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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 18, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and Stork Lull a truck Drivers beware vehicle signs Tell what Bridge to Cross by Richard e. Wallace Frankfurt special have Yoti wondered Why army trucks have a yellow sign with Blac numbers above the bumper the yellow sign s numbers an letters designate the relationship Between a vehicle and the Load capacity of a Bridge it might be expected to effect of a vehicle on a Bridge depends on the Gros weight of the vehicle the weight distribution on the axles and the Speed at which the vehicle crosses the , All vehicles with a Gross weight of More than three to Sand All trailers with a rated pay Load of More than 1j4 tons reassigned classification numbers. The numbers assigned to vehicles Are whole numbers from four through 150.a class number has been As signed to All Bridges in european is indicated by signs at the beginning of a Bridge. These Are yellow or Orange circular signs with Black class number of a Bridge represents the Safe Load carrying capacity of a single Lane Bridge or a single Lane of a multilane Bridge under Normal crossing Normal crossing is one in which the vehicle class is equal or less than the Bridge Classi cation number where vehicle maintain 30-Yard intervals and where the Speed is restricted to25 Miles per hour. A Bridge class number May be vehicle May Cross the Bridge fit is the Only vehicle on the Bridge see figures a and c a Bridge May have a dual class number. This Means that on Normal class number is for wheeled vehicles while the other figure a a single class number indicating that either a wheeled or tracked vehicle May Cross if the vehicle class number is equal to or less than the Bridge class each Lane of a multilane Bridge has the same classification number the signs Are the same As for a single Lane the lanes Are of different classes each Lane has its own class Bridges May carry a combination class sign with the Normal two Way classification on the left. A larger number on the right indicates that a higher class figure b Carrier signal spans 18,000 Miles. _ i in rvs if of i still Al Amis Nixon staff write Mannheim Germany is crash procedures of the seventh army communications come demonstrated monday that Mainland alternate communications nets Between tactical and major subordinate commands can be completed now within hours rather than weeks needed less than two decades equipment and techniques provide wider ranges an greater reliability for command ers in the seven Day Field train ing exercise Carrier signal which began Jan. 15, according to col. John h. Morrison jr., come the nets cover an area of 18,000 Square Miles the hundreds of Miles of Cable and the weeks of Advance preparation Are missing. Line of sight a terrain features which increase Range from the usual 20-25 Miles to As much As 60 newly developed technique troop scatter increases the Range 80 to 120 Miles with 99 per cent reliability. Tactical us of this technique in Vietnam has proven its Worth and need according to Morrison. Asked How a commander could effectively command units Dis Persed Over an area of 18,000square Miles Morrison led the Way to one of three h34 Heli copters assigned the command. Two h13 choppers two u6 Otte fixed Wing and Piper cub air Craft augment the h34s for speedy and effective personal Contact with subordinate units on High mountains regardless of Nar Row roads Snow ice and terrain features such As Ullh Hill 880, North of Koenigstein and Ober Ursel vital to wider thursday american force8 network the times hated for an programs Are Central european time news every hour 1009 jazz unlimited 1606 the 1605 to nashville0605 1030 Ira Cook 0630 Newt headlines 1106 modern sound0655 Road conditions 1130 noon request report show0700 the world at 1200 news and 07000730 morning request show0806 America s pop muilc08.0 Don Mcneill 0906 take ten0916 Tempo 1255 International ski race 1640 news 1645 for children1800 news 1830 regional programs2000 news 015 Saskatchewan move in color 1431 cartoons1500 big Valley 1606 Daniel boonsu01 information and education1730 assignment underwater ports1216 noon request show1306 Art Linkletter 1316 adventures Inwood Muslo 1406 Small world1606 oat with Chris German to 2140 contrasts East West magazine2226 Newa 2246 jazz heard and seen jazz concert Withro Ahlm e. Berendt2345 news 1706 Jim Pewter show 1730 world news1749 sports journal 1802 local new Sand sports 1810 evening request show 1906 the Youn sound 2005 on the scene 2030 Frontier gentlemen 2066 Coin quest2106 Muslo in the air 2200 the world at2200 2230 tonight show2310 a portrait 2315 John Doremus show 0005 Herman Griffith 0030 All that jazz0100 world news 0106 sign Oft ranges for line of sight radio butt Ropo scatter permits dual diver sity use of two channels at the same Tim reduction of person Nel and equipment and longer ranges by bouncing the signal off the of the troop scatter technique Range in size from themore Mobile 32-foot Antenna to the larger and More stable 120-foot antennas which require More time to install. The 60-Footantenna can be moved but weight and size limit mobility fax Carrier signal is a quarterly exercise providing training under simulated combat conditions for commanders and their men to Iron out problems and prepare them to operate under the More hazardous conditions of actual combat. ,.,signal elements involved in the exercise Are ii and Iii German corps 17th air Force v and Vii . Army corps 507th As group 32nd army air defense come Aad com seventh army communications come and seventh army support group 56th arty group Lith and 555th engr groups 15thaviation group 66th . Group and 3rd of the command must provide communications for Al links in the Chain of command during administrative break or actual combat so that command ers can reach the ". Man who does the Job Morrison said. Is the Normal class number for tracked vehicles. This dual class number is use Don Bridges with a capacity greater than class 30. Two numbers Are then shown on the circular sign the upper one for wheeled vehicles the lower for tracked see figure b dual class multilane Bridges May be designated by a Compo site sign indicating both dual class and combination classes see figure c. All this is Well and Good for single vehicle but what if another vehicle or a trailer is being towed if the two vehicles Are space less than 30 Yards apart the Are considered a combination vahide. Then the front classification number on the towing Lehi Ivett figure c Cle should show the Normal vehicle class for the combination with the red letter a above the class number. This number is arrived at by adding the class numbers of the two vehicles Bridge Crossings Are then made according to this combined class number. A word of warning. If a Bridge with a lower class number than a vehicle must be crossed con sult an Engineer officer before crossing to see if it is Safe. By the numbers this class sign indicates that the vehicles towing another vehicle and the combined weight is 12 tons. When not towing another vehicle the letter c is removed. The letters and numbers on the bumper mean the truck is assigned to v corps 32nd signal in. Army photo Ferrari Spear headers hit it second program 1740 news 1927 news1760 adventure in 2000 contest for the the wild West,1 Best carnival film a ms1880 off duty 2140 viewpoints Magazine 2225 news 1856 under the Moon of Paris play ramsteinwim8adbnrhine-main to nlf.ln1 1 Andy Griffith 8001 Carol Burnett 2200 ten o clock 1830 the evening he new report report series 2215 up100 my three sons 8100 armed forces 2240 the uate 1930 get smart news sport Loht Showdesper-8106 the lieutenant ado a Are in Wuu wham town Check sports Section and other pages for announcements of special broadcasts Friedberg Germany special an oh13 helicopter buzzed in Low Over a predesignated land ing zone dropped a Brilliant yellow smoke Marker grenade and whisked away in a Flash. Moments later several smallch34 Choctaw helicopters Fly ing in a slightly staggered Zig Zag formation rushed the Posi before hitting the land ing zone on the Crest of a sloping incline the Rifle bearing Spear headers leaped from the Heli copter for the scene took place at the training area Here last week Ashe 3rd army Day s 1st in 36th inf underwent air Mobile infantry training. Spear headers scattered to the nearest cover when u platoon Leader barked hit it approximately 250 Yards away an aggressor Force had established perimeter defense and a guarded Road Block. The Spear headers Mission was to Knock it out Al lowing Friendly forces passage known As a vertical envelop ment the Speed and Surprise elements Are decisive factors. Providing additional support was the c1i37 helicopter a Pon ton bearing chopper carrying the powerful jeep mounted 106 my gun. According to it. Col. Horace v. Freitag 1st in 36th inf co the training concentrated on a Mode of mobility currently be ing used by the army especially in Vietnam

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