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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 14, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stapes report to Kennedy Jurges Efi j pc 1 l j Palm Beach Pat. Al the nation s disarmament policies should be worked out by a Separ ate Agency whose head could Deal on equal term with the secretaries of state and defense a task Force reported to president elect John of group moreover urged the incoming executive to withstand expected pressure for an Early state Mentor of position on arms Eon Trot. The government has never developed Baste polities on the Issue in the past and should take time to do so if real accomplish ment Are to be expected the re port predicted the resumption of the United nations Assembly meeting would stir up intimation Al demands for a us. Statement of position Only a Brief summary of the disarmament task Force report was made Public along with those of four other groups working in the foreign policy Field on the ils. Information Agency Africa foreign economic policy and operations of the state department. The disarmament report recommended establishment of a sell tit Loomus Agency staffed by sex tit diplomacy science and military its head apparently would have higher level presidential backing than any previous occupant of a similar Eisenhower at one time assigned disarmament duties to Harold is. Stassen authorizing him it to on Cabinet meeting and report direct by to the presi Dent. However. Sussen s Post later was subordinated to the Secretary of state. setup there is now a 1j.s, disarmament administration under the dec retry of state and provision for Ait assistant Secretary of do Fen for disarmament. Kennedy Fea designated John a. Mccloy former High commissioner to Ger Many to head the Agency within the state department and there have been indications that me Nigeria gets . Apology washing Ixon a Secretary of state Christian a. Herter has apologized to the nigerian govern seat for the refusal of a restau rant tech Lott Ivlue in. To pro vide service to a nigerian Diplomat. In a not to nigerian ambassador Julius m. Us och Herter said a has esked the interstate com Merce commission to investigate the incident Tae not said second secretory c. C. Uchuno was refused service at a restaurant located in the Charlou Esvier railway station Jan. 5. The state department said i would reply further when a report is made by the inc which regu lates railroads. In the meantime Herter said,1 wish to Espreu my profound regret for any discriminatory treat ment shown to or. C c. Uchuno with the Hope that you will under stand that this discourteous act is in no Way indicative of the feel ing of the government or the peo ple of the United states toward the government and people of he federation of cloy Pott would be built up to greater task Force on the information Agency suggested that its director be Given a seat on the National Security Council the highest level National policy body he should be designated As the principal adviser to the president and the Secretary of state on International information and Cul Tural matters the report said. It said the Quality of existing in formation and cultural programs should be improved and that appropriate but modest increases in budgets for this purpose would Tene eded. The task Force on Africa said the greatest need u for recruit Long additional top flight personnel for us. Diplomatic posts in Africa and developing an integrated coordinated policy toward the new african states it said economic and educational Aid is important but highest priority now must go to building up the diplomatic missions and that higher appropriations will be needed Tor the purpose. Stronger . Leadership 4tt m i f creasing International developing effective economies abroad was recommended by the foreign economic policy task Prce tace report called also of co ordination and cooperation with other industrialized countries a Chr the economic Field. It mid Jill by planning must recognize the 1m Ortance of foreign economic activity to Domestic growth As Wen a the close inter relationship am Oft various aspects of foreign economic policy the task Force on state depart ment operations five top priority but of Pei Fitt Trade policy clip it proposed the Ai. Would Refl your first trip to the Moon will be a Little cheaper of you plan a couple of stopovers in and for travel time figure about 2w Day one Way. " " " v to need to Rush for reservations unless you like to plan Way ahead say about 10 years but with what is now known you could begin making Advance preparations. These were some of the observations of three engineers deeply involved in space travel who were to participate in a full Day session called project Moonbeam at the first International Congress of automotive Engi neers underway in the motor City. The project involves a Complete discussion of the propulsion navigation guidance communication Landing life support and re entry problems for a vehicle to make regular tips to and from the Moon. Prank l. Williams Deputy director of the George c. Marshall space flight Center of the National aeronautics and space admin Lipf t ration said he believes the Stopover method might be tint it would work this way1 the three men and the payload would leave Earth aboard an Earth Orbital Carrier a million Pound vehicle on Thea order of the Saturn tithe development stage. This would reach an orbit i from this vehicle the Pas would Transfer to a similar Williams referred to As the this would leave the an orbit around the Moon for the lunar Carrier and off surface return via the same1 Williams and m. W. Hunter Engineer for space systems.,Craft co discussed the conference along with r. B. Heed aircraft corp. Heavy snowfall flattens garage be Tunt in to eau for than to tank out for three automobile trapped in a garage in will Langport a. The budding Loti aped under the weight of accumulated Snow. United Frew International beats drag out sit in with new York Tuple bewildered bearded beatnik Coffee shop proprietor John Mitchell sighed Man like it s getting to be a real drag Down Here but he has won his sit in Battle with the fuzz the Law. The incensed espresso and Avant Garde pot try aficionado condemned As harassment attempts by fire and police official to close his shop for alleged fire violations. I Urtheil said o group of firemen at 1 . Charged into the gaslight cafe which he runs in Greenwich Village chased his customers out argued with his singers and issued him two summonses for Over crowding and blocking exits. Mitchell said they even accused his establishment of Harbodin cockroaches. Cockroaches exploded the irate Mitchell Why i told those Guys i d give them ten dollars for every cockroach they could find. I Don t have a single cockroach on the premises Mitchell said some firemen seemed to take particular exception when a Calypso group began yells stares Send old no. 79 on 1-Way trip new York a children yelled motorists stared and Cam pm clicked away As old no. 79. An ancient swedish trolley car whined with clanging Bell Down Brooklyn Street. It was the first Streetcar on Mcdonald Avenue since 1956, and it very probably was the last the occasion waa the 50-year-old Streetcar s trip from the Yards of the Long Island Railroad to the Coney Island amusement Arthur Selfert who collects old cars and old telephones Hopes to lease some unused track age from the Boardwalk there and use the trolley As a kiddie ride. No. 79 was shipped from Gote Borg three weeks ago. The original purchaser from the . Midwest could not arrange transportation from new York so Selfert who had handled the shipment fell heir to the 15-ton Blue and White trolley. The trolley could not be placed aboard a font car because of Low hanging wires on Mcdonald Avenue so no 79 clanged Down the Street under its own Power with nine enthusiasts aboard ring ing bulls and trying out the ice scrapers Selfert estimated the total Cost including transportation and Pur chose Price at $3,000, singing pay me my Money v v one fireman with a lot of Gold on his even offered to fistfight me Mitchell said. Mitchell said he became irked when his friends were ordered outland he decided to reopen about 2 . About two dozen friends and employees decided to sit in wit him. Otilde police from three patrol cars and firemen held a Confer ence. Police would not lock up anybody unless the firemen sighed a complaint. This the firemen ret fused to do. They finally decided to leave one fireman and patrol Man at the scene. Fortified with Coffee the embattled beatniks recited poetry song Folk songs played chess and cat napped Uritis 11 30 . At which time the firemen gave the gaslight the Green Light. Firemen said the lire 4 hazards had been lessened presumably by the fact that Many of the patrons had been chased out or had gone Home under their own a Jower. A Hoffa in a payoff Washington Ster president been put on notice Vestiga tora will Del whether he cond scheme of Klc Boj by new York Tih offa has been testify tuesday be subcommittee o which has been Loo legend underworld big City teamster chairman John Ark said evidence1 Hoffa was aware officers placed an 11roll allegedly sip $70,000 in payoff Titonio Tony ducks quoted in Hoffa was quoted lice tape earlier Don t care if Yon Bayou want to. Rob go Don t get , in Encl three Days of ithe i it shameful foil in Rob dues paying m the Money Ouer Hoffa who Lias up the teamsters will be followed to chair by Haroin Ster executive Vilce Pih offa a no. 2 earlier two we Tunesi familiar pattern in Section of the fifth against possible Sel Trifo they were Henry a ii Ness agent of local 239 scribed As a Nal record of 15 Aryl convictions and Jose an administrator of to fore fund. Vermont legis says he s Ove Mont Pexie to member of the lature says he a Tuff Bis $140 salary first two weeks of Sembly earned Arthu nuut lature Hoa not Long Eno Tirb to two wee a pay

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