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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 10, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseA i a " Ali i Mali Len in ,0rt Opportunity deficit i it from i for vice Pretl then i new on Down Theu kaon dinners at away on their Al has tend the gop command that after he Wal a he does t want to Tak to a political m ref Wnenta Byttow my the earliest after he Lea office or Eisenhower plans Day or two a hit Gettysburg term allowed Lay my Bird Hunting in Georgia mud couple of month at foil and rest in Tau Cornu. Thus he prob Sty will not be available Tor Mir epee Hes at Hii quota honouring Abraham Mitola. Nixon a not mad any a plan about whet he will 4a immediately altar retirement lie the expected to to Back to cafe it to it a the sat Nixon Taw Tow Petty 1imlrt wanta couple of month off Fromong pest Fly to take a trip and to get total remains Remote porn Holty he might take on a Lincoln Day Bat a ton chairman Thomton b. Morton not count titty on it Morton has begged off any Lincoln Bay appearance outside i borne it the of Kentucky. He intend to run for re election to the Senate in 1961 largely to that reason fee Williamtt he Milf is five Lincoln Der the Chen in Kentucky l on Gein car int mens Bett to i i no atm Nti in saw Alt 9 Taskin re word to Awn from to All tint privacy. If. Cong twi Tyty sen Batty Arizona Grivat any sign of est usually associated with dental candidates. Old water who head for pea facing engagement Ras at of segregation Battle lop gop Congress to designate any Over and party if Washington Cap the the Republican be Daf have refuted to name anyone a the our jul chief a their party and reiterated they Wui not Popae the new a program on any Blanket . Everett m. Dirks a the sen ate minority Leader from it knots and Indiana s up. Charlee a. Ii Telic the it Gabucan noun chief both viewed with alarm any heavy aft fed apr Notni under the of John a Kennedy. But in re Peatt to quor Toni on at program they imitated at it a a a before iat rep Uhli Caits wit decide the major Iwu a on their Merit a thy ate them. A pro aimed particularly Rutan the Cut Venetty of Georgia Moat open it of it Eliida fiefs Tea he first to Law la 1u in year old hot Totoa it Molmer Tofta Aad Charta Ync a. Jar wet gawd Josf has aet of strategy Nat the tit integration order. Ai photon ies of 2 my Liti fight i Cap the two Young who were selected a of Aegis Gat Ion at of Georgia monday in Ftp of Atlanta s Prosper i daa ii Community. Hunter will be 19 f february. She a trem Turner Elig she Wax Prem Dent t Wasely. Effill for in for two i editor of the year or of the student i Heang to the Ermol is maj Ciarlei army chaplain Sta ten he a Tex my. Althea Hunter for an Atlanta real Holme will a a to a mat of my Turner High school Elko aah nor to Scholastic aver school was halfback and Cahoot Footie full team of the Bank and we elected Purcil is Junior and senior a it Whir of Alfred to at nth a to a teacher inc Natoli and tawk Taf children Yule traffic toll higher than 1960 aviation deaths new York cuff Koto americans died in Highway accidents Over the c3irlsttnae weekend Thant All of the aviation mishaps in i960, Hen. A. A Mike , chairman of the Senate aeronautical and space science committee , an id Wiiki thaw called for uniform traffic Iowa Torall to Tate and a uniform Eod on Drivers to told that he has tried to or canal a joint House and Senate committee to study the Oak act. We people oncrti1tmak weekend ,. Than we lot in i total of aviation Accident r All last Yar he Atad. It is not to say that aviation is Safe enough hut it is Good thing to put it in proper elect Nashville Tenn. Tuple Wyron f. Whike of Georgetown ten has been elected associate general Secretary of the do Vertun of Huff her Edn cutian of the Hoard of education. . Envoy to Moscow expecting shift soon Washington tape Atn Bassadore Lewelyn a Thompsonjr. In pet a shifted from Hla present Post to Lieut it the state department some Tine scan diplomatic Seu Raea reported the move win not come Unwe Datesy after the inauguration trea i 4wt-Lect to r. Kennedy who flu task Thompson to stay on inti present Job for a of cute to a source talk to was no word on what argument would got after a returned Home. There Wax Attao report Thatcher e. Bohlen expert of soviet affair would toe retained by tins Keon by Adia Auu the an la the Kcf weary of i Lauon soviet off Nora Kennedy de a Lent it to comment on the Sailor smashes 2 roadblocks Kub woman in crash four a run an flip Lomott Tia put almost your in Moscow. He was to hot ssh from Vienna in the a prong of expert the Mim reported in Una to succeed my in Moscow i another Kun Uati pc Kiiker expert in the stat department Koyo Kohler cur the cretan a forr Opean Austn the new York times reported hut k in by he decided to retain found Hurlon am Ftp dial hooted put Mirn ident on Sovart Naffah a and Boh inn Are Prea Tuten Hoffr two pro Nepal on soviet mutter. Dec says no peril out Ciicle blast area Idaho . Idaho the atomic Energy comm Mon a Ysha surveys Tow no Hazard fax lbt beyond the immediate Vicin Ity of Ittel Tuchon nuclear rec Lor scold not which killed three Bod Lei have been recovered the third in still Enild the nuclear Factor build i of on the dec National reactor letting Tevesi an a tilt his in the building. Sta Tatton exp rat retrying to deride How to recover the body safety. Phoenix. Arhat. Full year old Law Mun a a Atolia car the Tanh two Roadblock a deluded offset a in a High Speed Chaae Balbert the Alligator meets match Gainesville Pla. A what started out to be a routine Job developed into a Money Winkin vaudeville net for in thard a engineering student atthe Uius Luuy of Florida. Harold to Johnson 25, told Cam pus police he merely. Intended to clean out a pen containing Albert the tinge ancient jew Alligator. But the sight of a husky Youngman outfitted in Board hat. Rub in Ruml a Nils Tient Short and can Vinish Sho � noon attracted a crowd of Ghoul 100 Hurrod by Tusty cheers and a Shower of change Jehnwn rolled Albert Over and put Hamto Steep by robbing hit belly. Lined tin Alligator tall a Dbent it Over he Back. Shoved he foot then Hla head into Albert s Mouth. Snatched u Loose tooth from the Alligator s Mouth and Aiu cottoned 1 to the crowd for 18. Why did Rott do u f asked no pus poho9. For Money Johnson is wired police Cave the put loud Cranle stud ont a item lecture before a Tea ing him. As to the Tiff of thes being Leader Lei wet Fri Dii departure trem office of pm Jdant Eisenhower and Vlee Olson. Halleck a d that it the reporter was trying to get him to by that Nixon a going to Call every shot Thea the a Oswo o the question of whether the republicans have a Alt Milf i no but s4tck United Juan in going to continue to be an important voice la the rep Blean try a went � to say Etta the d Welcome opinions and and Vic from Nuon or from aay Orbec re i Irtel Republican Leader including new York s gov Nelson , Genc vally regarded As n spot Cwmann for the More Ibet allement of the party and Arlen at sen. Berry Coldwate. An of the conservative a tvs Pott. 1without saying fatty that he d oppose confirmation oth prs knt elect a brother Robert Ken Andy. As attorney general. Written made Clear no soft that the Tepu Hcan win go thong Fly into Seles Tuoti of his it int compete twi this they will do he Wrid be Cne the record ought to he Milo so if the younger Kenne Yien into the Cabinet nod Doet Sot prove competent theban Palm to thin record. Both reiterated their they win not the Afir Flea i announced position on be pee Senate rules amendments or changes in the House Rettos oem int tree Unitt they be what the democrats said again Teeth is not in favor of a Apiag a Tampt majority of those voting to halt Eill Kustera in the Senate Bat he indicated he might gwm a proposal to a note to turn a three fifths vt4� rather than two Turda a now requite to Twa h413. Would satisfy the platform position of this , he Barted you Are Tutt under my Gatton to accept ver�th4ttg" inthe plat fwd _ judge gives Garcia message sex Cagot Ute beat age and Ufa going to coat him cab plus ate i Wollis the year in Matt. The out Cla in thl Case was Dow a Gorda. M who appear to Ion judges Biml a. We charges top Ratia a an Pfrem lottery. Police a Shiy had rested him 1 to not the the last two Yean. -."th4 judge nned of Trtala ordered we to pay a costs and imposed the Jeb Terni. Bette him was fumes Fey be Uke. Record flow cwt in sbs3 Henry hwr4 fitter the Geventer to Fri Iott Isle nil Wnm the stage conch Vert tuned to area. After lilt Row a r it the turned to the Spei �ii4 act Tutt several summer to Telic v

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