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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 22, 1961, Darmstadt, HessePremier us Cross it 17 St a to Ftfe 107 use 36 toe 59 109 Tot 33" so 99 in 41 9 j3t 40 15 to no 70 Tessi b5 69 i 59 85 �1 by 90 101 1,5 to 84 9 tzo 44 112 49 t pm 5.0. Is by i in 2b so 91 us b i 77 85 my 44 1 4 18 45 9 1 Hillside dugout a rubbish horizontal 54eats dinner 56a stump 57musical syllable is hew 19diving Bird 20a bust fiber 21musical drama 22to Droop 23hop Kiln 34-primitive Christian feast. 23impairs by use 36samoanseaport 100 to obscure 1c� Sylvan deities 103 explosive projectile58-a Ore Basket is he South 60 insects East wind 62drl s name 106mud 63violel-cojored 107sea cows 65 a Feather Anat 67 surgical Bandage 69 operates to dwellings 71concern 111 Denary 112 a Christian 116 dry 117 pea tree us senseless 121 avow 122 yugoslav Leader 123 proportion 124 stupor125-Between 13 vertical. 16shoshonean Indian 17a a Edley 18scheme 38american cartoonist 30to unravel 32-on the Ocean 34seasons 35bajinera 37desert plants 38three-banded armadillo Var 39a style of constituent 28 pro to payment 31 observation 33 Inland channels 34 intelligence 36 corrode a frott31 affectionate Pat 40 make unhappy 42r appeared 46 toward the left Clde naut 47 chum 48 beginning 60 Sharp Moun Tala Crest is machine port 52 primitive chisel poet 76ol a co Sony on Short Fred so 80town in in a ssi Jug Gas to83flower organs 85smaller comb form 86point on mar Iner s com 1plant of Lily family 2crushing snakes 3scottish arc tic navigator 4whole numbers 5religious pamphlets 6storms fiercely 7wine vessels 8small drink 9paid attention 10town in Mas 40mud Volcano Sac he setts 41 73the Bluck vulture 74a Reamer eng 75female relative 76 Zola 126sauce Var 127dutch 129concludes poetic 12alienate the affections of 14man nickname 15bangs answer to yesterday s Puzzle. 88 pereolat1 so spots 91 a Chines of Yunnan 92 West India religion &4 native of chios 96 Island for 97 warning signal 98 Small pack animals dried Cassia leaflets 43conductor of electricity 44musical study45to preclude 47hammerpoints 49a beverage 52cowers 53a native policeman 55ovtirtaxes 58short, thick fragment Cuoq 59records spend61classifies 64those prefix 66fitsione int another 65irish sea god refuge71greek Island average time of solution 83 rain. 72medllerran features Syndicate Ean Evergreen Olio Aasa fag u the stars and stripes Cuttit my if Floh = to to it Htut Thi 77man s 78one who 5j 79middays suffers 82footlike a part 5 84faulty 87island of 5 the lesser 2j Antilles 89answer s 91able to read and write is 93cry of an s owl 5 95-to weary 5 97girl s name 5 99daubs = 101chastise � 102substances used under s paint 104sired r 106landed 5estate 2 107small rugs 108operatic 2melody 109insect egg = no satiate 113california City s 113level = 114require 2 115sea Eagle = 118cravat. ,. = 120noah, in the new Testa 2 ment � Mot authorized i read an a. Sometime ago concerning separation from the. Army. I can t remember the. A however it stated that an enlisted Man if he desired could get separated from Active duty into the Reserve or the National guard after 12 months of Active duty. I have exactly 13" months Active duty. I have not yet had one restriction court martial or things of that nature but also Haven t been promoted. Why i 4on t know but that is the reason Why wrote this letter. Ever Themy m an Autho filed which i would Medure Tif situation Sfax editor s note Sabeur h replies a reason of having completed a certain portion to period or which inducted or ordered to Active the provisions Foi discharge or release from expiration of period of service. Are outlined i promotion of enlisted personnel is governed by a 814-21 however it fit Contact your company commander concerning a _ refraction of Exten Sipi i am a two year draftee. While stationed in the . 1 volunteered for foreign service in Usa eur. Since i did not meet the for requirements 1 agreed to accept discharge and Volun Teer for immediate entry on Active duty under the provisions of a 135-214, Para 3b which would require a six months Extension since my arrival in the com Mand several problems have arose concerning my family which appear to require my at Tention and cannot be handled by emergency leave. Since these problems Are of a highly Persona nature. I do not wish to submit � detailed the major area however i do tend and would Tion conce this intention to ing on me. A Rae editor s he revue a fal for retraction of main on Active Cepter Only fac Rea Toas. Such panted by Pitary evidence by tile ont who win take 135-2w, dated Foj. Reminder please sign name readers Are reminded that All tetters to the b bag in order to receive recognition. All correspondence to m if confidential. Names Wilt be deleted in publication if i v Goren on Bride both sides vulnerable West deals. North 9 a 7 24 k j 7 2 4, j 9 86 5 3 West 4 a k 10 9 8 v j 9 q 10 9 8 4 East i k 7 6 5 4 3 k 8 5 4 6 3 43 Southa q j 2 q 10 6 3 a 5 4, a k q 10 the bidding West North East South pass pass pass 1 4 14 24 pass 2 it 3 5 ass 6 pass pass pass today s hand is from the most recent National tournament and seems to have provided a Stum bling Block to a number of the champions. The difficulty Lay in the circumstances that North had previously passed and South had an opening bid that while it was perfectly sound certainly lacked Luster. The psychological effect of partner s previous pass was Evi Dent in the treatment accorded this hand by Many of the masters. One North conducted the bid Ding in a manner Best calculated to overcome the deleterious effect of his Early pass. West was dealer and did not elect to Merable opening course passed As South opened in it with a club. West a Spade and North the hand had enor Naji ties. He made the i two Spades a Cue game. Had North passed such a be improper be Catt would expect a we cards. But in this could not be misled not possibly toe card values else have had therefore be based Spades and Treen Dot had no Choice two no Trump to a ments and West cramp the auction rebut Dong Spades jumped to five clubs aft 1 Ner would not be to the nature of the Trump holding and properly went on to a is surely marked Witer 1 hearts and the King to justify such Igorot and the void it Spades t ser to a Bridge Pla there was nothing to i the hand. West open of Spades and Declarer 1 faculty setting up a is for a heart discard sunday a Ortuzar 3

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