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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 3

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes few lambaste aides on Ukraine Corn stand then a top party Leader in Theta Kalne ordered. Premature har vesting of the 1956 Corn crop there thereby substantially reducing the yield Kirichenko later was transferred to Moscow and elevated to a Secre tar ship in the Central briefly served As Khrushchev s right hand Man but in 1959 was transferred to a provincial party Post. He later lost this Post an was expelled from the presidium. No explanation was Given at the time for Kirichenko s fall from Grace but Khrushchev s speech blaming him for the farm failure contained the possible reason Khrushchev said Halchenko Sites a member of the Central com Mittee a member of the supreme soviet the chairman of the coun cil of minister of the great ukrainian Republic and Sheds water like a Duck As if nothing has Hap has caused great harm to the Economy of the great Republic the soviet Premier s speech however made no mention that Halchenko would lose his ukrainian Ukraine and Kazakhstan failed to fulfil their 1060 quota compelling the Centra committee to introduce correction the committee session Khrushchev ridiculed some republics for promoting leaders guilt of serious managerial errors in Stead of firing them. One should punish not Only those who distil illicit liquor but also the Consumers who buy Jet. One must ruthlessly eradicate such an evil As a parasitic and negligent attitude Tot Laboc ans list tithe psychology of private a nerf ship. An uncompromising struggle must be waged against the left overs of capitalism he said the committee s plenary meeting has shown that some of our comrades have become somewhat conceited with the successes achieved. Has Hallmarks of greatness Calls de Gantte West s top Leader Tan Matei rut of or is is the in the Genius his Britain s a Jeves is an the published in Els cram path to wrote Nasty Heads Over two Only with de Gaulle has t which Are among greatness chief tile sincerity and even his of i Var called in ques the two Quali action Mont Britain he doubts if ikes Britain Partick St frenchmen a pretty Good said he disagrees that de Gaulle is personal it a the it shy and does t but he has a heart and this evident once you j � by rim he British 1ft? h army Leader wrote Ted Many talks with Filce end Admire him likes de Gaulle s must remember he cannot be her so if to in the front rank Caen Ute same about. The Central theme of is that he will Finau to her former wry certain if Over great distances. But it did t want to be too dogmatic on the subject the great Point was Roget some agreement and make a , organized cooperation Between East and West devoted tothe sen ice of welfare and Mankind. Montgomery said that in the meantime de Gaulle was deter mined that France shall be a Leto defend herself and to do so better than was attempted in 1940." Montgomery said he always Fin sit interesting to discuss world War h with de said de Gaulle has no great opinion of the United nations and this is really an understate ment i estimate that the future of the Western Alliance and the successful handling of the conflict Between East and West depend greatly on de Gaulle Montgomery continued. He has brought about a Chang of spirit in France which has to be seen to be believed he has give the nation Back its soul and its Pride something which seemed to have died with old Clemenceau and with the great and suicidal French offensives of 1914 and 1917. It is indeed a wonderful thing he has done France is such a great nation when she is whole Anat one with herself and the world needs her Wisdom and her Royal bridal pair in family Circle a is Dpi a t4 j feta Tion said de Gaulle s due algerian problem fighting let the popu what they want idea to then abide Btl nutty vote. Wrote that Den Jefts West tension of Rutm the suspicion Bykow Ach other better. 8ltaral exchanges Andy cutting out All and measure of Lent. He would with weapons nuclear bombs up by of the t in i received a whip oils Alldren Hure out where come from. By 1959, 1c of Thi m in All were acting and it male. Prince Borgita of Sweden and her Fiance. Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern hold hands a they land in the Center of a Royal gathering at a country House near Signi Arin a Germany Home of the Hohenzollern a. Sitting from left Princets Sybilla of sol a Mother of Brigita Prief Friedrich of Hohrn Zolten father of the bridegroom and Princess of Hohri Rollern Mother of tin bridegroom. Standing left to right Princess Murf Zaretha of Sweden Princess curl mite of Sweden Prince Franz of Hohenzollern the betrothed pair. Prince i Leopold of Bavaria Prince Adalbert of Bavaria Princess Marls Thyresia of Hohenzollern Princess Desirre of Sweden and the heir to the swedish throne Crown Prince Gustov. Up photo still critically sick Decap Man comes to life in morgue Milwaukee wis. A a 78-Yt-ar-old Man who was declared dead at a Hospital and taken to the county morgue where he was found of be alive remained critically ill and in a coma. Leo Happe was found on the floor of his rented room by a police officer who had been asked by a brother of Happel to break in the closed door. Two policemen took the unconscious Man to county emergency Hospital. There or. John Mcanlis a play Sichim on duty examined Happel and detecting no heart beat or breathing signed a form Cert fire guts Lake Superior club Superior. Wis. Up fire destroyed the Interior of the club Superior a landmark on the water front of this Lake Superior wiring was blamed for the Blaze which caused an Esti mated 510,000 damage fire officials4-pr�fcssor said. By song that he was dead. The offi cers then took Happel to the morgue. When a Blanket was lifted from Happel s face the officers and morgue attendants noticed move ment in his Throat. Then they saw bombs ku1 6 near Algiers ti2i ou2ou, Algeria up two bombs exploded in the Mai District of this regional Market town East of Algiers. At least six persons died and some 24 suffered injuries. His Chest moving although they f Ould not detect u pulse. The offi cers rushed Happel Back to the Hospital administering oxygen in route. Happel s sister mrs. Rose wag Ner had already been notified that her brother was dead. She was in formed later that the report was incorrect. Authorities sited Happel had been under treatment Foi Throat speculated that his heart might have been restarted by bump in the ambulance ride. Chinese reds being purged in crop loss London up red China alarmed by agricultural failure Sand famine has disclosed officially that a purge of party officials asunder Way to combat sabotage in reliability and inefficiency. The disclosure came from the chinese communist party s Cen trial committee which said that a rectification Campaign was being carried out in Many areas. Diplomatic reports amplifying the official statement said that Amajor Campaign appeared to be under Way in a search for scape goats for the agricultural calamity and to tighten up party discipline for hard times to come. Six special courts were reported to have been established through out the country to conduct the purge under the guidance of the enteral committee with special Powers to demote shift or oust suspect or undesirable officials. Thousands May be involved inthe purge the reports suggested. The Central committee which just finished a plenary session de voted mainly to the country s agricultural problems called for new efforts to offset the calamity an for the consolidation of the com Munes. This might mean a review of the commune system which rus Sia itself has openly at the same time it chided so called bad elements in the coun try including functionaries who had taken advantage of the Trou Bles to engage in officials warned the purge is to be carried out by stages area by area to remove those dangerous elements who allegedly have penetrated the party. Party officials earlier had Bee warned to avoid errors and Short comings and to pay More Atten Tion to the needs of working peo ple. The party s theoretical Organ red Flag suggested that mass supervision might help us to avoid shortcomings and errors or help us to discover and Correct in tiresome shortcomings and errors existing in our reports from piping that the magnitude of the agricultural crisis and the growing threat of outright famine have alarmed the projected purge therefore seems to be a palliative designed to tighten up controls and at the same time to appease the Popula Tion and Farmers. Significantly red Flag recently urged political officials to heed the advice from old and local party cadres must respect and learn from old peasants who generally had More farming experience new drug May be weapon against blood clots Ithaca

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