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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse, 1961 Thuc stats and stripes army of personnel offers advice on birth the nov advice birth cer paper for born overseas of members of in we. The headquarter in Chloel i in rope said theits personnel lying birth and Steps at Thi said if the. Serviceman wife con a Talon prevents her from signing the fs340 and the Serviceman snot available sign it the in completed form will forwarded the consular office after the medical officer who delivered the infant signs attest delivery. In such cases the consular office Wil Contact you and make arrange ments have the form completed. By filling out the form properly at the medical facility which delivered the child it May not necessary in person the consular office. If the information supplied the Serviceman or i wife is questionable however or not available in the manner pre scribed regulations the form will forwarded the consular office and you will advised visit the office show proof of marriage and citizenship at the time the birth is ported the consular office will is sue you upon request a cop of the fs240 for a fee of Suso a certification of birth however will issued free of charge when the fs240 is executed the con sular office. The certificate of birth is Short form record of birth. Its in formation is taken from the con sular report fs240 and is is Embarrass for both the a dependents when tip is required. Of instances Chitas Well As Olbrei Lite armed forces away from state sit limply because i that they were i simple fact was that of their birth dad the proper birth citizenship Docu procedure pointed out that ther procedure Laid Dow Nat of defense Foi born i d n i hit procedure is Spellen mall in a Navy wide in see Nav 60003 thai was Tif. Be Secretary of fit basis or an earliest Ion. Thar the Navy and vases its do in order proper children born overseas ame procedures apply air Force personnel a spokesman said designated officer of the facility in which the child must within 24 hours fac truth the nearest office. States and secure the Sig required on the form i Forward it the us office. If both the serv and his wife Are us. Dot her of them May sign this Ziy under oath a Tow Serviceman wife is not Altizen however the Mem the us forces must sign if is not available i there in any question about ship status hip service advised Contact the office As soon a possible cd Jan up sp4 Norman o. Krogan of the 503rcl engr co operates a bulldog or Clear a Dobri left after a sewer line explosion at Cornwe Suleim near Stuttgart Germany. The 503rd was assigned the Tusk the 54flth engr up. After removing the in vement they levelled tote roadbed. 7th army symphony hailed in Sicily this in essence is what hop pen de the 50-member orchestra Stuttgart Germany is in its last tour a concert at the Bob hover a Munich during 9% years in Europe. Uip 7fh army symphony or Chesni has played Many memorable concerts. From the Mediterranean the North sea in tiny villages and great City concert Halls these Soldier musicians have made test ing impressions on thousands of europeans and conversely audiences and places have favourably impressed the musicians. Although the cast of the sym phony constantly is changing this relationship Between the or Chestra and certain a diem is. Al ways has existed. For it is some thing which All orchestras and All Teatro Massimo Hollim in Catania Sicily. It was the audience and the Selling. It a is the change of Pace from Winter the warmth of Frankfurt players produce 4tbe four poster Frankfurt special the four poster a two character comedy Jan de Hartog will the first production this year at the Frankfurt playhouse. Scheduled open at 8 . Wednesday musicians experience at one Lim Tew inc we Martel a Bert 1144 ont Dic Ommi the a tits in let a emf map pm Riff Hurt c w ism Mem it tit Allie i tit air 2000 Fteben Imei Kettrop i Amenta unit Mah i in item Kite Ift Fli Oik Mut Streeb �400 Iii camera pm a oops hib Meu 20u ital in Haftl a a mini Fantt i74fl Ira Irwi Rutt 1 4 Tut on i run part Cotta Fatm prttnm2140 Wurf zm7 in i4ss or tra Beba Dule two hew. Weather Iso onre Eai Annton 533 sine Allea 1630 Tiam Ponthi Bridge 1700 cartoon i ?3 1 Kidd Cirth do five Star Jublle iu9 Newi. Spot. Weather 1841 Date with Julur 100 Hera 19jo Waban train w3d Eye Leitem i Hiet Vry 2100 i Vecent a secret 213d 2200 Nanri. Weather 12to play Hoate 93 1115 fix uni 1400 Teri. L the playhouse production stars mrs. Trudy Powell As the wife and pfc Dennis Jones 40th arty up us the husband. Both have appeared in the recent playhouse production summer and made into motion picture a for years ago starring Rex Harri son and Lili Palmer the four poster concerns the trials and tribulations and also the rewards of 30 years of married life. Tickets arc available at the door or May purchased calling Northern military 6326 or Frank Furt civilian 555473. Sicily one musician said after the concert. Whatever it was it was one of those things which through the years has made the symphony n lure for musicians and which should help Correct the symphony current shortage of personnel. Playing As guests of the Navy for an audience of 100 sailors and More than 900 natives the musicians pulled out All stops in their first concert in Sicily. They were rewarded with a thunderous applause. Later members were guests of the Catania music society at a reception attended local dignitaries. The orchestra was flown Sicily in an air Force c130. Travel places like Sicily and the Opportunity for musicians continue their civilian professions in the army always have been the prime attractions of the orchestra. Although new musicians will arriving in Europe for auditions with the orchestra during the next few months symphony officials still Are searching for Talent from among military personnel in eur Ope. Aspirants have been encouraged while the commanding office 7th army symphony. Orchestra Apo 46, . Forces or Telephone Patch military 8069. Specially Handy for children who later seek establish birth of a upon entering school the armed forces or. For obtaining work per mits. -.,. Additional copies of the fs240 or certificate of birth May obtained at any later Date from the authentication officer. p a ment of state. Washington 25. D., All of this paperwork is vitally important added since the con sular reports Are considered As Basic citizenship documents the state department and other gov Ern it agencies the Navy spokesman said that personnel having any questions about obtaining the necessary birth and citizenship papers should con suit their local medical facility. Sgt paying in in i turn 6s Ramstein Bureau Kaiserslautern. Germany ass Sec William Kunzinger i keen on every Man in his Sec Tion advancing his education that is paying the registration fees out of his own pocket for All those taking the . Armed forces Institute Musafi course. And provide an example Kin Zinger of Bury. 94th arty up is also taking the Musafi courses. Kinzinger. However put am a his offer every one of the 10 men in his unit had pass physical lest first. The whole Section passed the it said Kinzinger and seven Are taking the courses. The other three would also have taken them except for the fact that their rotation Date is the sergeant explained that there is considerable night duty. With his outfit at this time of the year it occurred that they might want do some studying either in their spare time or when things got said new dependents birth announcements received the Star an from Parent Hospital and military . Army hip Neu Bruecke barn the Nelto of Mitchells Girj a. Usag. Naconis. Usa cur. A if Aughter. Beverly a. Dec. I. Green Ste Jack m., ig2nd onto . My Mil in. . Unit Dee. 7. Easter prep Row. A c. 2n wt6. 6slh of Bdl. Belfi div Duwer Cirla a. Of. S. Bradshaw pie Ronald j., in co a dub cell. A Mil David a. Out. 3." Baldwin built Richard a. Btry 511 Mil in. Eth arty. � daughter Julie a. . 4. Green retort a. 162nd on Del sati on a ton Tho flu W., Dee. 4. Bowels sat Clarence l., 2nd mob. 68th Armor a Tan Lannen h., dec. 4. Sweeney we pm up. Med Del 98th can Moid a daughter Judith m., Dee. 5. Foflbcn2nd Ltd Nult b., 563th med a. 7th army a ten Steven b., Dae i. Desmarais see Norman g., Cut. Itt Bufi. Mth inf. Both Oto. A daughter. Sman a. Oae. 6. Massions4 Paul cab in Tram both do a dam How. Sum of. Dec. I. Scott Tail Tommy i. 603rd . Sol. Rhine Cna Frol. A Damn str 8uta m., Dee. B. Millers�5 Vrnon e., mid 0t. 98lh can in a or. Peter v., dec. 7. Morrow sgt Catrett c co. 4-40ttl Sll 8n, 7th Anay a. A Donald l., do. 8.robertssp4 Petar. Co c. 382iid in. Usa eur. A Tau Gutirr. Barbarac. 0. B. donnellsp4 William i co. South Suasa up. 71h army a daughter Carleen m., Dee. 9. Drumgoolesv4 wlm Huj a. He Btry. Isth arty. Both of. A daughter. Cathy a. Dec. 10. Rosssp4 Reorg a. B co 20tlr Tram in. A Daub Attr. Joann dec 9. Newmansp4 Flotat e., Mth Ord co 7th army daughter Robert e., Deo. Ii. Thompson sit Jam r., Cic of. A daughter. Etile a. Dec. Ii. Harsch of Janet i. A try 43na1 i 7tfi army a David a. Out. N. A Holtzclaw sat a not 4n 0. A Btry 5hi How in. T3n arty � dab Tor Shirley. Dec. 9. Of Oltchic set at a t., 122nd pm co. Com z. A on Lamar ., dec. 13. Harwood can Utahal a 17th it Nan up 7th army a on. Peter Fote. M. Kenworthy a set whom j., sikh eve Hoar. 7th army a on. Michael k., dec 21. Bixler baht . In Btry 5th Mil. 6th arly. A son Ronald �., dec. 21. Shelton Tut it Ranald . A Btry 2nd How in. A daughter Vietoria a. Dec Al. Morris sit James a. C col i a inf Daub later Zebra. Dee. 23. Johnson84 of mild of. A co. Lit bal. 161ft int. A Jon David f., Dee. 24. Allorcsa4 Jam s., Btry the Mil am. 6th arty a daughter Annitte. Be. 24

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