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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseWhite death -4 to non f a tic ii an of Iii 10-1 Nihoul 90 Miles Oast of turn Ity. The in Jill Oil or Ich cd mint1 ill a is expected to i of Lulier. It Tii Ohk Wkho some Happy in l i dents when tragedy was averted by heroic Effort. A 13-year-old girl Alta Rose Tsosic was rescued by a snowmobile after her father Phil did five Miles to get Hel for her. Us l newsman Robert Knight flew into the White wasteland from Kirtland fab Deo. 21 and reported the world below had a White por Celain Glaze smooth but not shiny interrupted Only by the tops of Forest Trees famous . Route 86 snaked along the Way a White Cord on a Whit Blanket. The area surrounding window Hock us we came in for a Landing Wasa huge slightly Bent Finger offset by Green mesas window Rock was at the base of the knuckle. A Lone cold airman signalled the plane Down with two flashlights onto the flight line which for Days had Bee the Only lifeline Between the indians and the outside Al he Navajo Are strange people with strange helicopter Pilot reported he saw a Mirror signal on one of his numerous flights "50 Miles from nowhere and landed near a air Force medic was aboard and he got out and looked in the Hogan with an Indian guide. There was an old Man propped in Adark Corner his eyes closed his breath coming in tiny family indicated the old Man had tuberculosis and also appeared to be suffering from pneumonia. Why was t to kept warm and comfortable be cause the interpreter said it is the old Way. The old and the infirm must bereft to die. Another chopper landed about 40 mile Southeast of window Rock in answer to a distress signal Laid in the Snow at the Bottom of a Pine studded Canyon. There was a pregnant woman whose labor was beginning. The helicopter took her out but not fast enough. She had a air Force dropped bombs of Hay for hopi cattle. Her baby in an ambulance in route Toa Hospital. In one Way the Navajo reaped benefits from the storm. Pleas for help brought ample supplies and Foo from the outside world. Planes and helicopters dropped Foo packages containing canned chopped meat lard butter dry Beans Rice sugar flour and Peanut butter. For Many these packages meant a better Christ Mas meal than they would have had if the storm had not indians stricken with pneumonia and other respiratory diseases were brought to hospitals. Their plight might have gone unnoticed if it had not Bee for the storm since pneumonia always runs rampant among them during the Winter. Food and fuel were trucked in once roads were cleared of Snow. The Emer gency Hayloft program saved thousands of sheep and cattle and Federal Money was made available to finance Relief and repair work. The future looked just a Little bit brighter for the indians. Dear Ann Landers i am a Man 43 years old. Nine years ago i was committed to a state mental Hospital. Time and feel big deserted me. I was Able to maintain a continuing interest in Only one thing your column. Some Days Reading Annanders was the Only act 1 was War of performing. 1 cannot say 1 particularly enjoyed your column or that it uplifted me in any Way or that t Learned from it. 1 had no Ense of either liking it or Dis liking it. It did t make me feel especially comfortable or uncomfortable. 1 lust knew that every Day 1 had to Reamann Landers. For u Long time i gave up Hope that i would Ever be a functional whole human being again. Then gradually i begun to see signs that 1 was netting better. Today i am Well on my Way to recovery. Now 1 know Why 1 read you column every Day. It was to cause you expressed a note of sympathy and unders Agulnik for the mentally ill. 1 is what kept alive in me that Small Flicker of Hope. 1 just wanted to say thank of Seattle dear Seattle yours is a remarkable letter. I have never received a finer Yon. Dear Ann Landers May respond to mrs. Clean the Mother Law who feels so sorry for her son. If the boy was raised in an immaculate Home i m sure it must Hurt her to see him living in All 1 know How you feel , because my own Mother in Law has expressed exactly the same sentiments to every one who would listen. I adm tour Home is not As clean As hers but then whose is Shehas Nade such a fetish of a spotless House that it is pretty nearly n sickness. It is interesting to me How Ever that my husband finds his Mother s immaculate Homes unappetizing As she must fine1 of ii pig 1 know thesis True because have Hud to Drar him Over to his Mother Sclean House every two weeks for i he last eight you see my dear it takes More than bleaches detergents furniture polish and Wax tomake a Home inviting. Battered Buffe Between a boy and his Mother dear Buff you speak the truth girl. Thanks for saying it. Take that and that and that mrs. Clean dear Ann Landers after receiving a formal announcement of the wedding of a close Friend s daughter i sent a rather costly gift 1 Bear around town that on the Honey Moon the Bride decided she handmade a terrible mistake. Four weeks after the marriage she filed for divorce. Yesterday i received the Bill for the gift. The Bride has told several people she has no in Tention of returning the wed Ding rifts in fact she plans to Exchange some of the gifts for clothes. Am i wrong in feeling resentful Haysville dear had if the wedding hat not come off the Bride would surely have been obligated to return the gifts. But ogee married whether for four weeks or four minutes the Bride need not return anything. Rubl lout re

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