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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 22, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseFog 8 the stars and stripes 1614th support so Heads Jlong monday Frankfurt is getting the military air transport service Mats transports headed Back to the United Stales has been keep ing Uia 16mth support so on the run. The Squadron at nearby Rhine main air Bate is responsible for the care and feeding of the huge transports bringing 4th inf div Europe trips available by military air by pm Tab Folby staff writer Wiesbaden Germany is flights to countries within the european command from the air base Here can be had for the ask ing according to capt Steve Tefas. Air base traffic management officer. I military air planes flying Between j Safe bases normally have room for some passengers. The space available seals arc handed out by priority with Emer gency requests first said teens. Temporary duly and permanent change of station travellers Are next in line followed by leave Pas sengers. The Only dependent travel authorized is for people living in isolated places. Dependents cannot travel on cargo planes. To travel on military aircraft a passenger must have his official documents in order said a1c a. A Kinney. Who is in charge of the passenger Center. Proper orders up to Date shot Rei ords and id cards Are a necessity he added. Military passengers Are required to Wear class a uniform. The women Are asked to Wear Slacks because All passengers Wear Para passenger lounge is located to bldg. T25, operating hours a from 6 . To 7 . Daily except saturdays sundays and holidays when they Are 6 . To 3 . With weather permitting flights Are available As follows France usually one flight daily and an additional courier to chateau Roux on tuesdays and thursdays. For the courier and pcs passengers can make advanced Reser tit ions. England two to five flights ally. Berlin one flight each Day monday through Friday. Try and i soldiers to Germany from the United states. And the outfit s work has been limited to the 100 planes be ing used in the Long thrust i Airlift. The Squadron was reinforced for the week with 67 people including four officers brought in from eng land wheelus air base in Libya and from Spain As Well As from Charleston s.c., and Mcguire airbase n.j., a Mats spokesman explained. We put everybody on a i hour Day he added. The support Squadron men serv ice the aircraft As soon As the land at Rhine main refuel them and get them headed Back to the United states within three hours sometimes faster. Which riles a plane into Rhine main stays of the ground 12 hours the spokesman said. As a plane comes Tri brie Crew gets off and another gets on for this trip Home. I some of the planes were delayed by Adverse winds or weather Over the North american continent the spokesman said. The men of the 1614th have been pcs passengers can make advanced reservations Spain or Morocco two weekly. Greece and Turkey usually one flight every two weeks. Italy one flight per week. Red c1ioss is along troops of the Ith inf div appear in High spirit As they share a laugh with Harold h. Machen right4th div red Cross Field director who flew with them from it. Lewis wash., to Rhine main air base near Frank Furt. Machen is one of four red Cross held workers who accompanied the troop to assist in any emergencies in Long Throat ii. Arc photo Node games slated feb. 5 at la Rochelle la Rochelle France Node 30, the latest in the port area Cornel s series of ship to Shore cargo unloading exercises will be Gin at the nearby Beach of la repent feb. 5. The upcoming Node will be a i in it \ sub featured in film plane parachutes papers to subs Jacksonville. Fla. The most unusual newspaper cur Rien in the Jacksonville area lire making deliveries from the air. Each Day a Navy no prune bomber delivers the Jacksonville daily newspapers and Navy publications to submarines training off the Florida coast. The papers Are dropped in Bright red cans attached to Small Para chutes. The head delivery Man cmdr Robert g. Bagby skipper of squad Ron vp16. Rays ii knows the morale value of gelling current new because he was u submariner be fore he became a Pilot. Runways lengthened Washington longer and stronger runways to accommodate b52jj Are part of operation Kwik change hearing completion to Homestead air Force Buse Fla one ship general to air Foo operation conducted by Hie 15th trans in and 264th trans co augmented by assigned personnel. Mhli to support the 106th trans in truck will be. The Shore supporting unit the exercise will involve the unloading of cargo from the vessel onto Light rage for delivery to rail head and transportation of cargo from the anchored vessel directly to its destination vehicles. Node 30 will by amphibious be under the Ommund of col Arnold a. Berg Lund. Pac commanding officer. Kindley air Force base Bermuda special air Force personnel the world Over Wylli soon see a film showing How two Small scuba self contained underwater breathing apparatus submarines designed and built by the survival training and personnel Branch at Hanscom Field. Mass., Are making underwater searches easier in safer. Filmed in color off the Bermuda coast by the 13k5lh photo so detachment 4, based at Westover fab mass the subs were fashioned out of two surplus fuel tanks. To make the film More realistic a castoffs tank was punctured and sent to the Bottom. The script indicated that the tank became separated from its aircraft by an undetermined cause. Hence it must be located and recovered in order to pinpoint the reason for the the two open cockpit two seater subs were towed into position by a 40-foot army diesel powered boat. The subs occupants were dressed in diving suits helmets mittens flippers and equipped with breath ing tanks. Still attached to the two lines the subs Dove beneath the water. While one sub searched for the sunken plane part an airman with a movie camera enclosed in a watertight ease in the other sub was shooting the entire sequence. Although it required Only a Short time for the searching sub to secure the damaged tank to lines and raise it to the surface the cameramen and participants worked for hours without setup in order to take advantage of favourable Light twist gyrations also shake missile men Redstone Arsenal Ala. Special the twist in nothing new to army mis is Leinan. They have been devising methods to prevent similar in missiles for years. Liko human dancers missile components Atso shake More violently at different noise Levels engineers at the army ordnance missile come Tom tire constantly looking for better ways of keeping Vilula parts of the stable during periods of increased Gravity loading either during ground transport or free flight. The human body has u resonant frequency a Peak of response to vibration. If that certain fre Quency is reached a id maintained it can be literally shaken to pieces. It is the same with missiles. Vibration can damage a missile while it is being runs ported on the ground is Well is while the missile is moving under its own Power. A missile component my react More violently to a Low rate of vibration than to a High one. Testing to determine what it can take is done in two major ways either by vibrating the part at resonant frequencies or by using magnetic tape recordings to simulate the whole Range of vibration. Most of the Tomc testing is done by the first method. One of the Tomc test laboratories at Redston Arsenal contains a variety of shakers to give missile components a rough ride. With the formal title of Electrodynamic Vibrator these machines can produce a vibrating Force anywhere from five pounds to 25,000 pounds of Force. Since the missile components Are mounted in steel supports like a Cradle the shaking machine is a figurative hand that rocks the a ble to get my planes Bajek refuel Saiid Mantl the up 6kesm$nt which there because everything and done right it col Fabrian Mandy the Squadron we have All the concentrate ground time after he said. We have potential to support Ber than those who a special con me be Given the Crew their splendid Coop the course of this Crews visited Rhine times on either to Eother aircraft during Rod he added. Cloudy. Muck weathermen at Thor the Field was on but conditions for More cent of the six Day air closed Only about two general cloudiness overt and almost continuous kept Landing from beco cakewalk but the we Atli Eti flying conditions a Good for experienced my the fact that a hits usual heavy Load of and military traffic not with the exercise kept Peonie their toes too a spokesman " out Prestwick handles of Long thrust Prestwick Scotland the staff of the 1631st 5q Here worked full steam 4kthrust transports stopped Vej to Germany during the first two Dpi of operation the military port service Mats q be diverted because winds. Adverse weather Cyndi thwarted a Short the Squadron had plan of the soldiers from Wash his scottish parents acted the base an know if and when their i arrive Here. After getting the be formation from the s base had everything Atrul the reunion but the Terv ened and the Parin vain they were from Bride about 30 Miles Wick. The accelerated of Long thrust is under Tion of the base co Jerome a Triolo. Gram will be in effect j thrust ends in inf Chi another key univ the operation is the ice so commanded Thomas l. Huddles Toiv maintaining their rot Alert ready to answer emergency my of he pfc gets Jet Kitchen to i Mannheim i took a Jet to he fac Thomas e. Baldwin Park Calif truck Driver with co volunteered to Many from it. With the 4th inf Mith rust ii. He to i the 12th inf i m not kicking Kins continued. In up last saturday in we left there tue i Here wednesday again. It in t often 6,000 Miles by Jot pole for

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