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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 6, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 Thi stars and stripes saturday january 6, 1968 utilities restaurant shop new German tax to hit americans As Well by Peter Muiir staff writer Bonns a americans i Germany May find it hard to pronounce the Tongue twister but they will do Well to remember the s bound to influence some of their Bills. mean added value Tux a Levy which took affect Jan. 1 and which in some form or other will affect . Servicemen civil ians and dependents who spend any Money on the German Economy. The new tax replaces the former Umstat a truer turn Over Tux As Well As a number of other levies and is forcing changes in this country s entire Price Structure. How will this affect Ameri cans in Germany it will be reflected mostly in raised Price for anyone who dines out stays at a hotel or goes shop Ping. For those living on the econ omy it probably will mean higher Utility Bills at the endow the month but not necessarily higher rents and definitely not higher Telephone rates. A place where the effect of the new system will to very noticeable is the restaurant where the Tab might to 6 per cent German Law requires that the added value tax has Tobe listed separately on restaurant Bills. Therefore the Check will now usually show three items the actual Cost of food and drink the customary serv ice charge usually ranging from 10 to 15 per Cen plus a 10 per cent tax on this the total should t be 10 per cent higher than the old Price. The reason is that the Mehrer Steuer also re places the old 4 per cent turn Over tax. This Means the restaurant or Gasthaus has to deduct this 4 per cent from its listed men prices before adding the new 10 per cent tax. Consequently the total should not exceed a boost of 6 per the first week of Janu Ary minor markdowns mainly on wearing apparel and foods were advertised by depart ment stores and supermarket chains. Breweries reported their wholesale Beer prices had dropped As much As 6 per cent. The list of goods and serv ices whose prices Are expected to stay about the same include such diverse items As car re pairs cameras and film liquor and bakery goods. Otherwise the mrs news was mostly bad for the con Sumers. Munich based americans who went to a neighbourhood Barber shop for a haircut this wee found they were clipped for 4 Marks $1 instead of 3.50 fees and car Wash rates have gone up As has the Standard retail Price of most up records up one Mark to 19marks $4.75. Katzenbach in Rome . Under Secretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach right meets in Rome with italian Premier Aldo Moro left to seek italian support for president Johnson s Dollar defense program. At Center is an interpreter. A photo transplants pose moral issues surgeon says Frankfurt up a Nobel ates under such pre conditions american military tribunal i prize winning German surgeon ignores the supreme command Nuernberg condemned to death has warned the loss of moral ment of surgery nil Mocere by hanging prof. Karl substance for Mankind is too harm nothing. Thus heart Hardt for crimes again High a Price to pay for achieving transplantation is still Prema Marty for using the Bones and.i0 a a i u in i m Odin ligaments of healthy concent a Geb against he Cal treatment. Now a third per son is drawn into this venerable relationship and this third per son must at least in the trans the transplant of human hearts Ture Forssman said. In an article published wednes but in the spiritual an Day in the newspaper Frank moral historical sense we tread Furter All Gemeiner. Prof. Werner on fully new territory. Until now Forssman raised the Prospect Only two persons doctor and of ambitious surgeons sacrificing patient were linked in a medi the lives of donor patients Crim " " finals being executed so vital organs can be transplanted and transplant receivers being selected on the basis of their wealth influential friends or politics. The 63 year old Forss Mann is chief surgeon of the Dusseldorf evangelical Hospi Tal. He shared the 19m Nobel lie for Medicine for his Snow ing How a Catheter tube could be hit into the human circulatory system for research an diagnosis of heart ailments. For Saraann performed the in 1929 using himself As a Guinea pig an pushing the Catheter into his own the article written before or. Christian Barnard s medical team carried out its second heart transplant Forssman said Louis Rashkansky the first Man to receive a transplanted heart died because our knowl Edge of the immunity biology of transplanted tissue is not yet procedures cannot yet be controlled with the Security that an operation on a fellow Man demands. But be who oper Plant of unpaired organs such a heart and liver inevitably die. It is not essential whether Hedges by coincidence perhaps in an Accident by manipulation voluntarily or violently. The juridical consequences Are abominable for where is safety against ambition an wantonness weakness of charac Ter and Pursuit of Fame Guaran teed who did not feel a cold chill when scarcely 48 hours after the Cape town operation was made known a heart was transplanted into an infant in the United states and a pig Sliver into a woman in Buenos Aires both with deadly results was the wish of the surgeon to keep up in the race at any Price motive to murder Forss Mann asked on aug. 20, 1947, the 1st Tion Camp inmates for trans Plantation experiments without their consent. He was execute justly. Is it not a gruesome scene when in one operating theater doctor. Place one patient on the heart lung machine while simultaneously in the adjoining room a second operating team stands with knife poised around Young woman battling death not to help her but feverish with desire to Cut up her de senseless body for Salvage. Here All the Bounds of medi Cal thinking and humanity Are brutally torn Down and the gruesome possibilities resulting from it however fantastic the May appear Are not to be denied. A clinic is imaginable some where in which doctors wait eagerly for Accident victims not to help them and heal them but to degrade their bodies an thereby their individuality to Mere material. And assume the Case of 10patients of similar immunity makeup who wait in a clinic for the Accident victim fortunately condemned to death who receives the precious coveted transplant the on who can pay the most the one with the Best connections theone who is politically import ant or. Or. Or still worse Are the Prospect sin politically unsteady tunes. The return of the death penalty will be called for and the concept of atonement misused i being tied to the donation of or Gans. Executions will no Longe be performed by the executioner but in aseptic clinics by sur Geon and anaesthetist. Prisons will be preparation institution for transplantation. Guilty or innocent inmates of concentration Camps would not be gassed then but serve with Good nourishment and bodily care As Organ Banks. Here the doctor would finally be degraded to Hangman a Lucifer a Falle Nangel. Progress there must be audit must not be limited but such a loss of moral substances too High a Price. Forss Mann said. The system applies to Many other goods and services. However a european Exchange system spokesman in Nuernberg said the Price of common Market goods sold in exchanges would not Rise a Tariff agreements exempt ers from the new suppliers had attempted to add the tax the spokes Man said but were reminded of the exemption. But the Mehrer Steuer mrs for Short does t necessarily mean Price boosts Allaround. Some items like cloth ing and food Are supposed Tobe cheaper now while other goods will not be affected. German automakers though presented no United front in the face of the new tax reported practically no hikes for its passenger car line with none of the Token increases exceeding $2.50, whereas other were expected to announce Price americans living on the econ omy can expect higher Light water and Gas Bills. Utility companies in the past were taxed Only Between 1.5 and 2.5 percent. Now they have to pay the full 10 per cent. Fuel Oil Amicola will also Rise. Rents How Ever Are not subject to the new tax. Although most of the nation wide Price boosts were legitimate the German press was flooded with complaints about abuses during the first protests concerned astronomical Price increases at restaurants and Gas Hauses some of which had added from 10 to12 per cent to the Normal Bills. At the most they should have charged 6 per cent More a major consumer organization pointed out. This is because the defunct 4 per cent tax must be deducted before the new 10 per cent added value tax May be added. In Wiesbaden one report said restaurants raised the Beer prices because of the mehr wer Steuer then blithely added the new tax on top of that total despite the fact that wholesale Beer prices Wen Down. Even Small barbershops the consumer agencies said stung their customers with 10 percent hikes although the tax does t touch businesses Withan annual Gross below $15,000. The germans May find Small Consolation in the fact that they re not the Only ones hit hard in the Wallet by the new tax. The French equivalent of the Mehrer Steuer is called Taxe sur la Valeur Ajo tee Tva and it also became effective Jan. 1with Many of the same results. Most frenchmen insist How Ever that the abbreviation Tva flan of for tout a augmenter everything s going up european edition col. Jambs w. Campbell u9aeditor lev Cherf it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af 1 Deputy editor in Cal Felmer o. Frank Mana few Henry s. Epstein circulation manage an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed Force published by the commander in chief . European command and printed daily at Darr Matadi Germany. Military Addre Tii the Stan and Stripe Apo 09178. International Mhz the stare and Stripe. Poet Fach 104, 61darmtadt, Germany. Tel Orl Ethelm c prefix 06166 8071 m Darmstadt air Atrip prefix z370 741. Telex 0419-332. A York off ice i 641 Washington 8t, new York 10014, Tell Are code �12 6205771. Second Clase postage paid at new York. . The appearance of display advert Pmj menu in this newspaper concerning commercial publication does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or any of Tif component. Th9 United states it on of Flety in Swoft the people to know it Cheria Hea and apr widest Lyndon a j

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