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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseProtecting the nation s coast on ethiopian Navy patrol boat in Fth reds a. With Maag in Ethiopia continued from a Toga is Speed Tot More of their time in the trackless out country than they do in comparatively effete add Ababa. Maag teams usually consisting of an officer an two enlisted in. Upend three weeks out of every month trekking to ethiopian army Post scattered Over thousands of Square Miles of virtually trackless territory to encourage and a lat in Field training and Check on proficiency in the be and maintenance of the unprovided equipment these Field units based at Addis Ababa Asmara and Harar usually travel in two vehicles a ton truck and a jeep carry ing Alt the provisions and fuel needed for three week trip. They also carry spare axles Springs generators and almost everything Els that might be needed incur of a breakdown. Travelling out in the Bush in t exactly hazardous but it s primitive country and it s Wise to be Well prepared. The Lens make it a practice to go from one army Post to another without stopping overnight in Between. There Are roving bandits called Thi tax who have a pretty Tough reputation. They seem to be agricultural people who turn to banditry during seasons Between crops but they re not Likely to bother anybody who armed. The personnel of Maag Ethiopia Haven Thad any trouble with them in the bus i but Tomo time ago a band of Thita tried to Hijack Kome supplies coming up from mans town and an american Sailor and to Hoot two of them before they took got a commendation from the ethiopian government Maag people assigned to the Eastern District which utes in the Ogdan desert recently have been putting emphasis on training the ethiopians in reconnaissance tactic there since Ethiopia is concerned about its Long and highly exposed bord Erwith newly Independent Somalia Ethiopia can Aee the possibility of the Somalia trying to expand by pushing West Ward Over the Border and there have been in Tacl some Border incursions but they seem mostly to have been Somalia coming Over to get water for their described the present ethiopian air Arm now equipped with f86 jets Asa pretty elite Force which is ready to go. The air Force is headed by a swedish general with an ethiopian brigadier Gen eral As Deputy commander who just recently checked out in an f8s Sabre Jet Many of the ethiopian pilots have clocked Between 85 and 40 hours in f86ssince the first deliveries arrived six months ago and others Are training at of bases in the revamping of Ethiopia s military Structure is by no Means an entirely american undertaking although american equipment has been supplied to All thereof its services. The ethiopian Nuvy is commanded by the emperor s grandson whose chief of staff is a norwegian Commodore. Communist propaganda seems for the Lime being to be restricted to economic gambits which Don t make much impression on the Man in the Street in Addis Ababa and none at All on the inhabitants of the Remote settlements reached by the touring Maag teams. The latter Welcome the americans on the or periodic visits know them by their first names and ofte Call upon them to carry messages for them to other outlying the capital however the soviets Nike their presence Felt by maintaining the largest of All the diplomatic missions there from which they Lasue a monthly bulletin in the Amharic language which is described As virulent in Titt attacks on the uj3.but the spate of soviet word age makes Little impression in the face of solid accomplishment in the Field of military Aid that has been extended to Ethiopia through Maag s implementation by the , military assistance program. X. If ,. ,. Jan ethiopian colonel second from right and . Officer inspect a newly arrived m24. Maj a c. Bunnell of the advisory group standing instructs ethiopians in the operation of fhe 57-mm recoilless Rifle. Middle East air cruise and easter in much 31-Aprli 9 from Frankfurt bythe All Loci naive fee is $420. Highlight on the Beirut Damascus Jerusalem Bethlehem Jericho and the pyramids Memphis Luxor Karnak things and Athens and the acropolis. by Pua Frankfurt or Stuttgart featuring first Clas and Are March 31-Aprjl 9. Highlights Are Barcelona mad Granada Mara Keah Tangier Lisbon and Falm South Africa photo safari by air fro tiled to depart april 1 Tor 18 Days of touring i. Game concentrations of that vast area will include Johannesburg Pretoria the Bho Desta Bulawayo Victoria Bucu la tag tit for la the Zimbabwe kilns Kruger National a game Purka spending nights in Mountain Camps. The full incl valve fee for South african photo Spain by plane and motor coach in 10 Days is c31-april for $195, from Frankfurt or Stuttgart Lon Madrid Toledo. Cordova Seville Malaga and to Oil Extension to Valencia and on the above Tours from Amerosa travel sir. Frankfurt phone t70216. Goren on Brid answers to Bridge quiz a i As South you hold 4qj10t v10b 4ak a-akkh3 the bidding has proceeded South West North eat what do you bid now a. One Spade. The hand is too Strong for a Tebid of one no Trump but not Strong enough for a jump to two no Trump. A bid of one Spade is therefore suggested As a Tempo izing partner pauses it la because he has a very weak hand. Q. 2 As South you hold 4qj10753 vk6 4k742 the bidding has proceeded South West it truth East Posa 1 41. 1 pass 1 4 Pasa 1 it pass what do you bid now a. Partner s one no Trump bid is a form of progressive action and not a Rescue. Inasmuch As you have great playing strength a bid of three Spades is recommended. This la not forcing but strongly urges partner to continue. Q. 3 As South you hold 4akqj10742 5 $7the bidding has proceeded West North bust South 34, 4 pitas 5 pass 6 do pass ? what do you bid now a. What is the purpose of North s six club bid he is stat ing partner i am forcing you automatically to bid a slum. My reason for telling you i have the club Contra is that it May enable you to bid a grand slam since partner has no support for Spades he must have the other three aces to justify his request that we bid a grand slam and the proper Call is seven Spades proper procedure i i a Rescue to five of would be a blatant partner. Q. 5 Bot South you Botor 410296403,the bidding has West north34 Dale what to Youra. Four a Jab. This May appear cause four clubs the i bid and could less in trick Taka Ftp Ever a bid of Al too drastic in Doublet Otu in All q. A Bot South you hold South you hold 48 ak10853 4�ak10742 the bidding has proceeded South West North East 14 pass 1 3 f4 4� 4/ 44 Dale ? what do you bid now a. Your partner must realize that you have great length i diamonds and clubs and Are therefore Apt to be Short i Spades. His four Spade bid there fore must have been based on Strong suit East is obviously counting on some heart trick Sand will be disappointed. The 4a1084the bidding has East South Pasa 1 42 f Dale pass that do you bid a. Four Spades has shown that a High cards. This when he refused to i double. However he must be very Favora ought to be Able to losers to three. Q. Tas South you 46 jak1q84 41 the bidding has North east1 4 puss t 1 4 pass4 of puss t what do you Bida. Six hearts. Opened the bidding other Ault and the hearts. Since you than an opening enough material for you should up and q. 8 As South yen,.475 f k98 a the bidding has South west14 pass �1 pass what do you Bida three hearts. 1 you opened two rounds of bidding formed it. You partner s two Motte so Nahle to suppose Safe for nine of Tesla. Jimi 1ft 14 the stars and stripes monday january

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