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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 17, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseFag 2 t continued from Page i have no great interest in Stab Uata inc Way sew Goven want department other than one for Urban affairs. Equally questionable Are prospector the balanced budgets which or. Eisenhower predicts forthe present 1961 fiscal year ending june 30 and the next fiscal Yea starting july l the forecasts rest on various assumptions some of them shaky. The Kennedy advisers question their accuracy but or. Eisenhower displayed no Beer Walnty or Lack of Confidence in his 3&000-word budget message. For the fiscal year 1962," retold Congress a Send you budget and legislative pro part Salsa which will meet the essential Domestic needs of the nation provide for the National defence and at the same time iweservb5 the integrity and strength of ouf Federal government s finances. With this budget. I leave to the new administration and the con Gress a progressive Anri workable financial plan which recognize National priorities and which re Fleet my confide n c in the strength of our Economy now and in the years to . Eisenhower sold his budget will increase the nation s military Power expand efforts to conquer space bolster the Economy and Domestic Well being help less developed countries Mark up some savings and continue air Eben tax Rater /. By translated to dollars and i the Eisenhower financial for Eca Silook like this. " government spending will climb from s7&9 billion in the 1961 fiscal year to $80.8 billion in the 1062 final year. The Treasury expect an even bigger Rise in government income from $79 billion to $82,3billion. If these estimates hold Good and it is a real if there will be a thin surplus of $79 million for this. Year and a More su$1.4 billion of next year Public debt can. Be reduced Ffora jsg2ire to Jeo Stor alone the Fri Al of Congress so far to increase postal rates an gasoline and aviation fuel taxes the Way or. Eisenhower president is counting on these increases and a few others such As higher Patent fees for $1.8 billion in fiscal 1962i if these Aren t approved the 51.5 billion surpluses gone. I. And he is counting on Congress put higher postal rates into Eisenhower program asks 58% for defense continued from Page 1 for the current fiscal year will be needed to cover civilian pay in crease readiness measures already taken and other items. Or. Etsen Howe added to Lake Lull advantage of the wealth of acted lift and technological developments rapid and some times dra us changes must continually be made in military forces and program just a few years ago the United sates was programming twice As much Money for manned Bombery steins As for strategic missile sys tems the budget Lor the coming fiscal year by contrast programs More than four times As much for strategic missile systems As for manned bomber systems. Similarly defense against ballistic missile at tack took Only s Smai portion for manned bomber systems. Similarly defense against ballistic missile at tack took Only email part of the total capital investment in Continental air defense As recently As Tinea year 1957. Whereas in the coming fiscal year it will be a sub Stantial percentage of the has been a gradual shift from guns to missiles on surface hip. And from conventional to nuclear Power for submarines for surface ships the relative Utility of nuclear or conventional Poweris question that requires Case by Cace consideration in each year shipbuilding program. In total there has been an emphasis on versatile and modern Multi purpose military facilities equipped and prepared for All forms of military action from limited emergencies to a under the budget recommendations total military manpower would remain unchanged at2.492300, Bach service would hold the same Manning table army870,000 Navy 625.000 Marine corps 175,000 air Forup 822,900 High Livel project nor would the numerical strength in weapons and units change radically. The army would continue at 14 divisions the Navy s combat Fleet at 381 ships the air Force would decrease from 88 to 81 combat wings but with More new aircraft in the units. Whereas Kennedy has talked of accelerating the missile program or Eisenhower said that work on the four main trat Glt boil la tic missile systems will be continued i a High he said that Money needed in1s62 for the Atlas icbms system of 13 4uadrens would be considerably less than in previous years because the system then willbe approaching completion. On the other hand Money for the Titan system will be higher than this year and funding for the solid fuel minuteman com win be sharply increased As this missile moves toward the production or. Eisenhower asked funds forgive More Polaris submarines which would bring to 19 the num Ber of the rocket firing nuclear powered Lor which full funding was provided. In addition he recommended Money for buying equipment in Advance forgive additional Polaris boats. The air Force is seeking to develop its own Aerial version of the roving hard to find Polaris system. This is the Sybolt project a system on which a ballistic mis Sile with a Range of about 1.000miles would be launched from a big bomber. No speedup was provided for this program. In another air Force program the administration last summer in creased Money for the b70 Long Range bomber intended to Fly at More than 2,000 Miles per , it Nad Cut Back the project almost to the Point of extinction in his message. Or. Eisenhower said that funds Are included in Tom budget to continue work in 1962 on the Airframe an engine and on the essential sys the b70 project receive about s265 million in the current year and is expected to net some what More under the new budget proposal or Eisenhower s budget again dampened the army s ambition to go into production of its Nike zeus antimissile missile even before full tests of the weapon Are made a year or two hence. The budget pro poses Money to continue develop ment and testing but nothing for production building bases or Start ing manufacture of were asked for 30 new ships of various types including three More atomic powered attack submarines. Spending for research develop ment and testing of new or improved weapons systems would total �138 billion about 1240 Mil lion above the present a Section of his message on the North Atlantic treaty organization or. Risen Honor said the United states will continue to contribute to nato. He said the where it corns the budget Dollar corporation income Fox individual income taxes j 962 estimate source Bureau of Tai by Tail ate co Miall he h in fiscal. Chart above show where Theta Dollar will come from and How it will be spent. Income expenditures Are detailed at right. All 5 aboard killed As c119 crashes near it. Campbel it. Campbell by. A Anair Force c119 crashed on a farm near it. Campbell killing three officers and two enlisted men. The cargo Craft from the 433rdtroop Carrier so at Dallas Tex. Went Down As it approached the of Campbell army Airfield. The Home base of the plane was identified by Sewart fab at Smyrna Tenn. Officers at it. Campbell said the Craft was carrying Only the five Man Crew. There were no survivors. The men apparently were reservists on a weekend training flight military sources withheld identification until relatives were Noti fied. Army s 14 divisions will be deployed in the same manner As in 1961, with seven in critical this seemed to mean the five divisions in Europe and two in Korea would stay there under the Eisenhower proposal. Federal building site selected in Florida Washington up the Genera services administration has announced that a new Multi million Dollar Federal building i Tampa fla., will be located near the City s government and office building Complex. The Agency said the site chose consists of the Block bounded by Zack. Polk Marion and Morgan streets. Pentagon reports no Trace of soviet mystery object car skids Kujus 4ypres. Belgium up a car left the Road and skidded onto the bicycle path killing four people an seriously injuring a fifth near Here. Washington up the de sense department said there has been no further Trace of the mysterious missile like object spotted coming out of Friday night a department spokesman said there had been no further sight Ings either radar or visual of the object which May either have been an attempt to launch a Satel Lite or Send a rocket into the soviets Pacific testing zone. The object was tracked for 6minutes by a . Air Force radar station. At Shemya Island Alaska. The Navy last week spotted three soviet missile tracking ships head ing into the Vicinity of the rus Sian Pacific testing grounds. They were to have arrived saturday. The Federal budget exr Anrena s8q.9 41 in i Algeria talks okd by rebels Tunis Tunisia up the algerian rebel government it exile announced monday it is read to open negotiations with France. It said it is prepared to discuss the conditions for a free Consul tation of the algerian the announcement was made Ina statement issued by the rebel leaders after a four Day meeting Here. The provisional government of the algerian Republic the state ment said aware of its responsibilities is ready for its part to enter negotiations with the French government on the conditions of a free consultation of the the statement appeared to mean he rebels Are prepared to discuss he terms of a referendum vote by the people of Algeria about their future political , the words free consultation indicated they would in Sist it could be held Only after the 400,000-Man French army left the country. I Etna erupting Catania Sicily a Tea broke into a new eruption today and lava was pouring out to a Crater on the Northeast and if the Volcano several " Hundred j to Len fold Fords below the giant main Cone programs. Income Revenue for Purther Tut Hiis Wii Grain that project in Aid to flu Catt of chronic to and creasing and space of 10 Gei Ern ment spen Calls for 1 new there Are projects As n Africa Earth in Chile and formation a latin America a Home funds to Stepi tax Laws $56process and new building files. More weather for representatives Virgin Island civilian apace exploration will lion in 1962, up the pres i fully of a main Calendar year for the free Security program recommended acreage in expend of $3.6 billion increases listing a zoo creases relate being and to the ment . Broadening mediated making in transportation inning develop sources at spend itunes in welfare programs Tor school cons1 for teachers favor assisting employment Perski Rural development. The recommend would be off seat to i reductions in others proved operations present taws i he said Forand localities the Cost of Urban Protection and operating often by Federal la addition or certain Grants be revised inc agricultural con farm pc expenditures " agricultural Kresov jibs million to a billion under tiie while he Lashower took a Awa called a continued support pro Graro requires major gently with rest the conserve auntire form land ought to represent 28.6 acres or. Els Only ton la enacted another Point members of Plain the pm mends no a 3

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