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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 6, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and a twp massive be Floral Aid to education Washington William b. Hartsfield 72, has bowed out a mayor of Atlanta after 23% years in office. The retiring Hartsfield was succeeded by Ivan Allen jr., 50, who promised to continue Hartsfield s efforts to maintain Good race re lations in the City. Intelligent Young people who will go into the skilled trades. The real tragedy he said i that so Many of the Young people who do not enter College Don t do anything to fulfil their potential. Their education and training i finished when they graduate from High school. Most of them will be condemned to a lifetime of Low skill jobs interspersed with Long periods of unemployment this is the real trag Edy. And the loss to America is Meany acknowledged that fed eral programs such As he proposes would be , he said. In. A very real sense the Dollar amounts Don t matter. We Are not really talking about an expenditure1 we Are talk ing about an investment an invest ment to our future. The danger is not that America will go bankrupt Seal fakes out pet Hunter Ocean City no. Cap that hungry sea lion that would rather eat free fish than Hunt its own arrived for a meal again. And after gobbling it Down. I disappeared just at it has three Tolmei along the Jersey Sheridan the Man who thinks the Freedom Loving animal might be his former pet got close enough to the Frisky creature to stroke its Chin and offer a few fishy titbits but that was Alj when Sheridan tried to develop the Friendship the sea lion Wasoff with a wave of his flippers easily out distancing Sheridan s Row boat. Sheridan then borrowed a net from the coast guard and went to sea again. But no sea lion was found. Gone 2 month Sheridan an Island Park n.y., Fisherman and boat builder says his pet sea lion Candy departed from Home Waters two months ago when family of fish swam by. Sheridan tried to catch the Ani Mal when it arrived at the Dock of or. And mrs. Joseph for food. But the sea lion took one glance at Sheridan an paddled Awny. After this failure Sheridan was sea lion May be Back for another handout but Sheridan won t be Here. He s gone Home. Farm income up 9% in 1961 Washington up Secretary of agriculture Orvllle l. Freeman said 1961 was a year of growing Opportunity for american agriculture. Farm income went up and sur pluses began to go Down. Freeman said in a summary of activities of the agriculture farm income for 1961 is up at an annual rate of about a billion dollars Over 1960, a 9 per cent in crease Freeman said. The 1961level is higher than any year since 1953/v making such an investment. The danger is a for More disastrous kind of bankruptcy by not making John Hannah of Mich Igan state University told the con Ference that the problems facing education to the 1960s will not resolved until the american people realize that it u the education of their own sons and their own daughters that we Are talking about " ?.Hannah quoted a recent Publica Tion of the Chase Manhattan Bank which said that education 1s largely self financing because of the eco nomic benefits it brings to the nation. Chief Factor this publication Hannah said indicated that 24 per Cunt of the increase in the Gross National product from 1929 to 1957 and 44 per cent of the Advance in the increase per worker could be attributed to a higher level of education in the labor Force. Then it adds what is More the record shows that the grow thin Gross National product resulting from education has been sufficient to cover much of the Cost of our school system despite the rapid Rise in enrolment and expenditures. Thus year for year As Well As Over a period , a Large part of the expenditure on Educa Tion is newlyweds actor Broderick Crawford is and a tics Tabor �8, were married in Teg Wev. It a the second for each. Crawford was divorced from Kay Griffith fat 19ht. Tabor was divorced from David Gold of Chicago fat 195% won an Academy award in 1949 for All the Kings army Navy air Force journal Washington up Amer Ica s oldest military army Navy air Force journal has been sold to the military serv ice publishing co., Harrisburg a. Founded in August 1863, month after the Battle of Gettys Burg the journal is an authoritative weekly which covers develop ments in All the armed Force from births marriages and deaths to High strategy. It has never missed its regular saturday appearance in its almost 99 army it Gen Edward j. Stack pole president of the Pur chasing firm announced that the journal was bought from the three whale to conduct undersea lessons los Angeles a sub Marine warfare researchers won t put Salt on a whale Tail but they Ellcome mighty close. The Lockheed California co. Said it plans to use a Small plane to Plant tiny sound gear on a sur faced whale s Back. Then scientists will eavesdrop on their tracking gear while the Mam Mal takes to the Ocean Depths asleep As 1,000 feet sometimes. They Hope to learn something by listening to the sound of the whale sounding that they can use to fight submarines. A Needle for the limbs Milwaukee wis. To Ted the Milwaukee Bureau of forestry will begin experimental vaccination of Trees against dutch Elm disease Early this year. C Aurora braces itself Egan s Back Aurora ii up Paul once sought help from rus Sian Premier Nikita Khrushchev former president Eisenhower and others to help him clean up Aurora while he was mayor for two turbulent terms was again in the political maelstrom this times a candidate for sheriff. 1 think i have a pretty Good Chance making Egan . Is a candidate for Kane Jaunty sheriff to the Republican primary april 10. Nomination on the Republican ticket is tantamount to elec Tion in this farm Industrial have been Only three democratic county office holders in the county s 125-year history. Tiie people Are beginning to realize i was t wrong in Aurora Egan said in reference to his eight year Battle with the City Council and various police Chiefe one of whom was a woman hired from Chicago Public relations firm. All were fired by Egan. Some refuse to leave the Post Egan while in his second terms mayor once asked then gov. William g. Stratton to Call out the National guard and the state police to patrol Aurora which Ega contended was in a state of an Archy Stratton ignored his plea. The plea for help from the rus Sian Premier Ryrne often the Whitehouse ignored itts requests to help him solve his civil problems. Executives who now direct it an that its direction will continue Sale Price was not an a company describes itself As the nation s largest pub Lisher of military books. Management continue the executives who will continue to manage the journal Are Leroy Whitman editor since 1930 mrs. Dorothy Cone Brown comp troller and Daniel z. Henkin assistant editor. They bought the publication in 195s from the executive committee of the Grid Iron club Washington correspondents organization. In whose Trust it was left in 1949 by Chelate John col Ian o Laughlin. The journal claims Many impressive scoops in its Long life. One the journal itself rates Samong the most noteworthy was its disclosure in world War that Gen Dwight d. Eisenhower rather than Gen George c. Mar shall then array chief of staff would command american forces in said the new owners errant Driver True to form Cleveland up Robert Campbell 35, told judge Theodore Williams that he had driven forthe last 14 years without a Driver s judge asked Why Don t you have one judge Campbell said ill be honest with you. I be taken nine tests and i be never been Able to pass one " Campbell was charged with interfering with traffic by pulling away from a curb into the path of oncoming cars. The judge continued his cose until feb. 8, wit instructions that Campbell better have a License by Victor Herbert s son diesel paso Tex. Up Cliffor Victor Herbert son of composer Victor Herbert died at the age of 70, Herbert an Engineer had lived in retirement in Elpaso for 3.7months with his wife Mae. Were determined to continue historic dedication to Jon integrity and the ceaseless Votion to the cause of defense which has won for journal a unique position in publication paternity suit to await birth los Angeles Huntingdon s paternity suit against Hollywood lawyer Arthur j Crowlley has been continued until next oct. 1.counsel or miss of 1s6. Said blood tests will be made Fot lowing birth of her child sex in april miss Huntingdon ask monthly support As Well As. Teal and Hospital expenses cro1ley has denied paternity. Tree rings Are dues to Nab Timber steal Cape Girardeau to Edison f. Oetjeu of Ellsinore could blame scientific crime a Elton for his arrest on charges illegally cutting Timber a National Forest. Us. Forest service sleuths Traio Dett by the tree rings in logs he marketed and match them with the stumps in National Forest. 6, pounds of butter hard to hang on to Trenton. A Ufi Tom Csc. Driver Clarence Barry Learned that butter can be a Bill Pei item4,000 pounds of it slipped through his fingers White he War drinking Coffee Barry 40 of set vault Ohio was in route to the annoy meat packing co. With a Load of butter when he stopped for a i Coffee break. He Par he t trailer truck but left the Moto running because of a bad Bat Tery. When he returned 1ft minute later the truck and its Load of Batter valued at $38300, we gone 1 0 i c 1 i of 1 i i

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