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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 15, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse1962 the stars and stripes fag 9 Rosity special the Ifon of the univer ind will begin its a. 29, it was an liver fifty course have been armed forces Edu Many at instal to live not previously m. Program officials off r Throe of credit which run i la stateside colleges \ i a , in general j a. In military of them degrees re j overseas,.i offered in us w inter University officials feet to chooses Are Inopia lao. Seb i a italian 4. J re lands inn i Law. Hitter fit front a at a. Spain Are of an incan c Rili pour a retail wet. Shh area Smith i Sianii 3, nog Cut emf Utic 1. Rokab Aitken Siaa Lih 1. Zaita Goza Pecan not manahem fit the a. Riot Yunfaa. Phil thy at . to Medera Mil Ruitman 2. Bari in to a i to x Suh 4, Morocco Ben Guerick to Bunmi. Sewn cart paltian lad rhetoric. Military pal icy the United Suft Alt French i. French 4. Mouasseuft-amm4tn government. Diplo Matic Hii Loty at the United sulm be to Tillory and world like Ratut. The h la can no re. Al to Fra. Prin Riper at set Laty Franth t. It Tetli i. Freert. For Walt 1. French my Sint Slimane Ruti nth Law. Aii Ebra. Com and butt orc. In Natian a Law military Hillary to to Stry and Ault Lyl Geoa Witry. French 4. Laon a if rec a Ower Nemitt and analytic dec Nelry can Tatilian and Atnel can let Naturi fir net 3. French 4, Girman 2. Maison fort fac until Triam omitry and analytic be Onart. French i. Orleans Peru Rel in Gem it. Pron Elln at in Ril spa a comp hit and fit Lyric fun tit i. For Neh 4. Par16-loges part Niichi 1e�n�mlei. Camping in govern nun 111 Istl Tutini. Europe in itt. World so tint of a Century. Algebra. Hll Iury history fun a i Frinch 4. A saw Lett Rutur. Fanth 4. France hat shroud Aroa .conme for nth t. French in. Bussac Hottory a Wrt Lortt Frinch 4 Capri eur for cd i. Chateauiiouxlfllrt4ikla 1 Bui Init. 9inpt Law print plan of ctn min Prantl pm of a i a. A Miti it and american Liln Slurf. Fortach i. Franth i Frenero 4. Fun nah s. Gift no Chitmon Amiul Uli Titi for Natl 1. Fontenet Huwy. Fish 4. La octet Teai for. Fran Rte 2. Franth 4. Poitiers by Xii t la. Frincis Pobi a Germany Berlin and american Litera Ture. writing. German 4, military s Eire Arm Pitburg introduction to buit Neit. Butlien Law print a at economic. Mittory of Ameri can civilization German t. German 4, military Hillary. Hahn Compoli tits and american literature trigonometry and analytic Tien Metry. German i German German in intimation political pet of he a of array inline. Wien not Man Al Efon Nuri. Cow Ehl Twefi str Ratmir. Naip Timitia and in and in Faith lit i pn1. Heitert a Taviti of the aft Flat Start. Tufeg. Temton Al the ?0i ctr. Itary Marti it Cal Anat Tai j 2. Set nth 4. Of Carnlia i he Cut Alisio the j fit Man i. A Story of amerkan . Military Law German 4. american Kirch Goens Western civil Emlion Ger. Man. But2bachgrrn�n. I. Mainz military Hillary Philo Tophil men be by. Ala Ekra. Rhine main a Marat economic. Set rim Money and banking. Com petition Annj j world literature Hotary Al american civil Watlan the soviet Union. Intro Dustian to cry cology applied Pych Lor. Stitth com i Pullion and rhetoric general Ctorn Witry. A and amen Chi lit area to the United i a m. � icum gift am Rilean x m of Ftp in rent la. Panitt i. A Priar Lulf internal Nal pm tical re Triam. It Alec Era. Spanish i. Mean ii 4. T 14 tin i him. Of to in Van Zdovc did t know Tif was a unti ii Man fur Toul Cam petition and act icon i i Toul of whet pro Al mini Bui Tenn Ute Kilt a it am Dirac Civilis Vioti front i. T. Fen a i of nth j. Frent i 4. French of Kois rom times Bunnitt a. French i. Velour the Illja and a twin Witcra Tvr. Sap enc my Itlan and hit we. Buti Militar kit a. Print Piti to Public admin. . For rare i French 4. German 2. Virvle Francois Frimett i. Chenev1erefrenchsol maj finds Home in 3rd army Gav rest by 1iknry a Kraft. Dhieux for Mph 1, Eveh Cuk and a american lit a fan litre tem Furtta set foil. A Freie in or world of Elmo of the 201h Cmary. Ai cur. M ii airy leu. French i. Finch French 4, French s. Perm feel Many who came to Europe with i famous re Mienl a few ago during the buildup of his s1 Kain to in Bureau that was when i was serving tit Usa eur he in Heidelberg some years ago and i asked to reassigned to the 3rd," he declared. \ Sembach Ollie Oneal com and Manama. Mint. Prinel Plet of it Ananti. Comm Nitin and i american late rather. German i. German 4. German Lei. Algebra. We Ibert Ecken Suee Cri Compoi Lod and rhetoric. Gel Mart 2, German 3. German 4. Plant Ifim area Heidelberg Indus Lariat management method of teach i be. Social St diet. Phit Molliy of i Turadian com oot lion and world literature Cani Pratt or a ame Lrae civil Ilion. Refute German i Soei Olty to ame Ritin life. Sheridan in Ine Law of Rin Cpl to Eean Mioi Weimern Civ Stalhut. Be trix Yuetlan Lap Chalo a american Gever intent Phil Gany for modern in German i bad a1blimg the. Govern Niit and and mints Ratlan of the soviet Unkn. German i he Wihs spent most of career Jiji the 3rd. He of Jisc Slid Assifi Narx it 1 i lit unit j on Only one occasion. I found Siena in soffit or is by a gun non in sri cil possible a Mth in i hts Rhevay near hot dec. ,1. Bus Saulz of j it Fri it j in i truck which Kidd of Iff \ of a Milf far i arc 111 a lil of dec. 3. milk thrown it of i hot Hicle Ami somehow wound up under Ian Ani Fridun Soldier Stoppi re t the in no Holp d la truck i hive Tii Frimm to ii Safi i Ici i it f Poliuc and directed tilt ii or an Idof Fiaux we Central european tits of monday american forced network Flaxen i the Omye 8lr Huttl i Tan cow Mctroy t Cau a nude hid hot sum lit Laeal Imo in � Pmj Lav lilt Cunti Kenui f m Tat lot ims Pittevil conceit i Bod it i i i m in Ai Emo up or irm Reguett she Capute to concon iw1 c f Reau etl j0li american m in Kail 70 to penal i Nan Star 210v hot Pilai 213u mrw Erim in Mclerr Lau on the Sune i i Newt i bit Blini Qon i7m Levi i70i Mroue Sli two my ill pm i Mowitz la Arl i 4 comm Rush a /nlt8 Tel la cat Smartt Hill or Hie keen Lino hem it Amstein to schedule Hoo High War Patel Ohhi Hare in will Tram tj55 a a 000 cd twp jew Farrr Mau Juk Wei an Pute Gunn 1275 Bettel per i Cul Ren ttys my i i sch to text mos Tea Well or i4m mryt oui mini a l m Europe oui Hennt l tit Home him mini. German to la Hon Pio Ramt Tom amut Parade 1700 far children 21to indu Itri of Hll Iii National p Eirini service to not. With of 2220 Mem it Flo reporter 2231 German Curling second program his turn Niue jo31 the. Captain Kantar 1700 Cartoni 1730 Spile level inn Sperti Lisa Newt. Up prot. Weal her ims to Hull Afen Riet in att ii Lenin in and him i Wirso Niji thanks. I ii a Loova did t know in was ii and pfc in ii Linzil he rend about the Simiu alien in the stars and stept f f i of for Witrod to be thanked pointing Oul he Only did what anyone t Psi would do. Gardeners plot plans a i Sensbach Simbach. Cerniant special i if Fin it the air hts life live i hair plans for hit summer ail plotted out and Xvi Tiftik for the first Law. A new to Din club headed hyc Ripe b. D. Sle ele of the 38th in Scriel shas been formed to Kiva an Opportunity to Szirow their own Veges ask son a proxy int us lots. Other officers of the club Are t sgt a Sluard a to oust vice Measor. And t sgt William d. Morton treasurer. Bad Stoelz , Tenn and american literature. Hifle Rwjr to Cimfl can . Munich a Crew Monty and a Anklet. Educational measure Nientai. Cant Kitlen and a Niliah literati in. Marlean . J Ternate anal data Niolion. Europe in it wow Sott no at the 20th Century. The Slot unit military Houtary. to pict Zoloty soon Cut com Poillion and Fth atomic German t. German 2. German a German 4. Germans Gorman by German 61. German is. Re an i. French i trigonometry and analytic gym try. Mure at Indus anal Manaa ennant Al Aenni Oberammergau International Pluit Leal it Galioni soft maj Stanley k. Marlette on the other occasions when i was sent to the 3rd, i was jus following orders from Washington. It is a strange thing but in the Poi celime years i was always with i third. Hut during wars i assent Hack to the during world War ii Marlette served in the european theater was in Hie a Day. Invasion of Normandy and i Hen followed the1st div through France and Ger Many. In Korea he was with the 45th inf div anal saw plenty of action at the Punchbowl a massive ring of mountains shaped like a punch bowl somewhere near the 38th parallel. Mint Lett was with the 3rd Cav win i it came Over in 1955, the first unit of regimental size in the Gyroscope program. Ansbach Ger Ryan 1. Bad Kissinger German 1. He Lenry it american . Bamberg Cudih Wintion and a mar if an liter. Ture. Zip Giltory writing military Kitty. Bayreuth Bundlach German 1. G i is Elst a it algebra. German i be Rutan Isi. Pron Choln of swi Lixy. Crin Moludy. Nuernberg imn Rrell German i o on Byl principle it economic Soelch a Ampulla and rhe Laric. German 4. Schweinfurt can German film new Law. Ledward comp motion and american literature. German i military history Werthem German 4. By Siroj Lav. Hit Lory of american civilisation. Wuerzburg management and or Ani the theory compote tort Anil Engleh Titu raters history at american i to Iii on International political re Laliani German i German 2. Ger Man i. Algebra. Bal Ami Law. Santt Evirt area goepp1ngen German i. Heilbronn Comoros Liob and american literature. Military polity of the United states history at american . German i algebra kor Westheim in Dutria management. German i ludwigs8urg Heilem Cal citation. A tit tary policy of the United Sulu German 2. Moe Kringen military history history of american Cuil Rutlan. German or of Recti i Nellt Ngen principle of economic. French t. German 4. Stuttgart Roh Ilion Law Pron Dole at can Anict. Exiga Mitory w riling. Cam. Para Tive Krutil Liuni diplomatic Hii Tury of the United states German i. Ger Man i Vaihinger German i be Roar 151. Ger Man 4. Speech composition and rhetoric Libya Tripoli German 7, italian 4. History of american civilization. Educational Psychol boy. Di0lmnhc history Al hit Untley state. Alge. Tax Law. Perdunn a management principle of dec dynamic Bina nirm Law. 27th arty surgeon aids Auto crash victims Craven Wehrt. Germany a ring capt Robert single a surgeon with the 2nd howitzer in. 27lh arty is credited with saving the life of a German woman critically injured in an automobile crash near Kitzinger. The woman one of four persons injured in a head on collision of two German civilian vehicles had stopped breathing when Slagle. A member of an Arm Convoy came upon the crash scene. His immediate treatment revive her and he continued to provide treatment for her and another seriously injured woman As the were taken by civilian ambulance to Kitzinger City Hospital. The other two injured Persona were not seriously Hurt Slagle was assisted in giving Aid at the scene by capt Andres a. Villodas and sp4 Robert Viete

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