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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 5, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseCopt. Hunt helps new Mother at feeding time. Or continued from Page 12 Miles Miller Pilot and aircraft com Mander on one flight. "1 remember one Day last summer we got a Call that a week old child had to get from Brussels to Wiesbaden for internal surgery. Eight hours after the Call the child was in the Wiesbaden Hospital. The kid pulled through. It makes you feel pretty Good to know you be helped do something Miller Pilot capt. Robert Waller an flight Engineer m. Sgt. James Law rence also recounted their frequent races with the Stork. About once a month a nurse Tellus a Gal is in labor and we sweat out getting her to a Hospital on time. On had her baby 20 minutes after we landed. So far we be never delivered on the plane. But you never know when said nurses really know their Busi Ness. We never have to worry about tieback end of the air plane with Maureen. You can count on her taking care of everything he said. To the uninitiated a Job which take you one Day to Greece the next to Italy then to Turkey or Ethiopia sound glamorous. The truth is we become expert mostly in International airports and hospitals said capt. Hunt. We Are just too Busy to do much sight for an average 8 . Flight capt. Hunt must be up by 6 . To give final Check on flight patients. There Are last minute consultations with Doc tors on possible complications in the air and then she must Brief the her Job does t end until the patients Are released or checked into new Hospital sometime 12 or 14 hours later. At least it s not an 8-to-5job," said miss Hunt. Sometimes we Are forced by weather to land where there s no Hospital at All. Then it s up to me to Check the patients into a Homeland see they get proper care. Usually at the end of a flight Alyou have Energy to do is eat dinner collapse into bed and get ready for an other 5 30 or 6 . each flight nurse is programmed Tolly 50 or 60 hours per month not including time on ground. And if she spends two Days flying for example one Day to Greece the second through Turkey and Back to Greece the third usually is free to soak up the Aegean Sun or do some shopping. There s an Esprit de corps in this Job you Don t find on Many others said capt. Hunt. We know that air evac is doing something important so we All pitch in and work with our hearts in it. I can t think of a nursing assignment i d rather have right dear Ann Landers As freshman at a Large University in North Carolina i have encountered some pretty weird people since i arrived on Cam pus. But i am not especially bothered by them because expected to run into some Odd problem is my room mate. Every time i walk into the room he is there stand ing on his head. I have be come somewhat accustomed to this sight although it was not easy. But the annoying thing is that he Mukes a terrific Racket when to Falls. When i am studying these crashing sounds really shake me up. When i am asleep they awaken me. The students below us Andon either Side of us have complained but my Roommate say these head stands Are vital to his physical Well being lie also insists that they help him think More clearly and that his grades have improved since to started. Well maybe his Grade shave improved but mine have become worse please suggest something. Flunk1n1 Floyd dear Floyd standing on one Shead does improve the Eldru log 14 lat Lon and Many by this exercise. The notae however is something else again. Suggest that your Roommate Pat his laundry Bagor a mattress or some pillows on the floor and fall on them. Dear Ann Landers i be Bee going with this Young Man for almost two years. He has told me he loves me and has asked me to marry him one Day. The problem we have broken up three times Over a woman twice his age. The woman has a Fin husband yet she must see my Boyfriend at least five nights week. He goes to her House to talk for an hour or two after he leaves Here. He frequently invites her to join us when Wego to the theater or the movies if her husband is out of town although he knows i do not like the says this woman is like a Mother to him yet his own Mother is so Lovely and Fine i Don t know Why he needs substitute. In he having an affair wit the old Crow or am i nuts i be told him How i feel about this but he can t seem to stay away from do you think sue dear sue i think your boy Friend s attachment to this senior citizen is abnormal an unhealthy. He does t sound like very promising marriage material doll. In fact the whole thing is like forget it. Dear Ann Landers we we remarried recently in a private ceremony. Only the immedi ate families were present. When we returned from our honeymoon we received two letters informing us that donations to a cancer foundation had been made in our have heard of donations in memory of beloved ones who have died but never have we heard of donations to Honor newlyweds. It seems some what morbid and in poor comment uninformed dear uninformed donations to commemorate Happy events such As weddings Anniversar ies and births Are not Only proper they make better sense than an eleventh Candy dish or a twelfth pair of booties. 1u68 i bulls Hen Hull Syndicate the stars and stripes movie admission charges i would like to know Why the Post theater Here in Bremer Haven charges 25 cents admission for infants and Small Chil Dren who Don t occupy a seat. I have been to other Post theat Ersin Germany and no admission was charged. Name withheld by request editor s note he army and air Force motion picture service replies in accordance with the provisions of Usa eur Reg. 28-125 and Safe Reg. 215-1, the Basic charges for admission to Armand air Force Heaters Are 35 cents for adults and 25 cents for children under ii years of age. If considered advisable bythe installation commander and the seating capacity of the theater permits � children under 6 years of age May be admitted free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat. This policy does not apply however in the Case of children matinee performances. All children regardless of age who attend these performances must Purchase a ticket. Backing our fighting men in Bedford Indiana the american legion Honor society held a Back our fighting men in Vietnam Parade. In this Small mid Western Community of 16,000 a total of 14,000 persons turned out to either View or participate in this Parade. Marching units bands floats and locomotives from throughout the state descended on Bedford and we enjoyed the greatest Parade seen in Southern Indiana in Many is heartwarming to know that the Huga majority of citizens in Lawrence county was not plagued by inclement weather draft card burners Long haired kooks dishonest dissenters peace Niks or any of the ilk that attempt to destroy our present form of government. Not one incident or interruption took place with the exception of a local train which Cut the Parade in two parts for perhaps five minutes. I Trust that you will find space to let All your readers know that we do care for the men who Are fighting and dying i Vietnam and that we support our service men and women serving throughout the world wherever they May be George c. Vaughn Parade chairman a reminder to b bag correspondents questions and comments concerning the military and civilian aspects of modern american living Are always Welcome at b bag. In order to expedite answers and relieve the already overworked Sarteur and Safe staff sections it is requested that every Effort be made to obtain answers to questions of a personal nature at company and next higher Levels. Short letters have a better Chance of being printed in their entirety. The editors Reserve the right to edit and condense All letters. All correspondence to b bag is confidential. Letters must be signed by the writer and contain full name and address. Names will be deleted on request. Goren on Bridge neither vulnerable. South deals. North 4 j�74

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