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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes january 13, 194% Itomi y. Nixon to compete in Wisconsin 2 Small vote states May topple a candidate by Elizabeth Wiarton Washington up within the next 12 weeks two states with a combined total of Les than three tenths of one per cent of Tho . Electoral vote May have knocked one of the top candidates out of the running for the Republican presidential vice president Rich Ard Nixon and Michigan Romney have begun campaigning for the presidential primary March 12 in new Hampshire which has Only four of the total 538 electoral votes which Are based on same two men will face each other three weeks later on the april 2 primary ballot in Wisconsin which has 12 elec toral votes. For both men it is a crucial test Nixon must win big to erase the can t win image which plagues his Hopes for nomination. Romney s Campaign has gotten off to a disastrous Start and he needs to make spectacular showing against Nixon the favorite to stay inthe race. So millions of dollars an endless hours of campaigning will be spent not Only by Nixon and Rinney but by supporters of new York of. Nelson Rocke Feller and California gov. Ron Ald Reagan who Are hoping tomake a Good showing As write in candidates. Although president Johnson will Likely receive the demo cratic nomination for another term if he wants it the democrats too will have to campaigning the primaries. Democratic sen. Eugene Mccarthy has entered these two races and will enter several others to Challenge the presi Dent s Vietnam they begin in Early Spring and run through lat summer in election years the primaries like the National opinion polls generate consider Able sound and fury far beyond their actual significance in the nominating years ago for instance Barry Goldwater lost All Butone of the contested primaries he entered and got less than 50per cent of the votes in one of the uncontested ones yet was nominated before the first ballot of the Republican convention was finished. And Back in 1952, the lat democratic sen. Estes Kefauver set fire to the primary Cir Cuit winning everything in sight Only to Sec Tho Nomina Tion go on the third ballot to the governor of Illinois Adla Stevenson. The system of nominating residential candidates is complicated and somewhat mysterious even to american Clit ens who were brought up steeped in so it is Small wonder it i almost totally incomprehensible to p u /. /. 1 e d Washington watchers abroad. Candidates for the presidency of the United states arc chosen in late summer of election Yearby delegates to the two National party conventions. The National commit t s of both parties determine the total number of delegates and allo Cate to each state a share based on population plus bonuses for voter turnout in the last elec Tion. Hut it is up to the individual states and state parly organi a tons to determine How its share of delegates will be selected. In 15 states and the District of Columbia a primary is held so that the state s voters choose their own delegates who theoretically would be pledged to or favourable to a specific candidate. State Laws differ on whether the voters May Cross party lines in the primary Vot ing. In some including new Hampshire voters Register by party and must vote Only in the party in which they Are registered in most including wis Consin All registered voters arc Given both party ballots and they May vote in either Pri Mary. The states of the second Cate gory have a total of 801 Dele Gates which would be a hefty slice of the 655 needed to win the nomination. But the figures include 30 Dele Gates at Large. Who must be chosen by state committees and or conventions and therefor have to be subtracted immediately from the eight of the 16 states of the first category although delegates Are elected in a primary there is no presidential prefer ence on the ballot so the Dele Gates run of their own and May or May not owe their elect onto their preference in Candi Illinois he primary bal lot contains a presidential preference but it bears no relation to the Delegate selection an the question of How the delegation will vote in the conventions decided later by the state new Hampshire wis Consin Nebraska. West Virginia. Oregon California and the District of Columbia have True presidential preference Primar George Romney. Bad Start Richard Nixon. Must win big Eugene Mccarthy. Challenges lbs jokes unstoppable party line gags russians by Jay Axelbank Moscow Nana what is it like to live under communism so begins one of the latest jokes making the rounds Here. The answer it is a life in which All is abundant an free there is unlimited hous ing cars meat to which comes the retort what is meat despite the economic re forms stressing the profit motive and the heavy emphasis on con Sumer goods production under the Brezhnev Kosygin Leader ship the russians realize they still have a Long Way to go. Jokes As much a part of the russian character As borscht Are a perfect barometer1.gone Are the Days when Nikita Khrushchev with almost Ever breath boasted How Russia would soon overtake their special Brand of satire and self mockery rus sians now see things More realistically. A teacher asks his class to describe life in America. A child replies it is a land wit poverty exploitation and unemployment. Right you Are say the teacher and then asks the children about the soviet user replies one of the Bright boys of the class must overtake from time immemorial the russians have used the satirical jibe As an escape mechanism and poultice whether in connection with the Normal rigor Sof life in this country or oppressions of Tho cars or Tho sacrifices in building a communist state. Since Tho beginning of Tho Brezhnev Kosygin Era three years ago the Tenor of jokes is a Little More subdued reflecting the comparative colourless nature of the leadership. Khrushchev was a much More inviting target for scornful humor than Brezhnev and Kosygin. Khrushchev himself even in his role As a disgraced former Premier and now an Ungerson As far As the Kremlin is concerned retains an image of Aboor or neck turny uncultured Leader. Two jokes Illus trate this Khrushchev goes to a collective farm and inspects a Pigpen. He asks the photographers to snap him with the pigs and they oblige. The next Day the photo appears in pravda with this caption Nikita Khrushchev shown with pigs on a collective farm. Khrushchev is the second from the another Points up the former Premier s Well known capacity for not appreciating anything other then the most heavy handed literal painting. While touring an Art gallery Khrushchev halts in front of a painting and asks what kind of garbage is this one of the guides replies thesis a Mirror Nikita Sergeyev some Western political observers feel that the russian penchant for satire has some tinny to do with the continuing Lack of Freedom of expression inthe soviet Union and is reflected in the trials in Moscow and Leningrad of rebellious Young intellectuals. It is when the joke become written satire and is circulated in an underground newspaper Orin mimeographed form that the authorities crack Down. As Longas the irreverent crack makes the rounds by word of Mouth the authorities Are smart enough to tolerate the situation just As american army officers know that when the i gripes it s a healthy sign. One of the favorite objects of soviet ribbing is the often glaring difference betwee Promise and fulfilment. A teacher asks her class where Are the Best mothers in the world the reply in the soviet where Are the Best buildings in the where is the Best food in the soviet teacher notices that a Little boy is crying in the Back of the class. Why Are you crying he sobs because i want to Goto the soviet leg in which the delegates pledged to the candidate � Der. Whose Banner they ran. Thew six states represent 181delegates, but in some of the states the delegation votes Are divided Between the winning and losing candidates according tothe percentage of votes they received in the primary. And in most of the state where the entire delegation vote goes to the Winner of the presidential primary the pledge is not binding on the Delegate seven the handful who must vote for the Winner of their primary on the first ballot Are release from this pledge on later ballots. So the primaries Are showcase and a testing ground Bat have Little real effect on the actual selection of presidential nominees which is done by the delegates to the convention. By and Large these delegates either Are or represent the Long time party works in the state organizations. Goldwater entered the Pri Maries but refused to be dismayed by his losses in the because he had lined up the party faithful in enough key states to insure his nomination. And that is Why Nixon in the opinion of most political observers has the inside track on this year s Republican nomination. By almost any gauge Nixon cannot be considered a popu Lar candidate. He has not Wonan election on his own since defeating Democrat Helen Gaha Gan Douglas in his race for the Senate in 1950, and he has had two major defeats by the late John f. Kennedy for the presi Dency in 1960 and two year Slater by Democrat Pat Brown for the California governorship. But for years Nixon has been willing to go anywhere at any time to address party rallies and fund raising affairs helping the state organizations in their problems with the National com Mittee never deviating from his full support of All republicans. Come next july in Miami Nixon will be Able to Call most of the More-than-1,300 Republican delegates by their first names. He will have visited i their Homes taken them on trips shared head tables an speakers platforms with them and sent Christmas presents to their kids. It is an enormous advantage for him and would be an almost unconquerable advantage except that he has chosen to enter the primaries in the belief he must demonstrate that he can overcome his loser stigma. Nixon can probably absorb one primary loss but that s the limit. If he is Defeated in More than one key state even his bes friends will be afraid to put him on the National ticket. European edition col. James w. Campbell Usa editor in chief Elm b tax Schaeu or u8af � a put Altor Lnch a new by 2 in production Henry 8. Epstein v or Cultum Manau or i and for a armed forces published by me,.� a 8" eur in command and printed Dally at Darmstadt military address the stars and stripes Apo 09178. International mails in Ifil Mij will Ai Psaty cd 1034 1-Daiwrtadt. Germany. Tell or Eshelm ovo a a i Darm Tad air strip prefix 2378 741. Telex 0419-332. New York office 641 Washington 8t, new York 10014, Tel area code 212 620 b/71. Second class postage paid at new York . The appearance of display advert " Inhar �. concernln8 commercial publications does not constitute a endorsement by the department of defense or any of its component. To Ynah Ifft states is an open society in which the people s Stu tto know a cherished and -4? Lyndon ii. To Hibou

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