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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 19, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe Stan and stapes in Lim no intndo1 to it it. J. " " a wis to Send spacecraft on Moon photo Mes -. M. 3 v Cape canaveral f a the United states will try next Wmk to new a Ranger 3 spacecraft on a leg hour trip to the noon Totake closeup pictures and land an instrument package to record launching Tiet for monday. The first Day of a five Day period. I which the Moon about 235,000 mile away is in a favourable position for the launching. If the Atlas Agena b Booster rocket snot fired in this time the shot will be postponed until the next optimum be Rudd which occurs Levery 28 Days As the Moon orbits on the Odds for Success the National aeronautics and space administration said the assignment is so Complex that it hag assigned three identical space Craft to the task in the Hope that one of the three will be Success cafe canaveral Fla. Up the magic Date for America s tint manned rocket night into bit has slipped to wednesday Bat us new target Day is shaky at Best rocket launching that will Ead 40-year-old astronaut John a Glenn or. On a three orbit trip around the Globe will not come sooner and chances Are it wit ski Dat least a few More Days on the ". Scientists on the $400 million Mercury Man in to space program Are having troubles with a Balky capsule the Bell shaped space Craft that will be Glenn s Home for 4h hours on his 81.000-Mlte voyage. A faulty valve in the Bell shape capsule forced scientists to Call a 24-hour delay in their preparations for the free world s first manned Orbital flight. The target Date was switched from tuesday to a very tentative wednesday. Whether the shot will stand a Hance of getting off the ground wednes Driy depends on How Seri Ous the new difficulty is. Scientists and engineers worked throughout the night running checks on the troublesome space Craft. Cool lit in system informer source s snid the difficulty Lay in the Mercury capsule Cooling system the mechanism controlling the temperature inside the astronaut s suit. Scientists hoped they would thave to remove the capsule from its Atlas Booster rocket. This Tusk would further lift by the shot for at least several Days possibly a week or so into february. The slip in Glenn s Orbital flight apparently delayed for at least an other 24 hours a planned Navy at tempt to Send five satellites into orbit aboard a single rocket. Navy Lutiny Hlaj the Navy launching with a Thor Abie Star rocket had been soft for wednesday. The launching of composite i a series of scientific experiments now is Oft until at least thursday an less the Mercury flight slips even More. Scientists engineers and Astro nauts connected with the Mercury program continued an around the clock schedule in their drive to get Gunn. A Marine lieutenant colonel into orbit As soon As possible. Glenn himself remained in spa Cal astronauts quarters on the Cape completing final simulator flights before the big shot " rangers 4 and 5 Are slated for launching later this year. Rangers j and 2 were fired Las fall to test techniques for the Moon Landing vehicles. Neither was aimed at the Moon and each was Only partially successful. However Nasa Felt they provided sufficient i . May top 20o million in fall of Gotts lift astronaut Alan Shepard in Noi Ted by helicopter Duronc a demons Nilion of the new flotation 4e4djcned to Kef a spacecraft afloat for count after it land in Mui. Thu procedure will be us to for the recovery of John after Al or Koltaj a Ifft a need Frew intern tonal i Holo Chicken Raiser roasts government Austin Tex. Up a Chicke Raiser want the Federal govern ment to pay him $4,406 bemused he says Low flying Jet planes have ruffled his hens ant cued the to Stop laying is egg is. The Dani vices Are Sou Glit by Johnh. Nish owner of. O. K. Farms. His suit will be on the docket in term of . District court i Austin. 2 freed. Students Cor East German conditions Ano Elef a two american College t u d n t who pent Lour ninth of As prisoners inseam Munt eat orm by said hit Cori Dkins in East Ger we said Ofui and the to Ujj 4wtfi�eit wanted to get Pinkey and Gilbert ferny. Both 30. Of nearby to Uslin Call a Jive thew views after they flew in from London Wilh pwn key father Edgar and it ropy s Mother. Got or Tran the Fitu deals were Given two year sentences for trying to sue re e 22-aim old fir student to Dennany but were released. The Juirl is Sliff in prison. Punker said. Their Only conflict with the Oul Ide Ward a through communist ��dj4l? topic of an daily Ketr Arwa conf is Eluted by the they sold. . Scientist outlines asteroid bomb concept Washington map the grim concept of tin asteroid bomb a continent Tih Alterm weapon produced by divert ing a Liny Putnel from its orbit so it would strike the Earlh in been introduced by a space girl s suit claims Bubble Bath backfired 8a.v Kantt Tatco l i l do Loreff Traci Isan. To of is Mai Iho Calif., tin All Lii k to wardens filet it $ao,0 i Dubai Chi Milt in . Dit Prtrt a furl Aupi Init Binl Mare fro Dutilh in of Kautt Rutht Rford. No Muker of Brard Nirh Bubble Bath Cafcules. She court sided that one of the Carmi Tileti Giro want Oil it filing and other Chemi Euls into an Eye. Duni Lri a m. Cole of the Gen Al nitric co Mitny s missile and space vehicle department said Sudi a weapon Luht be developed sometime after 1970. The theory involves using rocket to Crry a Crew of men or remotely controlled devices to one of the close approach the Iii n would Law to. Explode. Number of Hydro run bombs on the surface of the asteroid in Sucha Way that the tiny planet would be kicked out of its orbit an pushed toward the Earth striking Wilh the Force of several million Menton Lype a bombs. If it is assumed i Holt in russians would like to obliterate the United suites and run Little risk of retaliation then they would reasonably consider the use of close approach asteroid. ,. W As h in g t on athe census Bureau has found that the . Population is growing faster than expected and probably will total Between 209 million and 214million by 1970. The Bureau has issued new population projections or 1065 and 1970. It said if the growth rate of recent years continues the indicated population for 19g5 is 196,217,-Oqo and for live years later 214,222,-Oofl using a second set of assumptions the Bureau came up of 194,45-1,000 for 1965 and 2g8,931, for 1970. On Jan. 1. The population was estimated Al 185,235,000. The Bureau Suid that it expects the figure to reach 200 million in the fall of 1366. The new projections replace aset issued four years ago which said the 1970 population might total Only 202,541.000. 1882 newspaper found in broken Mirror Auburn Maine up Sawyer said a Mirror broke in her Home during the weekend and backing it was n copy of the l e w i a t o n evening journal of March 25. 1882. She said the paper contained on of the top stories of the Day the death of Henry Wadsworth Long fellow the poet was born in port land Maine in 1807. Data tothe first of a Lorthe apace Agency Ward the years to prot preparation Fathe Moon propose another path if Ranger 3 produce the of efe crude pictures t Moon and Landing of package on bus la. By lunar vehicles i 3soviet scientists a on the me data after they Whirle d Gigantic orbit around Moon and took the of. The Moon s far so Moon the russians a noon were taken ?fron%,1iajj37,284 Miles. The the Levi in Ranger 3 is to Opet Spac Seraf f Sof the Mon and graphing do wet to 15 Miles. The pictures played to Nasa s Laboratory facility Calif. At 15 Miles. Ranger 3tach a 36-Inch sphere j reverse rocket will the Speed of the is Miles per hour to about before it hits the Moon. 6.000-m.p.h. Or tithe main body of the carry no the television and a Gamma Ray det crash on the surface atan hour and be Desti the Ball intended the a non contains a instrument thick layer of Balsa woo the Shock of Landing. Inside t be. Capsule "13 a and radio transmitter relay data to Earth for Days. The highly Sensita Dymeter will measure and meteorite hits on the 23 drown in Nepal Kathmandu overloaded passenger boat ing the Chy Astl Khz latest nepalese Hills Cap Midstream drowning 23 european edition Al my Navy air Force col 1iogway p. Smith or Usa it col Ken a Caulfield Usan Arnold it Nett. Elmir d. Frank Sydney Label mild my Matei a disc tory of i Many be Nurul at i it i. Ralph a non a i jct a Ellet. 5pcrl�, Homo a. Cable fetus Daimi Ladt to 7336aj dorm Lodl my sir in in 741 two Ruf Vot q4lt9-173. W189-78 $�titfji1r a 84215, my 739 j. I a 7-j3607mundi Bob Hov a. To 493aa9, m 6354 5.238 Amii Cini Henri 1. Kraft. Cute 045-721 Atni Jam Guntor a 64jj news Wrt aus in guano South awol let John 0200-3681 France fab Owten p. Gudebrod c1 a 448 36t Spain Welbec i haul 27s3 of 25svi England Suthy Park a. M 113 or to Del Niton Ltha 3863 France , m 39-98 to Lachelt. My 774 mrs 1c 484419 Parit to 9j0.7j-7j m Bulmon 147 Italy l8�wnt. Dotty my 1465 Spain Modred a 2246408 Greece \ Lahmi c 962328 disc Toke of pm curation offices Cermane Elln c 7639ji two it in c 45341 Oan Tadt it 7j3a a front surf. Cd 04 08-2047 Mam wlm a 84403 Munith dec 659?3 nth Nung c 790o47 Stuttgart 1c 84123 i had a 1c 43344 or Morocco a my pm Imi militant an unofficial publication of Ami fat the . Aimed form in Eliop i at Dom Lodl Cirn Iony under the it put to new info rom an mail Odd in the Slan am sept. Apo 17s, . Hint .75346, 39i of fron furl .1c 39341. New to 641 new Yogi 14, to. Waini 4-1000. To Fanf fid at Mhz 1956, Otth fail of flt Al n.y., und acl of Maith 3, 1i7. A i

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