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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 14, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseJanuary 14, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 7 2n years of study army to change officer efficiency reports by Marc hurts a Washington Bureau Washington is the army has been trying for almost years to come up with a sys tem to measure the efficiency in ail thu so years Many meth ods and forms have been tried but they have All been found wanting for one reason or an other including the present the biggest single reason Fornall the changes in the last Quarter of a Century has been inflation of adjectives or the tendency to rate men higher than they should to experts who screen some 30,000 reports month any system must be based on Man s evaluation of his Fellows and since we All look upon things differently and situations vary no system can really represent the ultimate. Still trying in spite of these obvious prob lems the army in t giving up and beginning on april 1 will Start using a new and improved efficiency report. It s called form 67-0. The new form the seventh change since the end of w id War ii eliminates the composite score computed from numerical ratings taken from the two most critical parts of the old form. At the present time the score can run up to 240 Points but under the new regu lations approved recently by army chief of staff Gen. Harold. Johnson the performance rat ing scale will run from 1 to 5and in another Section from Zero to 100.rating and endorsing officers will be reporting on a total of about 98 elements of character personality and ability plus narrative part that goes to make up the leadership qualities the army needs and wants in its officers. In the new form five additional qualities Are being added decisiveness integrity no duty conduct selflessness and tenacity. In 1967, some improvement were made in regulations but the same form 67-5 continued. The changes authorized rating offi cers to show their evaluations to the men they rated discontinued administrative reports an eliminated counselling sessions. Viet experience now things Are being change once More based on the experience of the Vietnam buildup anime army s continuing Effort to come up with the Best Efalua ion soldiers can devise to judge their Brothers in in a few months will be be composite score compute Horn numerical ratings of 67-5 Crone will be the letter report sled Tor some . Officers in quarters such As on r where Ali actives mean one lung to an English speak us a inv another this in the Insu i Soad a Romance rat a. Will run from one to five d Iron Zero to 100. The stand o plus y Rcpt Wui be u8edm, v m International assign re in Wra legs or remark Sci Lyle rated officer s Kiuei w1r1 be shown to Thluai alter the report has by the indoors Ines an narrative portion five. Tore All these changes Are a far cry from the Continental army s first efforts in 1775, when general George Washington asked com Manders for letter reports so that he could Weed out misfits and adjust the rank of officers. During the War of 1812, the Secretary of War asked com Manders to communicate to this office As speedily As pos sible such an arrangement As i your judgment the interest of the service and the claims of Merit require of the relative rank of the officers of your regiment. Your report which May be confidential will distinguish those whom you know to be meritorious and of whom you know nothing meritorious of whom you have a knowledge and of whom you know nothing what of your knowledge and that by some of his replies were Sim ple and to the Point like this one referring to an officer of the 27lhinf regt the very Dregs of the Earth unfit for anything under heaven. God Only knows How the poor thing got an few years later Congress asked for periodic reports Ronall combat officers and things continued in this simple Way through the mexican civil and Indian wars and the army s important role in the Westward expansion to the Pacific. By 1890, military life became bit More formalized and Gen eral order 41 directed that efficiency reports should become a permanent record. Post and regimental commanders were told to report by May 1, 1891, on the professional ability and practical efficiency of each officer be Low the rank of colonel. Whether he is attentive to duty and of exemplary conduct an temperate president Theodore Roosevelt an sex colonel of the rough riders advocated a Merit sys tem for the officers based on efficiency world War i a Standard rating scale was adopted the War was Over a single trait evaluation report form 67was used for the first time. According to experts it was Good form and it was popular but then of course the army was Small and relatively inactive. In artist s concept the Interior arrange ment for the of s airborne warning and control system Azacs is shown Here. The sys tem is designed for a dual purpose role As both an air defense and tactical flying command Post. Aft of the cockpit is an area that can be space for Crew or electronic gear. This is Fol Lowed by the operational Section radar and specialized equipment and a Crew rest area. This ship is designed to carry 35 to 45 men. Army to retrain gis held in confinement Washington is the army is setting up a special correctional training facility Cut at it. Riley kan., to re train soldiers confined for Mili tary offences in . Post Stock new program expected to Start about july 1, will provide intensive infantry training and correctional instruction for sol Diers who Are confined mostly for being absent without official leave awol. Although infantry training willbe Given soldiers who Complete the program will not necessarily return to duty As infantrymen. The army says since Many of the men already have specialities every Effort will be made to re train them for their original mos. If this does not work the they will be trained for a new army is confident it can return military offenders to Dut Yas Well trained soldiers with improved attitudes and motivation because of the Progress that has been made in rehabilitation since world War ii and the korean War and particularly in the past10 years. In the last decade an army official said the military philos Ophy and Success in this Field of has urgent need for Engineer cos Washington is Theair Force reports an urgent requirement for noncommissioned officers to Volunteer for duty with civil Engineer construction squad Rons in Vietnam and Thailand. Volunteers Are being sough with a civil engineering specially in the 54, 55 or 56 career Are and Are eligible and qualified for duty in Southeast Asia. At the present time the air Force is filling replacement requirements for the 819th, 820thand 823rd civil engineering group Sis reporting in Jun through october. Has advanced ahead of the civil Ian Community. Social workers and some of the600 officers and enlisted men who will be assigned to the ctr will work to solve the personal problems that the army believes Lead the men to go awol in the first . Gen. Carl c. Turner the Provost marshal general an former Usa eur Provost mar Shal will have the command responsibility for the ctr. At full strength the new facility willbe Able to handle about 2,000 prisoners during a 10-week of men who commit purely military Offens Esis not Luw in the army it was explained. During world War ii and again in the korean War when the army expanded Froman All Volunteer Force to meet War needs the army had Largo enters for retraining. The last one at it. Gordon ga., was closed in 1954 and since then re habilitation has been limited to efforts at the local Post stockade. 1935 the army including Theair corps Only had 13,400 officers and almost everyone knew everyone else in his Branch by name or reputation. About 75 per cent of All captains in 1922 were rated less than excellent and Only about 26 percent received the top two excellent or Superior. Only 3 or 4per cent were rated Superior. Things changed with the com ing of world War ii when the army and air Force office strength Rose from 21,300 in 1940 to 89,000 in 1945.inflationary reporting set in so that by 1945 95 per cent of All officers were rated Superior or excellent 30 per cent Superior and 65 per cent excellent. In the Case of colonels t h situation was even worse. About 60 per cent received the to rating and the army found it difficult if not impossible to Finda Standard measure to separate the Best from the average. Beef report the first major change Casein 1947 with the forced Choice form 67-l a Standard rating scale and an Overall efficiency Index. This was needed because the army was Small and it was due to get even smaller in Tim and Only the Best could Hope to remain on Active duty. This form May have been Thebes report the army Ever had but it was unpopular even before it hit the Field. Raters complained they did t know where they we replacing the rated and the most and least choices did t accurately describe or evaluate All of ices in the same degree. With the outbreak of the Korea War a cutback changed to new buildup and the reporting system changed somewhat. Form 67-2 Vas adopted to embody lessons of he last three years. The army by then also found the rating scale promotion potential and perform Ance evaluation were All Valu Able in gauging effectiveness and inflation mentioned earlier Hadnot really set in just yet. Forms 67-3 and 67-4 that went into use in 1953 and 1956 contained minor improvements Over the earlier form. As time went on raters gave out higher and higher scores and it soon became evident that anew philosophy was needed to improve reporting. There was also a tendency to consider that the Oei had discriminating Power far beyond its actual capabilities. Deep analysis in 1958, a major study too place which included recommendations from 60 colonels of the regular army augmentation Board who had Analysed 19,000efficiency files. The army scientific advisory Council compare the army s system with civilian companies. The British can Dianand German systems were also studied. Five thousand Sample were Field tested. Senior army commanders made recommendations. The result of All this was form 57-5, which went into effect sept. 30, 1961, and what should have been the last word in reports. Each officer was rated at least once a year an annual efficiency score was devised the rating Cycle was phased by Grade mandatory counselling was required rated officers were compared with other officers of similar Grade Branch experience and time in Grade and Rater Andin Dorees m a cd e Independent evaluations. Ral

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