed that tests air of being made to bring laser con sisting of extremely Brilliant and concentrated Light beams i the aerospace defense pict in

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