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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 13, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseContinued from Page w Flamingo club. A Tutor wow my Aio i if Limo we it my cab film hfl4 my i in lifted Fol it if fix nations enjoy a lavish Buffet at Flamingo club in Naples. Ing on it tip overlooking the Bay of Naples. .,t.- to say Ibe dub has proved a Success would be Kope Jesa understatement for example the most recent addition was a Bowling Alley Complete with the first automatic pin setters in Italy open from 9 am. Tonttu Midnight the operation includes a snack bar and All the services found in the most modern Bowling entertainment is stressed at the dub and regular attractions include every thing from kiddie parties and weekly movies to Bingo and special Ell the management likes to think big to planning activities. One oblast summer s projects was the charter of an excursion ship to Ink 450 members an dependents to Capri these activities Are made possible bythe profits of the club ranging from $6,000 to 12, a month depending upon How Many units of the , sixth Fleet happened to be to port on payday. A to Fleet has been in Nice before Etc men hit Here you can always ten the difference. It Means Nickles for us in Stead of dollars one of the managers sex to take care of the mass influx of sail or a crowds in general a Large Patio was added to the Side of the dub and most of the activities Are moved outside during the warm months. Included in the Patio construct Ioa waste Libia Siisi Jor Tia Bowling Alley and what is believed to be the longest bar in italy114 feet -. To provide for members in the category of a that thirst the dub offers four count pm four separate bars the main ballroom which orc pets most of the second floor and seats several Hundred persons has a piano bar where Bobby Carter a Veteran of several name bands entertains at the ivories until Tim for the orchestra to take Over. Downstairs is a cocktail lounge designed for couples desiring a quiet place to relax. The tastefully decorated lounge includes i i set to and a fireplace. Across the Hall is the Stag bar a Large room done up in the Motif of a bavarian Beer Hail. It appears unlikely that any females Wilt storm the Gates of the Stag bar since the Only Entrance from the lobby to the Retreat passes through the men s room special emphasis is placed on the Quality of the food served at the club. The main dining room is on the lower floor and of fers a hefty Steak for 51.30. Plus a wide variety of International dishes with the especially of a different country being be Lee Ted each Day. We feel we have the Best food of and club in the City. When we need another Cook we pass the word around Down atthe big hotels and usually get a first Rufie chef on of the managers explained. To keep the members coming regularly to the club a special event is staged about once a month with added attractions inthe form of food music or other entertainment Movi stars Jayne Mansfield Ana Rossano by Zzz Are among the celebrities who have visited the club. One unwritten Rule at the Flamingo i that All ranks ate equal inside the doors All grades of enlisted men Are eligible but the number of stripes on a member s sleeve does t carry any for officers the Only Way they can be admitted is by a Pec Al invitation is sued by the club. ? " 4 Goren on Bridge 4 v 4 Taftt West vulnerable. South deals North 4 k j 5 2 v 934s32 6 q 10 7 6west East 410873 4 q g a k j 8 5 4 910 4 10 a 98 76 4 483 9 5 4 2 South 4 a 9 4 v q 7 624 Kyj 4 a k j the bidding South West North East 1 4 19 pass pans 2 it pass 3 it pass pass Pas opening Lead King of if Declarer obtained a suit by suit inventory of is opponents hold 14 Ings in today s hand in order to land a three no Trump contract. Holding 20 High card Points. South started off with an introductory Call of one club. West Over ailed with one heart which Rode Back to South who decided to make a mild overbid of 2 no Trump. Since he had failed to open with 2 no Trump partner must not count on him for the Standard number of Points North had sufficient values to accept his partner s invitation. West opened the King of hearts and shifted to n Diamond. East upon winning with the Nee continued the Sutt this made it Clear that he was now out of hearts for surely he would have returned partner s suit had he held one a partial count was now established West had been dealt six hearts and East six cashed his four clubs and West showed out on the third round. A Complete count of West s holdings was now available. He held six hearts two clubs one Diamond and there fore four Spades. The Pivotal Queen of Spades might be found among West four Spades or u might be Dou Bleton in the East hand. In either Case the safety of Declarer s contract was assured. Declarer led a Spade to Dummy King and returned Low Spade to his hand. When the Queen fell the contest was Over but if East had followed suit with a Low. Spade Declarer would have gone up wit the Ace and led another Spade to Ward Dummy s Ink. West would then be in the in hippy position of having to yield the ninth tricking the form of a Spade to Dum my s Jack or a heart to South Queen. 1w1, taif airman praises Usan Hospital on november 25th, president elect Kennedy and his the parents of their second child a boy and Ife an a parents of a firs Colw _ the Kennedy Chii Awis to Niflis the finest of hospitals and by to Tatj the most pensive of doctors our baby Girt was born a Hospital at wheelus air Force base in Tripoli the Hospital Blu being $335. Despite this outward difference in circumstances births however i am sure that mrs. Kennedy and better care nor Comfort than did my wife and baby and conscientious treatment and care by the doctors corpsmen of Ward a at the wheelus Hospital would do to any medical organization. If those Good people Are indicative of Usan medical everywhere i would respectfully suggest to president " that he Send mrs. Kennedy to an air Force Hospital child and be assured of the Best care bar none. A/20 Horatio gifts from pm i am a French born naturalized . Citizen and my family resides in France. I desire to buy in the pm an expensive watch for my brother. Is this authorized by army regulations or is it forbid Den to donate gifts purchased in the . To French citizens Hume withheld by request editor s note usage us tfx replies As follows in Accord Ance with Aez circular 190-40, dated october 29, 1959, Para 6b 4. The practice of gov hug Bona fade gift of inconsequential value is b gift does not fail in this category donor should comply with pertinent sections of com circular 65-223, dated May 29, 1988. Which requires French custom officials for payment of import duty Asp assignment i am writing to inquire As to whether you could Supply me with information pertaining to assignment with the armed serv ice police. I have checked wit personnel on this matter but to no Avail name withheld by bequest editor s note Safe h in 1952 when the 24thtivated. The 24th was also Ait the 91st and the 22nstabularly so. All located1 Hersfeldt Germany. A Sot Daniel 1st sgt band and & " housing allowance and rank t stationed Here receive $4738 pc month subsistence to an enl atom member s s 53.00, yet is cfiaii4the same amount per meal Latt dining Tull any fool can nmte1stand the difference in base we but when it come to of Llowana it takes a smart one to to of of comprehend x name withheld by 8eqf pm r vhf stars and stripes How is it that officers station Din the Netherlands living in the same area paying the Sam amount of rent on the Economy receive anywhere from 30 to 80cents per Day More housing Al Lowance than any enlisted Mem Ber this became effective dec Ember 16,1960. Also How is it that officers editor s note Safe he revues As follows Houa is derived by comparison of the average Cost of Boosing i Orer was area with the average coat for similar members in Oft the joint per Detera travel and transportation allowance Muttee eatable net the rates payable based upon the avenge coat of member ii by Grade a reflected by housing Cost Dat submitted from overseas areas. Since the rates Are based upon an average Cost by Grade might Well be instances where an int dual officer pays no than some airmen even though officers a a whole Are paying rent than airmen which a evidenced by the housing Cost Date As to the question Why officers receive $47.88 per month and an airman receives $33.00 per month your attention is Section 301, career compensation act of 1949. A amended the congrats saw fit to establish subsistence allowance to officer monthly basis whereas Basic allowance for subsistence for leave or otherwise. Is on u Dally basis at a rate equivalent to of the ration As determined by the Secretary of $1.111 per Day. It i Well to note that when rations in kind Are not available air Man receives $2.57 per Day. Whereas an officer receive month. Reminder please sign name readers Are reminded that Alt letters to the b bag Mustin Oreter to receive recognition All correspondence to this is codfish Itiat. Names will be deleted in publication it request Friday january

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