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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 4, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseA/1c for our How to Fudi 35 How a weak of he boards a by i Safe chess Champion a Mark Daunger is ram Tymn Bureau for Simbach Germaey a/1c Pete Leuthold Makta a habit of Check noting cheat opponent sitting a far away a Hawaii and Mexico. I fondness for the Royal game l the russians who Are prof Pnat and paid by the govern ment Are next he and Dot commenting that it Etta an american student who too this year s championship in Russia in addition to chess and German classes a uphold finds time for other hobbles table Tenn of swimming Hunting and fish ing but admit he does t find too much time for the tatter Juit now wonder Why 4 � Goren on Bridge neither vulnerable North deals. Not Tii v a k $ 5 � Ujj k j 10 3 West Kasta 10 f s 7 aak53 42 � j 10 7i a986 2 4 k 1 3 84 65 South �2 q j 10 4 a q 9 t 2 South waist2 4 Pas the bidding North want 1 a pass8 i Pas. I out Cri Tempha Ktut too Strong of tha Proton Elton that when the bomb thud assets of a to two opening bids a to Tibet Effort should be made Tor Ach Gam to today hand. North opened with one heart and South naturally fat bonded with two clubs. 14 which North quite properly raised to three. The actual South at this Point pah Sod wicca use he could not visualize 1 to likelihood of e minor suit Gamo. I Hirw go Man the full strength of my hand by my two club contended which increased the Ieval of the id Chang. I could support hearts and. Since i did not have spittle i could not Trynce Trump his statement contains several fallacies to i he first plact he had nil Alt hey shown the full strength of it Huml. The Queen of heart should not 1�e subjected to such in chivalrous treatment when partner bids Tomt suit the Queen assumes an even More imposing rank. Vlf wed in that Light South hand Bomea dip equal in strength Olen opening bid and should therefore suggest that the r or m is Ili can Matte gome in some Dectar Atlon. Secondly it is not Rue thata responder Mut have All Ull taken care of in order to try we no Trump. The on who opens the bidding ought not to Chance no Trump with an unprotected null but the responding hand May take Auch risk when a a Elleves that partner a values the that suit. The reason in Plain an open tag bidder promises High oar son the Side a responder Mokes no Auch Promise however. A no Trump we by South would not have been goo strategy. It la easier for South to bid thro diamonds thl affords North the Opportunity to bit no Trump if a Ca hold of the Spade Lead. Or Pai Iuit Jim to rebid hearts ii that appear to Bethe proper procedure. If North cannot do either of there he will return to four Hiudt which surety should not a to South bid three diamonds North holding sure i p a d Topper would to doubt have contracted for thro Eno Trunp against which then a no 4� stars and str Pkt Arr not Tatlo tort la gift Stor Art aa#thfeatoa9�tittor air fore stat fam Wlsh i do fat know pc pc 5m Chect the it " who Wal we Etta be to How get a very Fin variety the air Force has. Not a m Fth two the two at Art a Deatna to obtaining fit Wathalor is Arete wide new orc of a Eamesa to by Orteta he is air to a Traa Aamott the Bam Steht Prog mama into Laia system we aet no on pay jul Yoo go Hyth Leati at artly them a that of fart a Cloe Treah for fifty i Ihan Iai i tit to offer a can i join wac ovrsat7 j k am do tent daughter years old and an a ploy Iti school i am very much Tater Ted to joining the won wet. Corp and Wold Apptt Tate we information on How to it my parratt Ham Ltd to Lay joining. What t wish to to of i am Joto White a in High school in it Pouble to Takt teat and thereby Basom eligible in lieu of a High Hoo fir to there � Wae no filter in the us aft a tit on to of who rom it8awbur women ii site Ettori teat Tain Moore at of or two or More Aptt two a ago Earmy clmlf1ctloo Bat try which Attiat w the a Clai area. Eppu town Wiita in what a Theca Fields needed by the air Force i ant particularly the find of pedal investigations.1 Nam withheld by Wilt be Tate Rvl we an men data Senetta by a Moeft tag officer to Aseep Taulty editor s at pts a of a of Tofta pkg Teples Abfal Touti 00o/ i atm can Transfer i not Tatto in that us. An How to go Al Borno i understand that there u an of Portuni of for men serving Keur to apply for at tent tratni6�vli i have not been obtain further information of any Anlu to ant i decided tothe s bag on ml1 & to a. War Alt it tit Plewe of lorm a a to to rtt Irementa a Man meat in order to go airborne in. Fiu Rop to i am we Kintly Utt feed in the amount of time left to Germany t atoll have 10 month to me to Sabeur and Montha Tefft up the army. Fac Robert Koto if Bargor fid rep follow i there Baste air Feoni training Eow Mca Avat Lah in Ubab Euit. Pera owl serving in a Ove Tawa command for afr Dornfr int whig Ovaitt it of conus. A a not a Sab we Tell a than Dight Monthe nor tote month pr4w to Dahl a a Reitan def that att Tot Era acc 8 boo Mutt Teto tit i Fott it Flop mul War

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