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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 19, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and Stu pm Var t $ ?. am Namdor Adial e. Plimpton member to Tow ujv., appear in Al moist identical Poete m they rub their fac a left and clasp their hands right. The two were listening to general a fee ably speech by Portugal s Vasco Tharin in which he assailed the . Debate on Angola. United press International photo Miloye bid firm Ruel e. Mich. A tem of downtown shops id dual period of Mourne ton county seat of ukr res Denu the afternoon shut funeral services for mayor Kenneth h. T i 1 c t e d the death Nkru Pley of worker record to corp., a tape during firm. Until Liber it with City s Ert employer and at creative electro Nln Lute Field petitions of bankruptcy for re District court in Hopes of approximately who had taken on 6 or dug into life Savin a working capital to in 1959. Or dates Back to de. When Wilcoe Gity shut Chariot the Plant. Explant i Tonald Heinie tech parked in fellow workers and to raise capital for a Alion to take Over the workers contributed stockholder of re-s., with Chin sch As in apri 1839,. In later through notes which brought Point accords no tourer William. M. Cok two years ago when of common Stock cry Tive electronic which gained control. Burr of Chicago became f record , 60. Top ranking among the Union Mem he had some tied in bade wages and Slock. He promissory note were Burr us record to presi Matt president of United Auto workers us is owed bin we claims to pm was retained As exec ent a Recardio do Wen with the Parent june 1. 1%0. A t with Recardio when Down to said. He saw As the result of reaction following Fynan i b i e s of creative elec it film filed an assign Els to the Benefit of dec. 5, i Beufve. At Heinisch appear Fiat pulled the whole automated fight control system tested x15 tops planned Speed Altitude Edwards air Force base. Calif. Up research Pilot Neal Armstrong successfully flew the x15 rocket plane on a lest of new automated flight control system reaching an unexpected Speed of 3,715 mites an hour and an Altitude of More than 23 flight second in an x15 for Armstrong Lead been pro non aspirant Goldwater asserts right is right Oxford Ohio a sen. Bar by Goldwater a Ariz put in a plug for conservative influence in government but said he has no intention of running for the Amer ican presidency. Fhe told a Miami University Audi ence that he a proud to be a conservative and that government should have advisers from the political right. As for his own political plans he said i m going to try for the Senate again in 19g4 i the senator widely regarded As spokesman for some conservative political to a cols rapped the government of president Kennedy. He said there Are too Many extremists or people on the left in government. There Are never any on the exr the right in govern asked to name a few persons he considered extremists he said yes i la name one Arthur Schlesinger or. Presidential adviser and former Harvard faculty member. I wish i had known you would ask unit question and i could have brought a Book that contains the names of 31.""two a Man named Udall Stewart l. Dull. Secretary of the Interior who is taking land away from people in the West. Yes ill name n not tier free Man agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman in agriculture i guess the Way to be a Success and get a Cal hint Post is to fail As a governor Goldwater said he doubted the Gold water sch Etlinger Udall i Lead that poverty and hunger help feed communism. He said Why Aren t the people in Ireland communist they re poor and hungry. Give people property and you la keep them from being communists. Merely feeding them is not t the Arizona senator also hit at the United nations and said he thought the . Should pull out. Let s forget the whole thing he snid and join up with our Al lies and induce the neutrals to join crammed for 3,500 . At 100,000 feet. But figures released after the flight showed he travelled at a Speed equal to much 5.2- five times greater than the Speed of sound while attaining an Alti tude of 133,000 feet. Armstrong reported by radio that performance of the x15 was pretty the control Isy Steni is designed to Aid the Pilot by sensing motions and automatically Reading corrections into the controls. The 31-year-old Pilot scientist held the powerful 57,000-Pound thrust engine to 75 per cent of full throttle in his Brief flight Over 97 , former Navy fighter Pilot was launched from under chewing of the b52 Mother ship. He made not attempt to match x15 Speed and Altitude records of 4,093 . And 217,000 feet. Space race official says Washington up a infect Era official has asserted that the United states is progressing faster than Russia in the exploration of space. " % and he said h is Whin Ihl country s Power to increase that margin of advantage annually from now on. The official is Edward s. Welsh executive Secretary of the National aeronautics and space Council. Greater rate addressing the annual banquet of the american Astor nautical society Welsh said that despite1 Russia s Success in orbiting = two men the United states achieved a substantially greater rate of space Progress in 1961 than did the soviet if the United states keep putting More and More Effort into its space program Welsk said we will not Only Lead in space but we will annually increase that mar Gin of advantage Welsh said space exploration to probably the most difficult and certainly the most Complex Effort undertaken by Man but he said it would pay for itself to the Long run and would contribute toward attainment of world peace the Protection of Freedom and improvement of the world s Standardo living. V re snip in times ves Navy $21,000 Philadelphia a it col George a Schmidt picked lip a pair of scissors and saved the Navy an estimated 521,000. Schmidt chief of the clothing ranch in the defense clothing and textile Supply Geniter Here recently received a order from the Navy for a six month Supply 2,500 nurses uniforms. The Navy specified it wanted Short sleeves Schmidt had a lot of Navy uni forms on hand but most of them were Long sleeved. He grabbed a pair of scissors and one uniform and snip skin. Snip deftly Cut about 16 inches of material off each sleeve. Schmidt presented his Sampler to Navy officials. They wer de lighted. The colonel figured it would Cost 52 cents to Cut Down and hem the sleeve on each uniform As against $3-80 for each new uniform. It s a snap Here i up of snap system for Nacle in auxiliary-1 Power. 10a Pudyk a4 atop a air Force Agena Satel Lite which u 111 be used d dealing with employee organizations. It provides that such organizations shall be Given the Chance to speak at discussions on grievances per Honnol policies and practices or other matters affecting working conditions the second order Calls for the civil service commission to Issue regulations by april 1 creating a system of appeals front actions taken against any government employee. The regulations would specifically provide for hearings. The general order does not apply to the Federal Bureau of investigation Central intelligence Agency or any other Agency engaged in intelligence or Security functions if its director f i n d s application would not be consistent with National Security requirements. The Fri Cia National Security Agency atomic Energy come fur Sion and Tennessee Valley author Ity were specifically excluded from the order concerning appeals. Under thei Laws Federal still will cot have the strike against the government they cannot come to terms in to attn agreements ,

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