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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseTexan Maggie plays cat burglar but Don t ask us what she s doing in the leaves. Honey a touch of Texas Honey is Sweet ening the latest Marcello Mastroianni comedy diamonds for break fast being shot in London. The Honey is Houston born Maggie Blye following up Eye catching appear ances in Hombre with Paul Newman and waterhole no. 3" with Jame Coburn. In diamonds. The Honey haired Green eyed Maggie plays the provocative part of a curvaceous cat burglar recruited by a Down and out grand Duke Mastroianni for a daring jewel coup. Maggie formerly a Campus Queen atthe University of Texas and Urcla said she Hopes to make More movie sin Europe. Her stateside acting credits also include to roles in gun smoke Perry Mason the virginian and Ben made her first stage appearance at the age of 5 in a Houston dance re Cital. However her University accomplishments were More cerebral . A National Honor society scholar she starred in English history and psychology. In London she s been brushing up on history with a thorough exploration of the City s hallowed Sites. It s just fascinating she says to walk past a House and realize that Barrie Keats Shelley or Irving to londoners it s just fascinating Tosee Maggie. . I dear Ann Landers i am teenager who is not writing for advice it s Loo late for that. Iam writing in the Hope that you will print my letter for other teenage girls who think putting out is the sure Way to hang onto a Boyfriend. Bill and 1 started to go steady on my 16th birthday it was t Long before we were doing things to had no right to do. His theory was if a girl Lovesa Triy she proves it by holding nothing my theory was this is the Way to make him mine. It will keep him fro going with other girls because if i fill All his needs he won twant anyone but after six months Bill began to act As if i wore a Burden to him he started to complain because 1 complained when lie went to the hockey name this buddies. He said 1 was try ing to own him Puiul lie Cou Lii a in who was Bossy. So to broke up. Then 1 Learned he had been seeing another girl behind my Back. I also Learned he had told a few of his Good friends about some of our private moments. If any of you girls wonder poor 14 what it is like to give in to your boyfriends i can Tell you in a few sentences the few minutes of pleasure Are soon replaced by terrible feelings of guilt. You walk around scared that you might be Pray for forgiveness but you have a feeling god in listening because you have failed him so Many times inthe past. You wish you could Stop but you re afraid you Boyfriend will leave you if you refuse him and you could stand that because by now the Guy is your whole life. The none Day he gets tired of you and you lose him anyway. And Whoso you lose him to a girl who knows How to say too late for me dear too late thank you for sharing your bitter experience in the Hope that it might help someone else. And now if you have Learned something from it it will nut have been a total disaster. Hear Ann Landers for the past 10 years my husband has been to sick to work. I never leave him for More than an hour during the Day. Since i do All my own housework i aplenty Busy. Once a week my husband and i go to a movie together or we play Bridge. This is the extent of our evening socializing. I Don t want to give the impression i am a Martyr. My husband is a pleasant person and i Don t resent having him around All the time. We have been happily married for 22 years and i Hope god gives us30 More. The problem is this i Loveto play mahjong and i get invited to play about three evenings a week. I have two teen agers at Home so my husbands never left alone. He always puts on a Long face when leave. Do you feel i should pass up these mahjong games to please him Miami mrs. Dear mrs ordinarily i advise a wife to leave her husband three evenings a wee but since he Man is at Home 100 per cent of the time that a lot of togetherness. I say you Are entitles to crack Bam and Dot three evenings a week if you want to dear. And May every hand you pick have at least 10 flowers.196, Publ then Hall Syndicate the stars and stripes pm the Young sound and the fury. I m All in favor of an going younger and livelier ii wish they d reconsider their decision to Cut Down the � hews broadcast Jund move it to 5 10 . � pm Many listeners Don t have a Chance to get Home from or until shortly before also hate to sea it shortened since � often is the Only comprehensive 1lc the 10 . Broadcast is c and the headline summaries Little value. Frank Worsley Munich haying just read the awful news that an is switching to a younger livelier sound All i can say is thank god for of Man radio. It army colonel Darmstadt Germany i am a 19-year-old draftee and am pleased that an is con turned about the tastes of the Young. But i m a Little insulted As Are my buddies that an program directors apparently thin the Young gis Aren t interested in a Good thorough news Broad. Cast in the evening. .1 doll t get in from nor duty until around i . And i a always made a Point to find out what s happening at Home and around Europe on an s world at 1800." i Hope the directors will reconsider and leave that part of the format As it was. Pfc. James Mcglave Kaiserslautern Germany. R Well let s sum it up 55 minutes of comprehensive new Sand sports is condensed to 30 minutes not counting the rehashed headlines on the hour. Filling the prime time hours from 5-9p.m. We have 175 minutes of monkeys and turtles nasal nosed performers who can Only sing with fantastic stereophonic support turned to Infinity. What really stands out is the announced basis for the change after a Survey showing the younger average age of service men As compared to several years the army in t drafting boys and sending them to Europe an younger today than they were 10 years ago. Air Force master sergeant Darmstadt Germany about a year ago this writer had the Opportunity to talk with the voice of America director John Chancellor in Munich. At that time he said he thought an s the world at 1800" one of Thebes news programs being aired. He said also that As via director he was envious of an s beautifully done program is of course to be tossed out apparently in the service of youth. Let youth be served certainly but let youth also be told the reality in the world around it. Air Force Captai Wiesbaden Germany i seriously regret an s decision to replace the 6 o clock new with the Young Lively practically the Only time i turn on an is to listen to the 6 o clock news. With newspapers usually being a Day behind in their coverage the 0 o clock news is my Only source for a More detailed coverage of current news t there some other Way to Appeal to what some Survey con siders the Young Soldier than by reducing his capability to be informed of world events can t an find something of less importance than the news to replace with the Young Lively sound i believe that by replacing the 6 o Zyk news with the Youn Lively sound an s priority of values is becoming distorted. Spec. 4, Berlin editor s note an Headquarters Frankfurt replies of Europe is constantly striving to serve As Many american service men in Europe As possible with the Best available information and entertainment. Informal surveys and listener comments mailed to an stations led an program directors to affect the changes which occurred Jan. 7. Usa eur statistics and surveys repeatedly indicate that the Serviceman in Europe today is several years younger than his counterpart prior to the Vietnam conflict. The average age of draftees and trainees in conus training enters has dropped since 1965, and this apparently carries through to the replacements assigned to Europe. Attempting to reach the Young Serviceman with a vigorous sound it was Learned that he preferred the 15-minute format for International and National news presentations and that a greater percentage of these Young servicemen were More available at 5 30 . The 7 . And 10 . News will continue As half hour 10 . Newscast is very Seldom preempted for play by play sporting events and if this does occur the sports coverages always followed with a news wrap up. Placing the Young sound at 7 05 . Is an Effort to provide the Young Serviceman in Europe with the Type of programming be became accustomed to in the states. This program is a lbs series which has gained great popularity of the Good music lbs pm stations. The selections played Are modern contemporary song but performed in a tasteful and melodic manner. As in the past an s major programming problem is How to please All the listeners ail the time with Only one program schedule. The current program schedule resulted from months of research including a thorough review of All available listener comments and planning by an program managers who collectively represent Over 100 years of american and european radio and communications experience. The new program schedule is a result of their professional judgment and does not represent any outside influence whatsoever. In its constant efforts to serve americans in Europe the network is anxious to receive audience reactions and invites listeners to write the program director an Europe Apo 09757. Tuesday january 16, 1968

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