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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 12, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseSeffl clerk and Cash Register stand ready to receive Smalt fines. Fined drive up and pay by associated press drive up and pay up is what Luck Atlanta motorists do for simple tray tic violations. They can pay their fines without get Ting out of their cars but they usually complain just the same. Most offender who appear before a judge Are armed with excuses for their actions. A traffic court judge May pay them some attention but the drive in window at the traffic violations Bureau. Pays no heed at All to excuses. We re Here Only to accept fines for simple traffic said w. P. Walker director of the Bureau. And some 200 to 250 car a Day drive up and pay up on violations ranging from speeding if not in excess of 20 Miles Over the limit to red Light running and other such violations of a relatively minor character. We were actually set up to handle parking tickets Only but As Long As the violation is simple and people drive up to pay we usually find u expedient to Han dle All simple cases in which no Accident is involved. We be used the drive in win Dow successfully since August 1956, of course it does no Good to try. To talk the cashier out of a said Walker but Many violators try. My steering wheel was wobbly a Man once told cashier Pat Mitchell i was on my Way to Church and i was late is an old favorite said miss Mitchell or. My Foo feed any complaints Only from children. Miss Mitchell said. They think it s a drive in Bank and want lollipops from us after their parents have paid their Goren on Bridge neither vulnerable. East deals. North $ 105 2 f k 7 2 a3 4 k 943 2 West q j 7 1082 3 6 East 4 k 9 8 6 v j 10 9 5 7 6 q 108 South a 3 a 8 3 k j 9 5 4 a 7 5 the bidding was past pass West i no pass pass pass ietto four of j North 3 it in ten most every no Trump con tract if i if i6 laced with to problem m which suit to a i tacit in the Hope of developing a sufficient number of tricks to fulfil his contract. In today s hand Declarer had the Opportunity to try one suit and in Case of failure still retain further Chance by resort to an other suit. U was important How Ever to adopt the proper sequence West elected to Lead the four of Spades. East followed with the King Anu South saw no Point in holding up. He was faced with the problem of whether to attack clubs or diamonds. Since the Dia monds had More body he entered the Dummy with the Ace of Dia monds and finessed the Jack. This lost and three Spade tricks were cashed. When the diamonds failed to break. Declarer was unable to develop Nis ninth trick. Tough Luck partner he was heard to say. "1 had two chances either the Diamond finesse or the Dia mond break. Both went wrong this complaint against Fate was not fully justified. There was an other Chance open to him which he had not tried. There is an excellent Chance that the clubs will break 3-2 in which Case Declarer will have his nine tricks. A club should there fore be conceded at once and the enemy will Cash three Spade tricks. Now if the clubs fail to break the Declarer May fall Back on the Diamond suit As an additional Chance the objection May be raised that the opening Lead of the four of Spades May be a false one an that West May have a five card suit the Way to Check up on this is to pass the first track and notice Whlon Spade East returns. If it is a Tow one. You Are entitled to assume that East is re turning from four and that the opening Lead was. Therefore honest. I96�. Tto Chicago Tribune i dance when you move you stand revealed for what you artist is possible to bide behind words or to make facial expression but in move you Are uncovered unearthed refund have it. Use it. Dive head first rejoice and sin skip among the Hills. Dance in the Meadows let go Don t Fie afraid sheer free Joy of movement command you to be supremely Happy go from sterile Pace to Fertile stride touch a Rich and powerful source that runs i can t sit in a chair like other people i can Knock Down the Walls an the streets we As a giant a Wall a flight of an open Road i dance because t am. Tun of tit Joy of i gaze across surging water running bending i feel a though my heart were sounding in unison. Off this water a though i possessed something of the same rhythm Ai rejoices. Just keep moving. Through muscle through the racing of the blood the running of the feet rhythms to dam up the recurrence of the tide within me useless. If you work Fok a Han if you work for a Man. In heaven s Nam him. If he pays you wages which Supply your butter. Work for him. Speak Well of him stand by him and institution he represents. If put to a push. An ounce of loyalty impound of cleverness if you must vilify. Condemn and eternally a resign your position and when you Are outside. Damn to your Heji tent but As Long As you Are part of the in do not condemn it. If you do condemn you Are loosening the that Are holding the insult Imp to you and at the first High wind that comes will be uprooted and blown away and probably will never know the reason 81 William p. I saw the night night with her Back against toe Wall fights now with Teeth bared soon the Dawn there is plenty of room to walk. The taxis Teave Long wet Marks on the paving. All the late taverns Are closed. Music seeps from the Greasy spoons. Bright faced Juke boxes compete with radios and the odor of stale food. Coffee Ana Back into the night. Who were the people on the stools they stare at the steamy win Dows. I listen to my shoes talking. A Distant Siren screams in pain. The Tail shadows consume huge bites. Moving Teres whisper in sorrow soon the struggle win end. The Dawn is coming. Frank

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