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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 16, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse%. Or i by Bob Poos a staff writer rusting crumbling Landing Craft still rest on one Beach. Spent Rifle and machine gun cartridges litter the Pound. Huge japanese Cannon knocked from their mounts by lie Askew. This is iwo Jima hallowed in corps annals As a place of blood death and glory where that corps ketone of its sternest tests. It is one of the few spots in the world where old glory flies 24 hours a Day instead of being lowered at Sundown. Iwo lies peaceful and almost forgotten in the vast reaches of the Central Pacific its Sulphur pits bubbling and reek ing. The eight Square mile Island is in habited Only by cats and dogs gone wild Birds lizards poisonous Centi Pedes and a tiny Garrison of american airmen and coast under american control it is scheduled to return to japanese Rule this year. . Marine veterans of 1945 say the Island is engraved indelibly in their memories that no matter where you fought iwo somehow stands above All others. At first look from an airplay encircling to land they would have no trouble recognizing it today. Iwo resembles an Oval meat Platter with a Lump of potatoes at one end. The Lump is it. Suribachi where marines from the 2nd battalion 28th regiment raised the stars and stripes their feat recorded by associated press photographer Joe Rosenthal in a memorable photograph. Partly because of this photo the Flag is never lowered atop Suribachi except to be replaced by a new one. The Flag flies near the site where the photo was taken. Around it is a Small Monument of whitewashed con Crete with two Bronze plaques. One re ports that this was indeed the site of the historic Flag raising. The other quotes Tough old adm. Chester Nimitz uncommon valor was a common Vir tue among those who served on iwo jims. A americans serving there now almost unanimously object to the planned Transfer of the Island to Japan s. Sgt. Dick Milewski of Syracuse i Force medic serves Nink we ought to give it Back. Too High a Price for it. Petit this Way no one Here wants to stay on this place just to keep it but no la Hack t0 the s. Sgt. Richard Luyet of Miami Fla acids the americans took it fair and Square in a War we did t Start and we ought to hold on to it. An awful lot of Guys died on this iwo s prick was High for the Jap. Nee As Well As americans. The in Vadino Marine suffered 5,895 men wiled Almoral one third of All Marine combat death in world War u. wad sailors who died a Page 12 iwo Jima f. 2? Kantoku Foo Csc is a iwo Jima Midway b. Pacific Ocean detail map shows initial Landing area of marines paths the invasion then took. Brought american dead to 6,821. More than 19,000 japanese soldiers perished while about 1,000 stunned survivors were captured. Members of the current american Garrison about 60 men commanded by air Force maj. Paul Gerber of Newyork City spend much of their spare time boo Docking prowling the old battlefields bunkers and caves. In sum Mer an old White phosphorous hand grenade May detonate starting a Brush lire. The iwo Garrison serves two Pur poses As an emergency Airstrip for planes in trouble Over the Pacific and As a Loran station furnishing Taviga tonal Aid to planes and american in off duty hours the men fish or swim in a Pool Ocean swimming is too dangerous because of Sharks and Strong undercurrent. They also make tape recordings gee movies and bowl. Besides the Fefie itar there is a hand Ful of civilians at working for the armed forces. My Are koreans Anionic oddity because much of the work on iwo s fortifications was performed by 2,000 or so korean labourers when the japanese were building iwo into a fortress. The fortifications were a Mai Terp Lece of military engineering. Even Rise in the ground contains a Bunker an most bunkers cover two or three others enabling soldiers inside to Lay Down firkin virtually every direction. Marbles rooted but the defender with Satchel charges rifles bayonets and Flahie throwers. Most of the Jap anese died rather than yield ground. The Island was stripped of almost Al vegetation by bombs and Shell fire by the time the 3rd, 4th and 5th Marine divisions men first looked at it from Landing Craft. Today the underbrush Imback four to six feet High. It is doubtful that the japanese will be Able to do much with iwo once they regain Possession. Much of the Island is sinking Back into the sea Caus ing cracks in the Asphalt Airfield run Way. New Sulphur eruptions pop up from time to time. The name of iwo Jima has been celebrated in ballads books and movies. When the . Ambassador to Japan a. Alexis Johnson and president John son were negotiating with the japanese for return of the Bonin islands and iwo they expected some Flack As a diplomatic source in Tokyo put it. It is reliably reported that prime minister Eisaku Sato promised that the stars and stripes would continue to Fly Over iwo and the armed service committees of the . House and Senate were informed of this along with Amer ican veterans organizations. Presumably Sato s Promise holds Only As Long As his government is in Power. The stars and stripes whether the tiny american air Force and coast guard bases will re main is unknown except possibly in High diplomatic the formal american Monu ment and a reproduction of the Flag raising on iwo Jima photograph Chis eled into a Cliff face there Are two japanese memorials one to the dead and one a Buddhist shrine located near the spot where the Island commander it. Gen. Tadamichi Kuribayashi was believed to have Small Monument on the site of the old Marine cemetery expresses the Hope that these dead shall not have died in it is Likely All the memo rials japanese and american will re main recalling the heroism of men on both sides of oils ugly Black Island a the Pacific in Miff Cannes of 4th Day search wrecked equipment on Blue Beach no. 1, where japanese artillery was Strong. The Flag raising on it. Suribachi the historic photo. A Apt a w v % no a. A

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